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Our Most Popular Resume Examples

Customer Service Representative - Entry-Level example Customer Service
High School Student High School
Medical Assistant Medical Assistant
Internship - Entry-Level Image Internship
Engineer Resume Engineering
Information Technology (IT) - Senior Level Image Information Technology (IT)
New Grad Nursing (Registered Nurse) Image New Grad Nursing
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Accounting and Finance Resume Examples


Get a strong start on your finance or accounting resume by brainstorming how you’ve helped expertly manage assets or raise the bottom line. Where possible, quantify your results in terms of a clear percentage or dollar amount.

Most Popular Resumes in Accounting and Finance
Accountant - Mid-Level Accountant
Certified Public Accountant - Entry-Level Certified Public Accountant
Accounting Assistant - Entry-Level Accounting Assistant

Arts and Design Resume Examples


Even in your creative field, the resume is a simple tool for professional communication and should be formatted that way. Feel free to use a template if it helps you keep your resume simple and focused on career details. But also consider adding borders, shading, or other subtle effects that hint at your design expertise.

Most Popular Resumes in Arts and Design
Graphic Design - Mid-Level Graphic Designer
Filmmaker - Senior-Level Filmmaker

Career Changes and Life Situations Resume Examples


When changing careers, focus your resume on transferable skills and experiences, even if they happened a long time ago or make up a small part of your background. These resume pages can guide you on common career-change scenarios. For more, see our advice on employment gaps and presenting your recent work history.

Most Popular Resumes in Career Changes and Life Situations
Military-to-Civilian - Senior-Level Military to Civilian
Stay-at-Home Mom - Entry-Level Stay at home Mom
All Resume Examples in Career Changes and Life Situations
Military to Civilian Stay-at-Home Mom Sorority or Fraternity

Child Care and Pet Care Resume Examples


For a good child care or pet care resume, show you can provide a safe and active environment while building positive relations with parents, guardians, or clients. Note: This is one of the few fields where it’s common to cite references on your resume since they’re often key to your overall candidacy.

Most Popular Resumes in Child Care and Pet Care

Common Resume Formats Resume Examples


The guides below will help you build your resume using some of today’s go-to formats and word processors.

Most Popular Resumes in Common Resume Formats
All Resume Examples in Common Resume Formats
Applicant Tracking System Friendly General Google Docs
Hybrid Microsoft Word

Construction and Maintenance Resume Examples


A good resume focuses on your relevant experience. For construction, that means highlighting projects you’ve worked on and comparing their scope or budget to the projects that now interest you. And for maintenance, that means highlighting similar facilities you’ve worked for and the methods or equipment you used to keep a business operating smoothly.

Most Popular Resumes in Construction and Maintenance
Warehouse Worker - Entry-Level Warehouse Worker
Construction Worker - Mid-level Construction Worker
Engineering Manager - Entry-Level Engineering Manager

Customer Service and Retail Resume Examples


To start writing your resume for this field, brainstorm and jot down how you’ve helped raise satisfaction scores or drive revenue growth for the stores where you’ve worked. Also, see our guide on making customer service the focus of your resume.

Most Popular Resumes in Customer Service and Retail
Customer Service Representative - Entry-Level Customer Service Representative
Retail Sales Associate - Mid-Level Retail Sales Associate
Store Manager - Senior-Leve Store Manager

Education Resume Examples


When creating your resume for education jobs, use each section to show you can help provide positive learning experiences for students. And if you’re applying to a teacher position, highlight your skills in classroom management and parent relations.

Most Popular Resumes in Education
First-Year Teacher - Mid-Level First-Year Teacher

Engineering and Science Resume Examples


To write a good resume for engineering jobs, show you can design complex systems based on deep technical knowledge. Also, consider how you’ve applied math or science principles to find real-world solutions.

Most Popular Resumes in Engineering and Science
Engineering - Entry-Level Engineering
Mechanical Engineer - Mid-Level Mechanical Engineer
Civil Engineering - Senior-Level Civil Engineering

Entertainment and Sports Resume Examples


A good entertainment-industry resume outlines the projects or productions you’ve worked on, emphasizing any that overlap with the types of projects that now interest you. A good sports-industry resume showcases your athletic achievements, leadership or teamwork skills, and all-around knowledge of your sport.

Most Popular Resumes in Entertainment and Sports
Actor_Actress - Entry-Level Actor/Actress
Production Assistant - Mid-Level Production Assistant

Health and Wellness Resume Examples


Health care and wellness includes many job levels and specialties. But whether you’re applying to a role as a certified nursing assistant or chief medical officer, lab tech or life coach, you can write a great resume by showing how you help people overcome illness or achieve better physical and mental well-being.

Most Popular Resumes in Health and Wellness
New Grad Nursing - Mid-Level New Grad Nursing
Nursing Student - Entry-Level Nursing Student

Law Resume Examples


When writing your resume for legal jobs, use each section to show you have strong knowledge in your specialized field. Employers want to know where you gained important skills like legal research, public speaking, or settlement negotiations. They also like to know how you can use those skills to expertly represent them or their clients.

Most Popular Resumes in Law
Paralegal - Mid-Level Paralegal
Legal Assistant - Mid-Level Legal Assistant

Management Resume Examples


For a good start on your management resume, take 10 minutes to brainstorm and jot down how you’ve helped teams work more quickly or cost-effectively. Also, gather any data available that helps you quantify these highlights in terms of a clear ranking, percentage, or dollar amount.

Most Popular Resumes in Management
Executive - Senior-Level Executive
Project Manager - Mid-Level Project Manager
Management Consultant - Mid-Level Management Consultant

Office and Administration Resume Examples


To make a strong resume for administrative roles, focus on your experience carrying out daily business functions for an office or facility. Also, give examples of how you helped streamline operations for better efficiency, service quality, or cost-effectiveness.

Most Popular Resumes in Office and Administration
Front Desk Receptionist - Mid-Level Front Desk Receptionist
Receptionist - Mid-Level Receptionist
Office Assistant - Entry-Level Office Assistant

Public Safety and Community Well-being Resume Examples


To write a good resume for public safety and community well-being jobs, show how you’ve helped protect the public, advance important causes, or support underprivileged groups.

Most Popular Resumes in Public Safety and Community Well-being
Law Enforcement - Entry-Level Law Enforcement
FBI Agent - Entry-Level FBI agent
Security Officer - Senior-Level Security Officer

Restaurant and Hospitality Resume Examples


Hospitality is all about providing a great customer experience — highlight any skills and experience that show your ability to do just that.

Most Popular Resumes in Restaurant and Hospitality

Students and Recent Graduates Resume Examples


How to write a resume with little or no work experience? Focus on pertinent skills you’ve gained through school coursework, community service, or extracurricular activities. Also, flesh out your education section with details that help show you’re ready for your next career stage.

Most Popular Resumes in Students and Recent Graduates
High School Student - Entry-Level High School Student
Internship - Senior-Level Internship

Transportation and Logistics Resume Examples


For a good resume in transportation, show you’re a pro at getting people or goods from point A to point B. And for a good resume in logistics, display you have the organizational skills to ensure manufacturing and other processes run smoothly.

Most Popular Resumes in Transportation and Logistics
Truck Driver - Mid-Level Truck Driver
Delivery Driver - Senior-Level Delivery Driver

Writing and Editing Resume Examples


Your writing skills give you an obvious advantage in creating your resume. But you may still struggle with resume-specific editing or formatting standards. The guides below can help.

Most Popular Resumes in Writing and Editing

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Frequently Asked Questions About Resumes

How do you write a good resume?

Brainstorm your positive career experiences, then choose the most relevant ones to feature on your resume. Divide your information into distinct sections (like professional experience, education, or key skills), and use each section to show you can excel in your target job. Also write a brief profile summary of your top qualifications. Tailor your resume to each job application, using keywords from the job posting. Your resume should include your contact information, profile, experience, education, and key skills.

How long should a resume be?

For most people, a resume should be between one to three pages long, but it depends on your job goals and experience. Your resume should include relevant information, but not so much that it overwhelms recruiters and hiring managers.

What is the best resume format?

A reverse chronological resume format is widely accepted as the industry standard and is the best resume format for most job seekers. With a reverse chronological format, your most recent and relevant experience is at the top.

How many jobs should you list on a resume?

List all relevant job experience on your resume. A good rule of thumb is to include your three most recent jobs and go back as far as 15 years.