How To Write a Company Driver Resume

A relevant company driver resume should detail your experience with various vehicles and cargo and highlight other skills of interest to employers. It’s common for employers to ask for evidence of your outstanding driving history when you apply for a driving job. Proactively ordering your motor vehicle record can help you understand what employers will see when they check your driving history.

However, the ability to obey traffic laws isn’t all prospective employers want in a company driver. Throughout this guide, we’ll offer tips to help you create a company driver resume that captures the interest of potential employers.

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level
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1. Summarize your company driver qualifications in a dynamic profile

If someone only reads the profile on your resume, they should still know whether you possess the basic qualifications for the job. Include your commercial driver’s license (CDL) status, years of experience, and specific details about the type of driving you want to do.

Touch on the value you can bring to an employer. For example, if you have two decades of experience that includes scheduling deliveries or dispatch work, point to your ability to function as more than a basic driver. If you’re less experienced but have a squeaky, clean driving record and a flexible approach to shift work, let employers know in your profile.

Senior-Level Profile Example

An accomplished company driver with seven years of truck driving experience specializing in product delivery, materials handling, hazmat safety, and equipment maintenance. A strong history of coordinating with drivers, fleet managers, and customers to ensure on-time delivery of products.

Entry-Level Profile Example

A company driver with three years of professional experience specializing in product delivery, truck driving, passenger transportation, and traffic laws. A strong history of interfacing with customers and team members to coordinate product deliveries.

2. Outline your company driver experience in a compelling list

Provide detailed bullet points in your profile that support your claims about your abilities. Also, to make a strong impression on potential employers, show how you can benefit their organization.

Be concise and specific. For example, instead of saying you know how to support efficient delivery processes, say you implemented loading procedures that reduced each day’s work by an hour on average. If you don’t have much driving experience, draw on what you learned in CDL training or the results you achieved in other positions that demonstrate skills that translate to driving.

Senior-Level Professional Experience Example

Company Driver

Manhattan Med Materials, New York, NY | November 2017 – present

  • Deliver large shipments of materials to medical customers, conduct route planning in coordination with the fleet manager, and load and unload materials
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA safety protocols and state and federal regulations for the transportation of hazardous materials to and from laboratories
  • Conduct inspections of equipment and vehicles before trips and analyze inventory to ensure accurate material counts for delivery

Entry-Level Professional Experience Example

Company Driver

Seattle Home Appliance Delivery, Seattle, WA | June 2019 – present

  • Drive company truck vehicles, execute daily routes, and deliver, receive, and install kitchen and home appliances worth $1,000 to $10,000 for 50 customers per week
  • Navigate and plan routes for deliveries and provide support to other drivers to ensure on-time delivery of products
  • Coordinate with customers to resolve issues with delivery scheduling and products
  • Load and unload warehouse shipments and analyze inventory to ensure accuracy
  • Conduct maintenance on company vehicles and equipment as needed

3. Add company driver education and certifications

Ensure your CDL status is included and easy to find. Make it clear whether you have an A, B, or C CDL, and list any endorsements that allow you to operate specialty vehicles or those with unique cargo. List any other certifications that might be relevant, such as a safety certification from OSHA. Include any post-secondary degrees you’ve earned, whether from truck driving, vocational schools, or community college, on your resume.



  • [Degree Name]
  • [School Name], [City, State Abbreviation] – [Graduation Month and Year]


  • High School Diploma
  • Manhattan High School, New York, NY – June 2011



  • [License Name], [Awarding Organization] – [Completion Year]


  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), New York – 2014

A top tip for increasing your chances of landing an interview is to include key skills and phrases in your resume. Some organizations use automated systems to sort out relevant resumes, and that software looks for these phrases. Hiring managers may also scan resumes with these key skills in mind. You can find critical skills listed in most job postings, so make sure those appear in your resume if they’re relevant. Some common skills companies look for when hiring drivers include:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Clean driving record Concentration
Communication Customer service
Defensive driving Detail-oriented
Familiarity with local or regional streets Knowledge of safety rules
Knowledge of traffic laws Lifting capability up to a certain number of pounds
Maintenance and care of a vehicle Navigation
Organization Physical fitness
Reliability Time-management

How To Pick the Best Company Driver Resume Template

Starting with a template makes creating your resume easier. It provides guidance on what you should include and ensures the entire document is formatted in a professional, eye-catching manner. It’s best to use a template that ensures license credentials are prioritized and lets you list past employment experiences to demonstrate your skills and knowledge to do the job well. A functional or combination-style resume may be a good choice for a template.

Company Driver Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level

Sarah Thompson
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Your Street, Pittsburgh, PA 12345


A CDL certified company driver with seven years of professional experience, specializing in commercial delivery, route navigation, vehicle maintenance, and materials handling. A proven track record of delivering medical device products to patients safely and efficiently. Adept at collaborating with teams and customers to provide quality service.

Professional Experience

Driver, Pittsburgh Med Device Co., Pittsburgh, PA
October 2016 – Present

  • Deliver and set up medical supplies for up to 70 patients and facilities per week, including durable home medical equipment, hospital beds, oxygen tanks and concentrators, nebulizers, and wheelchairs worth $5K-$10K
  • Provide customer service to 120 hospice patients per month, which includes setting up medical equipment, training patients and families on equipment use, resolving technical issues, and removing equipment when no longer in use
  • Coordinate with a team of five drivers to manage large delivery volumes across the greater Pittsburgh area during holidays, weather emergencies, and on-call hours
  • Perform regular vehicle and equipment maintenance

Driver, Altoona Med Devices, Pittsburgh, PA
June 2014 – October 2016

  • Transported medical devices and supplies to commercial residencies, maintained company vehicle and equipment, and coordinated with customers to schedule and execute deliveries
  • Loaded, unloaded, and stocked warehouse and medical equipment


High School Diploma
Altoona High School, Altoona, PA, September 2010 – June 2014

Key Skills

  • Product Delivery
  • Route Navigation
  • Materials Handling
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Truck Driving
  • Vehicle Maintenance


  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), 2014
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Expert Advice
Advice From a Recruiter: Mary Crabtree

Mary Crabtree - Transportation and Logistics Recruiter, Linkedin

Meet our Expert: Mary Crabtree is a dedicated Recruiter for the Transportation and Logistics Industry.

1. What are the most in-demand skills for company drivers that should be featured on a candidate’s resume?-

As a company driver, you do more than just navigate roads, you are a crucial component in the logistics framework. Hard skills include proficiency in navigating advanced fleet management software, familiarity with eco-friendly driving practices, and an understanding of IoT devices for real-time cargo tracking. As for soft skills, communication, adaptability to rapidly changing routes or schedules, and a keen sense of responsibility towards safety and punctuality are essential.

2. What work experience and other accomplishments are hiring managers looking for in a company driver?-

In 2023, hiring managers are looking for company drivers with experience in operating various vehicle types, real-time cargo tracking, IoT devices, utilizing fleet management software, and a history of timely deliveries. Managers also value safety-conscious driving, exceptional communication, and teamwork during challenging logistical situations. Safe, tech-savvy, and efficient driving—that's the trifecta!

3. What else besides a resume should a company driver candidate be prepared to provide hiring managers?-

In addition to a resume, company driver candidates should consider including:

  • A driving record showcasing a history of safe and punctual deliveries is essential.
  • Letters of recommendation from previous employers or clients, emphasizing reliability and professionalism.
  • A cover letter that speaks to your commitment to eco-friendly driving and technological adaptability can set them apart.

Company drivers should also be prepared for a practical driving test to evaluate hands-on skills, as some companies will require this as a-part of the interview process.

4. What advice would you give a company driver candidate about their job search? -

Company driver candidates in 2023, should be aware that the logistics landscape is shifting! Tech savviness is a must. Familiarize yourself with the latest fleet management software and IoT tracking devices. Emphasize a clean driving record and any eco-friendly driving practices you've adopted. Network and attend industry events or join online forums. Lastly, tailor your resume and cover letter to each employer, highlighting your adaptability and dedication.

Frequently Asked Questions: Company Driver Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for company driver resumes?-

When you include action verbs in your company driver resume, you’re more likely to use strong writing that engages your target audience. This helps hiring managers connect with you as a candidate, increasing the chance you get called in for an interview. We’ve provided a list of great company driver action verbs to get you started. Avoid repeating the same ones, especially in back-to-back bullet points or sentences, which can weaken your resume.

Action Verbs
Arrive Communicate
Coordinate Deliver
Drive Ensure
Execute Implement
Load Maintain
Manage Navigate
Organize Plan
Pickup Resolve
Return Route
Schedule Unload
How do you align your resume with a company driver job description?-

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the number of delivery driver positions is growing much faster than the average for other jobs nationwide, and a standout resume can help you land one of those positions. It’s tempting to ship resumes out as quickly as possible, but taking the time to make a few small changes can ensure your resume better aligns with a job description, increasing your chance at an interview.

Start by reading the job posting and noting keywords the employer uses and hard requirements for the position. Ensure the information in your resume speaks to those must-have requirements, and pepper a few of the keywords in your document.

What is the best company driver resume format?-

The best company driver resume format uses many bullets to ensure skills and experience information are easy to scan. If you have plenty of experience, choose a chronological resume format that organizes your past work history for employers. You might also opt for a functional resume if you specialize in a specific type of driving and want to highlight your skills for prospective employers.

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Expert Advice
Include a cover letter with your resume

Another way to stand out in the applicant pool is to pair your resume with a well-written cover letter tailored to the position. Get some ideas from this delivery driver cover letter example.

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