Senior Account Manager Resume Examples in 2023

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Jobs for sales managers are expected to grow by 4% through 2029, and it’s reasonable to assume that senior account manager opportunities will follow roughly the same trend. According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, this growth is on par with the projected average for all jobs. The increase in jobs will likely vary from industry to industry, depending on consumer demand.

Although the number of jobs for senior account managers should go up over the next decade, that doesn’t mean that you should be complacent when putting together an application. A good senior account manager resume can help set your application apart and land you the perfect role. On this page, you can find template senior account manager resumes for all experience levels and tips for improving and tailoring your resume depending on the job you’re applying for.

Downloadable Resume Examples

No Experience

Example #1 No Experience

2-3 years

Example #2 2-3 Years

5-10 Years

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10+ Years

Example #4 10+ Years

Senior Account Manager Resume Examples

Years of Experience
  • No experience 0
  • 2-3 Years 2-3
  • 5-10 Years 5-10
  • 10+ Years 10+

Adrienne Potts
(890) 123-4567
[email protected]
543 My Street, Boston, MA 43210


Driven account manager with over five years of experience juggling multiple high-value accounts and generating new revenue streams. Proven sales ability with a talent for delivering compelling and persuasive product demonstrations. Shrewd business acumen with the ability to spot and capitalize on profitable new opportunities.

Key Skills

  • Prospecting
  • Relationship management
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Teamwork
  • Strong numerical ability
  • Multitasking
  • Negotiation


Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Coursework Completed:

  • Brand Marketing
  • Global Social Innovation
  • Sales Management
  • Professional Selling

Professional Experience

Sales Account Manager, Danaher, Boston, MA
September 2018 – Present

  • Actively prospect for new clients in the designated territory using professional networking and promotional events, increasing account base by 32% in 2020
  • Collaborate closely with other account managers to achieve ambitious group goals, exceeding 65% of team targets over three years
  • Maintain regular contact and strong relationships with existing clients, notifying them of new products and services that may align with their business aims
  • Listen to clients’ requirements and challenges during fact-finding meetings and generate workable solutions, resulting in a 98% satisfaction rate last year

Account Manager, Vimeo, Boston, MA
July 2015 – September 2018

  • Multitasked on accounts worth over $400k, successfully growing personal account revenue by an average of 11% each year
  • Conducted quarterly business reviews with major clients and suggested service expansion ideas, achieving a retention rate of 97% over three years
  • Led client feedback sessions and used insights to continuously improve processes and services
  • Carefully balanced prospecting for new clients and current account management to consistently meet revenue targets

Luisa Hunter
(321) 098-7654
[email protected]
654 Main Street, Boston, MA 32109


Ambitious senior account manager with 6+ years of industry experience and two years in a position of seniority. Self-motivated multi-tasker with the organizational skills to oversee high account volumes without compromising service quality. Goal-oriented with a talent for working calmly and efficiently under intense time constraints.

Key Skills

  • Customer service
  • Active listening
  • Strategic growth planning
  • Strong sales technique
  • Managing higher-tier revenue accounts
  • Multitasking and task prioritization


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Professional Experience

Senior Account Manager, Pendo, Boston, MA
March 2019 – Present

  • Provide exceptional customer support during the trial period and beyond, converting 98% of 30-day free trial clients into paid subscriptions in 2020
  • Maintain a deep knowledge of the company’s products and services and deliver engaging demonstrations, onboarding 90% of clients in the first meeting
  • Research and explore lead generation sources, integrating two valuable new prospecting tools in the last six months
  • Develop and pursue a territory plan, exceeding 87% of personal revenue goals over two years

Account Manager, Fluke Corporation, Boston, MA
July 2014 – March 2019

  • Managed over 100 accounts simultaneously with a 99.5% client satisfaction rate
  • Negotiated prices to maximize revenue, generating over $50k of additional company income in 2018
  • Attended industry events and used professional networking tools to increase lead generation by 23%
  • Used active listening techniques to gain a deep understanding of clients’ business needs and generate solutions

Jason Taylor
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Main Street, Orlando, FL 12345


Detail-orientated senior account manager with over seven years of experience in the retail industry. In the past year, I have managed to slash customer complaints by 23% and increased revenue by 36%. Record of working in a fast-paced environment and ensuring premium customer service throughout the sales cycle.

Professional Experience

Senior Account Manager, Oceanside Retail, Tampa, FL
September 2016 – Present

  • Prepare proposals and credit packages for new and existing clients
  • Managed 32 high-profile client accounts
  • Collaborate with analytics and marketing to determine the main causes of customer complaints and managed to reduce complaints by 57%
  • Increased customer retention by 36% across my portfolio
  • Establish and maintain relationships with CEOs, CFOs, and finance VPs
  • Successfully trained 6 new account managers
  • Delivered business presentations to potential and current clients as part of the management team

Account Manager, ABC Retail, Miami, FL
June 2013 – August 2016

  • Consistently secure new accounts by cold calling and other innovative methods, which resulted in a 50% increase in annual revenue
  • Provided research for new marketing strategies
  • Participated in business presentations to new clients
  • Delivered premium customer services to encourage customer loyalty


Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Management
THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI, Miami, FL, September 2009 – June 2013

Key Skills

  • Deal Negotiations
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Salesforce Development

David Taylor
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Main Street, Orlando, FL 12345


Results-driven senior account manager with over 12 years of experience. Record of building lasting and lucrative long-term client relationships. Strategic thinker with international experience with a focus on consultative selling and territory sales management. Fluent in Spanish, English, French, and Chinese.

Professional Experience

Senior Account Manager, Comcast International, Orlando, FL
June 2010 – Present

  • Locate national and international business opportunities for a leading digital accounts agency
  • Grow Executive client relationships
  • Secured 10 new clients in 2019, growing the company’s revenue by $3 million
  • Attained 98% client-satisfaction rating and retained 87% of all new clients
  • Assisted in the expansion of Comcast International in the Chinese market, increasing the company’s annual profits by $22 million
  • Collaborate with analytics specialists to determine the main causes of client complaints, lowering the number of annual complaints by 16%

Account Manager, Oceanside Retail, Tampa, FL
June 2008 – June 2010

  • Developed and expanded existing sales by 27%
  • Negotiated the details of sales contracts with major clients
  • Exceeded all sales goals for the Tampa branch of Oceanside Retail
  • Awarded account manager of the year in 2009


Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Management
THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI, Miami, FL, September 2004 – June 2008

Key Skills

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Presentation
  • Public speaking
  • Revenue and profit growth

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Senior Account Manager Resumes

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are often used to help hiring managers sort through large volumes of senior account manager resumes by searching for keywords that show candidates have the correct skills and experience for the role. Knowing which words ATS scan for when selecting resumes for further consideration is crucial if you want to get to the interview stage. Covering as many of the following keywords and action verbs as possible increases the likelihood of your resume coming to the hiring manager’s attention.

Key Skills & Proficiencies
Client retention Customer service
Leadership skills Negotiation
Product and industry knowledge Relationship management
Selling and upselling Strategic planning
Teamwork Training and mentoring
Written and verbal communications
Action Verbs
Collaborate Communicate
Deliver Develop
Generate Lead
Leverage Manage
Mentor Negotiate
Retain Sell
Train Upsell

Tips for Writing a Better Senior Account Manager Resume

Showcase your leadership experience

Senior account managers are responsible for managing their own client portfolio and ensuring their team achieves group targets. Therefore, hiring managers want to see that you have the ability to provide assertive and motivational leadership. Highlighting any experience you have training and mentoring colleagues can also set you apart from the competition. Backing your experience up with hard data on retention rates, team sizes, or any other impressive figures you have under your belt can help you show off your accomplishments as a leader.

Example #1


Spearheaded the department’s internship plan and devised a comprehensive training and mentoring program, leading to the onboarding of five talented new graduates in 2020.


Trained and mentored student interns.

Example #2


Supervised and motivated a team of 25 colleagues to exceed 78% of group targets and improve client satisfaction by 65% in the past fiscal year.


Supervised my team, made sure they met their targets, and provided good customer service.

Quantify your sales ability

Hiring managers will want to see evidence that you can generate impressive sales figures and manage existing client relationships to build brand loyalty. Quantifying your sales experience with statistics gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase any impressive professional achievements that could sway recruiters in your favor.

Example #1


Retained 97% of existing clients in 2020 by nurturing positive relationships and leveraging opportunities to introduce them to new products that added value to their businesses.


Kept in touch with existing clients and sold them new products whenever possible.

Example #2


Grew client portfolio by an average of 15% each fiscal year, leading to a revenue increase of $450K in 2020.


Used sales skills to grow client base and increase revenue.

How to Align Your Resume With the Job Description

Many candidates make the mistake of sending out the same generic resume for every vacancy, but senior account manager job descriptions can vary significantly. Tailoring your resume to reflect the key points mentioned in the job description can help demonstrate to a hiring manager that you have the skills and experience to excel in the role. It can also help set your resume apart from other similar applications.

When you’re aligning your resume to a particular role, start by highlighting the key skills and attributes mentioned in the job description. Many descriptions include long lists of desirable qualities, and hiring managers don’t necessarily expect you to possess all of them. However, you should try to demonstrate how you can deliver on as many as possible. You can figure out the company’s non-negotiables by checking what they list first and any factors mentioned more than once.

Example Senior Account Manager Job Description

Excel Healthcare is one of the market leaders in the healthcare information technology solutions sector. We’re looking for an experienced and organized senior account manager to supervise a large team of account managers and leverage upselling opportunities. The successful candidate will be a strong and motivational leader and capable of working collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams. 


  • Develop a deep understanding of existing clients’ needs and identify and capitalize on opportunities to upsell
  • Lead initiatives to educate clients on existing and upcoming services
  • Nurture and manage client relationships to build brand loyalty and maximize retention
  • Analyze sales trends and identify new business opportunities in collaboration with other departmental managers
  • Mentor and trainnew and existing staff members and oversee operations to ensure productivity and revenue targets are reached


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, or another relevant field
  • 7+ years’ experience as an account manager; experience in the healthcare services industry strongly preferred
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Leadership experiencestrongly desired
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Multitasking and prioritization

The job description states that the ideal candidate should possess the following attributes:

  • Organization and multitasking
  • Leadership
  • Upselling
  • Mentoring and training
  • Healthcare services experience
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Customer service
  • Teamwork
  • Relationship management
  • Client education

Once you’ve established the employer’s priorities by analyzing the job description, you can tailor your resume to match. The following excerpt shows how you can integrate them into your resume:

Senior Account Manager Work Experience Example

Senior Account Manager, MaxiHealth, San Diego, CA

September 2015 – Present

  • Supervised and mentored a team of 30 account managers, ensuring strategic task prioritization and exceeding 72% of team goals over three years
  • Educated new and existing clients on healthcare products and services to demonstrate their potential, achieving a 96% retention rate 
  • Built enduring relationships with over 100 major clients and developed an in-depth understanding of their business needs to uncover upselling opportunities
  • Collaborated with senior leaders from multiple departments to analyzesales patterns and generate opportunities for new ventures