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In the United States, the number of employment opportunities available to pharmacists is expected to decline 3% between 2019 and 2029, a loss of approximately 10,500 jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The demand for pharmacists has been declining due to slower-than-expected growth in the retail sector, advances in automated dispensing technology, and the increased use of pharmacy technicians to perform some tasks.

Even though the total number of jobs is expected to decline, hospitals, clinics, and retail pharmacies will still need pharmacists to fill prescriptions and counsel patients about their medications. In a tight labor market, a strong resume can help you stand out from other applicants. Below you’ll find downloadable resume templates for entry-level pharmacists and pharmacists with years of experience. You’ll also find tips for writing a pharmacist resume and tailoring your resume to every job description.

Downloadable Resume Examples


Example #1 Entry-level


Example #2 Mid-career


Example #3 Senior-level

Pharmacist Resume Examples

Years of Experience
  • Entry-level Entry-level
  • Mid-career Mid-career
  • Senior-level Senior-level

Amie Finch
(765) 432-1098
[email protected]
678 Address Boulevard, Miami, FL 76543


Knowledgeable pharmacist with two years of experience delivering outstanding service in a community pharmacy. Comprehensive understanding of Medicare and Florida Medicaid billing and talent for providing sensitive and compassionate health care counseling to individuals. Excellent track record of delivering community health education programs and strong clinical and technical knowledge.

Key Skills

  • Kind and professional communication style
  • Detailed knowledge of diabetes management
  • Strong leadership
  • Experience training and supervising technicians
  • Able to multitask and prioritize strategically


Bachelor of Science in Biology
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, September 2011 – June 2015

Doctor of Pharmacy
University of Florida School Of Pharmacy, Jacksonville, FL, September 2015 – June 2019

Professional Experience

Pharmacist, Walgreens, Miami, FL
July 2019 – Present

  • Advise customers about safe medication administration, including potential side effects and interactions with other drugs
  • Accurately measure and dispense prescriptions and conduct medication reviews
  • Create and deliver community education program on diabetes prevention and management
  • Maintain patient confidentiality and handle sensitive and identifying information in accordance with data protection laws
  • Supervise technician team and provide performance feedback, ensuring efficient and accurate medication dispensing

Pharmacy Intern, Memorial Healthcare Systems, Hollywood, FL
January 2018 – June 2018

  • Checked medication orders under the supervision of a precepting pharmacist to preempt potential drug interactions
  • Prepared and dispensed prescription medications alongside experienced pharmacy technicians
  • Discussed individuals’ care and medication requirements with their doctors
  • Provided guidance for patience on healthy living and eating and referred to outside agencies where appropriate


  • Certified Diabetes Educator, 2020
  • Nutrition Support Certification, 2021

Jason De Leur
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
789 Third Street, Savannah, GA 12345


Customer-orientated pharmacist with over eight years of experience. Proven track record of dispensing medication accurately and efficiently. Extensive knowledge of different medications, pharmacy operations, and pharmacy management. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish.

Professional Experience

Pharmacist, Walgreens, Savannah, GA
September 2016 to present

  • Assist patients in reducing medical expenses by suggesting generic product substitutions
  • Implemented a new guidelines process that reduced administrative errors by 2.7%
  • Fill and verify prescriptions
  • Provide excellent medication information and exceptional customer services that resulted in a customer retention rate of 82% in 2020.

Pharmacist, Rite Aid, Savannah, GA
July 2012 – August 2016

  • Recruited, trained, and guided two new pharmacy technicians
  • Dispensed medications with a 100% accuracy
  • Managed drug inventory levels and ordered medications and supplies when they needed to be replenished.
  • Digitized the data recording system, which saved an average of 15 hours of labor each month


Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Miami, Miami, FL, September 2004 – June 2008

Doctor of Pharmacy
Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, FL, September 2008 – June 2012

Key Skills

  • Highly organized
  • Team leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Knowledge of a variety of medications
  • Excellent customer service skills


  • Pharmacy-based immunization certificate, September 2019

Ewan Smith
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
567 Main Street, Tampa, FL 12345


Highly motivated pharmacist with over 12 years of experience delivering quality pharmaceutical care. Proven ability to grow revenues through excellent customer care and in-depth knowledge of medications. Well-organized with good written and verbal communication skills.

Professional Experience

Pharmacist, Walgreens Central, Tampa, FL
September 2012 – Present

  • Developed a network of medical personnel which has increased the number of new patients using the pharmacy by an average of 75 each month
  • Provide prompt, efficient, and friendly service
  • Increased the discount rate with a key supplier from 8% to 15%
  • Built growth and sales by introducing a wellness and loyalty program that increased revenue by $18,000 and increased customer satisfaction by 83%.

Pharmacist, Rite Aid, Tampa, FL
June 2008 – August 2012

  • Prepared bills for insurance companies on behalf of patients
  • Filled scripts with 100% accuracy
  • Hired and trained two pharmacy technicians that improved performance by 27%
  • Received 95% positive feedback in a customer satisfaction survey
  • Assisted in managing supplies and medication stocks as well as ordering additional stock when required.


Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Miami, Miami, FL, September 2000 – June 2004

Doctor of Pharmacy
University of Florida, Tampa, FL, September 2004 – June 2008

Key Skills

  • Customer-orientated
  • Inventory control
  • Organization
  • Problem-solving
  • Knowledge of medications


  • BPS Board-Certified Critical Care Pharmacist
  • Adept at using a team-driven approach to delivering care for critically ill patients

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Pharmacist Resumes

Many companies use applicant tracking software (ATS) to screen resumes. This type of software scans each resume and looks for words and phrases relevant to the job. The more of these words and phrases you have in your pharmacist resume, the better your chances of receiving an invitation to interview. To ensure your resume has the right keywords in it, focus on the key skills and proficiencies of a pharmacist specific to the setting. Hospital and retail pharmacists have quite different skillsets. Highlighting relevant action verbs can also help you move to the next stage of the hiring process.

Key Skills & Proficiencies
Communication skills Customer service
Dosage calculations Drug knowledge
Insurance verification Interaction monitoring
Medication management Patient education
Prescription billing Staff management
Action Verbs
Analyze Audit
Calculate Communicate
Compile Compound
Coordinate Counsel
Educate Estimate
Examine Instruct
Interpret Manage
Measure Monitor
Operate Order
Organize Process
Report Research
Resolve Supervise
Transcribe Verify

Tips for Writing a Better Pharmacist Resume

All U.S. pharmacists must be licensed, so simply listing your professional license on your resume won’t help you stand out from other applicants. To help hiring managers understand what makes you such a qualified applicant, highlight any relevant professional certifications you’ve earned. Taking the time to obtain these certifications shows that you’re dedicated to the pharmacy profession and committed to ongoing education. Some hiring managers even use the names of professional certifications as keywords in their applicant tracking systems, so mentioning a certification in your resume can help you avoid being screened out of the hiring process before you’ve had a chance to discuss your qualifications with a representative of the employer.

Example #1


Obtained the Certified Nuclear Pharmacist credential from the American Pharmacists Association Board of Pharmacy Specialties in 2019, demonstrating advanced knowledge of the radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear imaging


Board certified as a pharmacist

Example #2


Demonstrated proficiency in preparing medications and monitoring for adverse reactions in patients with cancer and other blood disorders by obtaining the Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist designation in 2020


Oncology certification

Focus on your educational achievements

Pharmacy is such a competitive field that highlighting your educational achievements can give you an edge when a hiring manager reviews your resume. As you work on your resume, think about everything you achieved during pharmacy school. If you completed an internship with a prestigious employer, received a merit-based scholarship or won acceptance to an extremely competitive work or education program, be sure to mention it.

Example #1


Conducted extensive research as a summer associate at GlaxoSmithKline, a competitive program for students in pharmacy school


Experience with pharmaceutical research

Example #2


Accepted to the highly competitive pharmacy intern program at Yale-New Haven Hospital; spent six months rotating through four pharmacy specialties, including nuclear medicine, cardiology, infectious diseases and hematology/oncology


Completed pharmacy internship at Yale

How to Align Your Resume With the Job Description

Hiring managers are looking for applicants who have the right qualifications and the ability to succeed in a fast-paced pharmacy environment. To persuade the hiring manager you have the right knowledge, skills and abilities to do the job, consider incorporating language from the job description into your resume.

If you’re not quite sure which qualifications to focus on, read through the job description several times and note whether the hiring manager mentions any of the same skills or abilities more than once. In many cases, the most important qualifications are listed near the top of the job description, so review the opening paragraph thoroughly to get a good idea of what to include in your resume.

Example Pharmacist Job Description

Sheehan Drug is one of the fastest-growing pharmacy chains in the United States, with more than 300 stores in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions. Put your professional knowledge and commitment to patient safety to work in a collaborative environment that rewards employees for their initiative.


  • Use automated dispensing equipment to fill prescriptions
  • Supervise a team of pharmacy technicians and customer service representatives
  • Conduct audits to ensure accurate inventory counts at the end of every shift
  • Counsel patients on the safe use of their prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Greet pharmacy customers and let them know when their prescriptions will be ready
  • Order prescription medications and pharmacy supplies
  • Maintain current knowledge of medication side effects and contraindications by reading pharmacy journals and consulting online pharmacy databases regularly


  • Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from an accredited college or university
  • At least three years of experience as a registered pharmacist
  • Active state license in good standing
  • Excellent customer service and patient counseling skills
  • Computer proficiency, including insurance verification systems, online research databases and software for prescription inventory management
  • Ability to thrive in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment
  • Experience supervising pharmacy technicians or other pharmacy staff members

According to the job description, the ideal applicant should have the following qualifications:

  • Doctor of Pharmacy degree
  • At least three years of experience as a working pharmacist
  • An active pharmacist license with no disciplinary actions on record
  • Ability to operate automated dispensing equipment
  • Patient counseling skills
  • Extensive knowledge of medication side effects and contraindications
  • Strong research skills
  • Proficiency with the computer software used in a pharmacy
  • Supervisory experience

To make sure your resume matches the description, take the keywords you highlighted in the job description and work them into the text of your resume. Here is an example of how to use language from the job description to your advantage:

Pharmacist Work Experience Example


Walgreens, December 2017 – Present

  • Used automated dispensing equipment to count oral tablets and capsules
  • Prepared compound medications according to physician instructions
  • Counseled patients on the safe use of their prescription medications
  • Used in-house database and online reference manuals to research drug side effects, interactions and contraindications
  • Supervised a team of four pharmacy technicians and two customer service staff members
  • Used Microsoft Office, insurance verification databases and other software to verify insurance coverage, prepare correspondence, check for potential drug interactions and process customer payments