Physical Therapist Resume Examples and Templates for 2023

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for physical therapists was $91,010 in 2020. This field is projected to grow by 21% over the next 10 years, much higher than average. Although the physical therapy field has high growth potential and opportunities for upward mobility, you’ll still face staunch competition on the open market due to the lucrative nature of these positions. Building a strong, accomplishment-driven resume will help you make a lasting impression on hiring managers and improve your career trajectory. Below, you’ll find examples for entry-level job seekers and those with years of experience.

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Example #1 Entry-level


Example #2 Mid-career


Example #3 Senior-level

Physical Therapist Resume Examples

Years of Experience
  • Entry-level Entry-level
  • Mid-career Mid-career
  • Senior-level Senior-level

Marcia Johnson
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Your Street, Philadelphia, PA 12345


A licensed physical therapist with entry-level experience specializing in orthopedic outpatient care, rehabilitation, and patient-centered care. Adept at coordinating with multidisciplinary teams to deliver empathetic care and improve the quality of life for patients.

Professional Experience

Physical Therapist, Penn Medicine Physical Therapy, Radnor, PA
May 2021 – Present

  • Deliver outpatient physical therapy treatment to 25 active patients, identify rehabilitation needs and treatment plans based on long-term goals, and adjust treatment regimen based on pain levels and patient progress
  • Educate patients on strength-building exercises, physical therapy equipment, and at-home care and improve recovery timelines by 10% on average
  • Interface with interdisciplinary teams to develop appropriate treatment plans and enhance the quality of care across the facility

Residency, Penn Medicine Physical Therapy, Radnor, PA
May 2020 – May 2021

  • Administered physical therapy treatment to patients in coordination with licensed physical therapists, performed patient evaluations, and developed treatment plans to reduce pain, improve function, and increase positive patient outcomes
  • Utilized various physical therapy modalities to treat patients, including aerobics, joint mobilization, hydrotherapy, and massages


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA September 2015 – May 2020

Master of Science (M.S.) Physical Therapy
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA  May 2013 – May 2015

Key Skills

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
  • Strength Training
  • Treatment Plans
  • Empathetic Care
  • Outpatient Care


  • Licensed Physical Therapist, State of Pennsylvania, License #12345, 2020
  • Basic Life Support (BLS), American Heart Association, 2020


  • American Physical Therapy Association, (APTA), Member, 2020

Jason Lin
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Your Street, New York, NY 12345


A dynamic physical therapist with five years of experience specializing in sports medicine, orthopedics, treatment planning, and strength training. A proven track record of delivering rehabilitative treatment and physical therapy services to diverse patient populations.

Professional Experience

Physical Therapist, Syracuse Physical Therapy Center, Syracuse, PA
May 2018 – Present

  • Administer physical therapy treatment to 30+ adolescent and adult patients suffering from sports-related injuries and disabilities
  • Deliver education to patients and families on treatment plans, long-term outlooks, and recovery timelines and provide training on at-home care regimen
  • Provide training to five new physical therapists on hospital procedures and coordinate with interdisciplinary teams to standardize the clinical approach to patient treatment, resulting in a 20% increase in positive patient outcomes

Physical Therapist, Brooklyn Physical Therapy Medical, New York, NY
May 2016 – May 2018

  • Conducted patient assessments to evaluate the range of motion, performed manual muscle testing (MMT) and identified appropriate treatment plans based on long-term goals
  • Delivered outpatient treatment for post-surgical care, ankle sprains, arthritis, fractures, and herniated discs


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
University of Syracuse, Syracuse, NY September 2011 – May 2016

Master of Science (M.S.) Physical Therapy
University of Syracuse, New York, NY  May 2009 – May 2011

Key Skills

  • Sports Medicine
  • Physical Therapy
  • Manual Muscle Testing (MMT)
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Patient-Centered Care


  • Licensed Physical Therapist, State of New York, License #12345, 2016
  • Basic Life Support (BLS), American Heart Association, 2016


  • American Physical Therapy Association, (APTA), Member, 2016

Kelly Morrison
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Your Street, San Francisco, CA 12345


A licensed Physical Therapist with 10+ years of clinical experience, specializing in providing innovative physical treatment to patients suffering from chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). Adept at performing comprehensive patient evaluations to determine an accurate diagnosis and develop optimal treatment plans to achieve patient goals.

Professional Experience

Physical Therapist, West Light Physical Therapy, San Francisco, CA
May 2016 – Present

  • Deliver physical therapy outpatient treatment to clients suffering from chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), evaluate symptoms related to bladder control, pain, and sexual function, and conduct treatment planning to relieve pain and improve quality of life
  • Administer treatment to patients according to pain levels, revise treatment plans and clinical approaches based on progress, and improve positive patient outcomes by 15%
  • Coordinate with interdisciplinary teams and chiropractors to guide treatment plans and employ a wide range of physical therapy modalities to drive patient recovery

Physical Therapist, San Francisco Medical,  San Francisco, CA
May 2011 – May 2016

  • Identified root cause of CPPS across a diverse patient population, delivered massages, and determined appropriate exercises to improve strength and functioning of pelvic floor
  • Educated patients on pelvic floor function, physical therapy exercises, dietary restrictions, and at-home treatment to treat chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS)


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA September 2007 – May 2011

Master of Science (M.S.) Physical Therapy
University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA May 2005 – May 2007

Key Skills

  • Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS)
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
  • Treatment Planning
  • Patient Assessment
  • Outpatient Care


  • Licensed Physical Therapist, State of California, License #12345, 2011
  • Basic Life Support (BLS), American Heart Association, 2011


  • American Physical Therapy Association, (APTA), Member, 2011

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Physical Therapist

You need to incorporate appropriate key skills and action verbs into your resume to generate responses from prospective employers. Organizations utilize Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen candidates and track documents for appropriate keywords. If your resume fails to meet the ATS criteria, you likely won’t advance to the next phase of the hiring process. By implementing the appropriate key terms into your document, you’ll significantly improve your chances of securing interviews during the job hunt. Below, you’ll find a list of key skills and action verbs to help you optimize your resume for the ATS scan.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Aerobics Dry Needling
Empathetic Care Healthcare
Hydrotherapy Injury Prevention
Interdisciplinary Kinesiology
Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)
Orthopedic Rehabilitation Outpatient Treatment
Patient Assessment Patient-Centered Care
Patient Education Patient Management
Pain Management Physical Therapy
Rehabilitation Plans Sports Injury
Sports Medicine Strength Training
Treatment Planning  
Action Verbs
Administered Analyzed
Collaborated Coordinated
Created Delivered
Designed Developed
Diagnosed Enhanced
Evaluated Examined
Identified Implemented
Improved Led
Managed Oversaw
Performed Planned

Tips for Writing a Better Physical Therapist Resume

Quantify your physical therapy experience

To fully showcase the strength and scope of your accomplishments, you should incorporate numbers and metrics into your resume. By quantifying your achievements, you’ll demonstrate the impact of your physical therapy expertise on patients and healthcare organizations. Although numbers can sometimes be difficult to apply to resumes within the healthcare field, there are opportunities to provide deeper insights into your career accomplishments. For example, if your efforts impacted positive patient outcomes or recovery timelines, you should include clinical data reflecting this on your document. Below, you’ll find examples to help you quantify your physical therapy experience.

Example #1


  • Improved recovery timelines by up to 20% for elderly patients by revising and adapting treatment plans to patient response, which included incorporating hydrotherapy and dry needling techniques


  • Helped patients recover at a faster rate by identifying the best possible treatment plans and administering high-quality therapy services

Example #2


  • Employed patient-centered care techniques to deliver treatment in alignment with physical and emotional needs, which improved patient satisfaction scores by 30%


  • Delivered high-quality care to a variety of patients, improved satisfaction, and improved treatment planning based on patient needs

Feature your leadership abilities

As a physical therapist, you’ll be coordinating with patients, families, and interdisciplinary teams to administer treatment and physical therapy services. Organizations value candidates who can communicate effectively with patients and team members across diverse backgrounds. By highlighting your leadership capabilities, you’ll make a strong case to the hiring manager that you’re the right fit for their work culture. Below, you’ll find examples to guide you as you incorporate your leadership experience into your resume.

Example #1


  • Provided mentorship and training to 10+ physical therapists and collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to evaluate a clinical approach to physical therapy and identify continuous improvement opportunities to enhance the quality of patient care


  • Trained new hires on hospital policies and procedures and worked with various teams to help improve the delivery of services to patients

Example #2


  • Coordinated with the physical therapy team and management to implement telemedicine services during Covid-19, provided training to team members on medical technology, and improved patient retention during treatment by 30%


  • Worked with a variety of teams to integrate telemedicine services into the organization, trained personnel, and helped to improve patient retention

How to Align Your Resume With the Job Description

Aligning your resume with the job description will help you differentiate yourself from the competition and make a lasting impression on the hiring manager. Companies value candidates who fit their organizational culture and needs, so you’ll want to incorporate as many key terms from the job posting as possible onto your document. Implementing appropriate keywords will also ensure that your document achieves compliance with ATS requirements.

When deciding what skill sets to highlight on your resume, you should pay close attention to how the keywords are being presented on the job posting. Key terms that appear closer to the top of the document should be prioritized in your professional profile or one of your first few bullet points. In addition, if you notice a qualification being mentioned multiple times throughout the job description, this is typically a clear sign that the keyword will be present during the ATS screening. Below, you’ll find an example to help you tailor your document to the job posting.

Physical Therapist Job Description Example

XYZ Medical is a leading physical therapy organization named one of Seattle’s best places to work. We’re seeking a licensed physical therapist who excels in orthopedic rehabilitation and patient-centered care to join our team. We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering high-quality patient education and empathetic care to drive positive outcomes.


  • Perform patient assessments to guide treatment planning, diagnose musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), and customize treatment plans according to healthcare goals
  • Communicate with interdisciplinary groups to deliver outpatient treatment and physical therapy services in acute care environments


  • Doctor of physical therapy degree required
  • Three years of experience as a licensed physical therapist
  • Strong communication and case management skills
  • Expertise in injury prevention and manual muscle testing (MMT)

According to the job description, the ideal job applicant should have the following qualities and/or experience:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Physical Therapist
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
  • Patient Assessments
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)
  • Manual Muscle Testing (MMT)
  • Communication
  • Case Management
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Acute Care
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Injury Prevention
  • Patient Education
  • Empathetic Care
  • Treatment Planning

Next, take what you highlighted from the job description and include your experience and skills that match. Below is an example of how to incorporate them in your resume to your advantage:

Physical Therapist Work Experience Example



A licensed physical therapist with four years of experience specializing in acute care, musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), injury prevention, and empathetic care. A strong history of delivering comprehensive patient education to enhance treatment results.

Physical Therapist

Seattle Physical Therapy Partners, October 2017 – Present

  • Conduct manual muscle testing (MMT) and patient assessments for an active client load of 20 patients and utilize a variety of clinical approaches to determine orthopedic rehabilitation plans and exercises
  • Communicate with patients and interdisciplinary teams throughout treatment to monitor patient progress and increase positive outcomes


Key Skills

  • Physical Therapy Exercise
  • Treatment Planning
  • Communication
  • Empathetic Care
  • Case Management