Property Manager Resume Examples and Templates for 2023

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects little to no change in the number of property manager jobs available between 2019 and 2029. For statistical purposes, the BLS uses a single category for property managers, community association managers and real-estate managers; the number of jobs for all three occupations is expected to grow from 367,900 in 2019 to 368,700 in 2029, an increase of 800 jobs.

Even though the BLS doesn’t expect employers to create many new jobs for property managers between 2019 and 2029, positions will open up when current property managers retire or move on to other opportunities, which means your resume must be as strong as possible. Below, you’ll find downloadable resume examples for entry-level applicants as well as property managers with more experience. You’ll also find tips on making your resume stronger and ensuring that it’s tailored to a specific job description.

Downloadable Resume Examples


Example #1 Entry-level


Example #2 Mid-career


Example #3 Senior-level

Property Manager Resume Examples

Years of Experience
  • Entry-level Entry-level
  • Mid-career Mid-career
  • Senior-level Senior-level

Anthony Jenkins
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Main St., Bear Creek Township, PA 18702


Property Manager with 2 years of experience managing 28 rental cabins at a lakeside resort. Strong experience using AppFolio and Microsoft Office to calculate occupancy rates and prepare financial reports for resort management. Skilled in using Microsoft Excel to create pivot tables and macros to generate custom reports. Career highlights include winning “Employee of the Year” award from Lakeside Rentals.

Key Skills

  • Using formulas, pivot tables, VBA macros, and other tools to create reports and perform calculations in Microsoft Excel
  • Local and state regulations governing rent collection and eviction procedures
  • Negotiating rental agreements and lease terms
  • Managing competing priorities
  • Preparing reports and presentations


Associate Degree in Business Administration, Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA | 2018

Professional Experience

Property Manager, Lakeside Rentals, Lake Wallenpaupack, PA | June 2018 to Present

  • Take reservations, check in guests, and collect monthly rent payments
  • Schedule cabin maintenance and follow up with personnel to ensure tasks are completed
  • Collect security deposits and make deductions in event of serious policy violations, such as extensive cabin damage
  • Calculate occupancy rates and create financial graphs and charts in Microsoft Excel
  • Prepare reports with Microsoft Word and presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint

Leanne Smith
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Main St., South Orange, NJ 07079


Certified Property Manager with 7 years of experience. Draw on deep knowledge of local, state, and federal laws governing security deposits, rent collection, eviction, and anti-discrimination. Demonstrated success overseeing a team of 5 maintenance workers, one building manager, and one assistant property manager.

Professional Experience

Property Manager, North Jersey Property Associates, West Orange, NJ | May 2016 to Present

  • Collect cash and checks from tenants, issue receipts, and follow up on late payments as needed
  • Prepare financial reports to help property owners and investors understand how each building has performed in terms of expense ratios and profit
  • Start eviction proceedings per state and local laws when clients fall behind on rent payments or commit serious lease violations
  • Manage personnel by assigning tasks and following up to ensure each assignment has been completed correctly
  • Inform property owners of any issues needing their attention

Property Manager, West Orange Realty, West Orange, NJ | April 2013 to May 2016

  • Schedule maintenance work based on tenant requests, and assign personnel to complete work orders
  • Conduct tours of vacant units and answer questions about company rental policies
  • Collect security deposits, pet deposits, rent payments, and any payments for damage
  • Issue warnings for policy violations, such as noise complaints or damage to building common areas
  • Prepare expense reports using receipts submitted by maintenance workers, building managers, and owners


Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ | 2013


  • Complex Problem-Solving
  • Microsoft Office Suite (advanced Excel)
  • Profit & Expense Ratio Calculation
  • Reporting & Documentation


Certified Property Manager, Institute for Real Estate Management | 2018

Adam O’Leary
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Main St., Myrtle Beach, SC 29575


Property Manager with 12 years of commercial and residential experience. Completed the Residential Management Professional certification, which requires 2+ years of experience managing rental properties with 100+ units. Extensive background negotiating lease terms, overseeing maintenance workers and contractors, resolving tenant disputes, and attending court proceedings for residential eviction matters.

Professional Experience

Property Manager, Oceanside Properties, Myrtle Beach, SC | October 2014 to Present

  • Analyze financial performance of a rental company with 200+ units
  • Prepare financial reports and generate charts and graphs for use in presentations
  • Respond to tenant questions or complaints about building policies
  • Collect and record rent payments in AppFolio property management software
  • Attend court hearings and testify on behalf of Oceanside Properties in eviction proceedings

Property Manager, Milton Real Estate, Myrtle Beach, SC | September 2008 to October 2014

  • Collected rent payments, issued receipts to tenants, and recorded each payment in Buildium software
  • Followed up with tenants by phone and certified letter if rent payments were 10+ days late, and started eviction proceedings after 60 days of nonpayment
  • Remitted payments to contractors and other vendors, per internal accounts payable procedures


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC | 2008


  • Lease Agreement Management
  • Maintenance Request Tracking
  • Maintenance Worker Management
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Property Management Software (AppFolio, Buildium)
  • Rent Payment Documentation


Residential Management Professional, National Association of Residential Property Managers | 2015

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Property Manager Resumes

Hiring managers want to know that you have what it takes to manage properties effectively, so it’s important to list your key skills and proficiencies in your resume. You should also incorporate action verbs to help hiring managers understand why you’re the best fit for the job. Including key skills and action verbs can also help you make it through the first step in the screening process, in which recruiters use automated systems to search resumes for specific job-related keywords; if your resume doesn’t have these keywords, your application may be rejected.

Key Skills & Proficiencies
AppFolio Budgeting
Buildium Collection management
Communication skills Contractor supervision
Customer service Financial analysis
Lease management Maintenance coordination
Marketing Scheduling
Tenant relations Time management
Vendor management
Action Verbs
Advertise Analyze
Arrange Assess
Collect Communicate
Conduct Coordinate
Document Explain
Hire Implement
Inspect Investigate
Maintain Manage
Measure Monitor
Oversee Plan
Record Report
Resolve Screen

Tips for Writing a Better Property Manager Resume

Showcase your knowledge of property management software

Property managers must be able to use specialized software to keep track of lease terms, record rent payments, calculate occupancy and vacancy rates, record maintenance requests and perform other duties. Drawing attention to your knowledge of specific programs, such as Buildium and AppFolio, lets hiring managers know that you have the skills needed to complete these tasks correctly.

Rather than listing the name of the software without any additional details, be sure to provide supporting information about how you use the software to be more efficient or effective. If possible, include statistics to demonstrate that you can use property-management software to achieve desirable results.

Example #1


Used Buildium property-management software to reduce late rent payments by 12% within 90 days


Buildium experience

Example #2


Used AppFolio to monitor lease expiration dates, resulting in 92% renewal rate for a 34-unit residential property


Experience with AppFolio software

Highlight your experience overseeing maintenance workers and contractors

As a property manager, you must be able to supervise maintenance workers and contractors to ensure they complete scheduled repairs on time and fulfill maintenance requests submitted by tenants. Work orders range in complexity from changing light bulbs in stairwells to repairing broken furnaces and water heaters, which means you need to be able to identify the right person for the job and budget for the repair accordingly. You must also be able to prioritize multiple repairs and follow up with maintenance workers and contractors if they fall behind on their assignments.

Your ability to oversee maintenance workers has a direct impact on your success as a property manager, as good maintenance can make the difference between having a desirable apartment complex and having many empty units. To increase your chances of landing a job as a property manager, highlight your experience overseeing maintenance workers and contractors. If possible, quantify your experience by listing how many people you supervised or how much money you managed as part of your maintenance and repair budget.

Example #1


Supervised a team of five maintenance workers by assigning work orders, approving supply orders and following up to ensure assignments had been completed


Supervised maintenance personnel

Example #2


Managed a maintenance and repair budget of $120,000 per year by approving tenant requests, setting a budget for each project and requiring maintenance personnel and contractors to submit receipts for supplies and equipment


Oversaw maintenance and repair budget

How to Align Your Resume With the Job Description

Hiring managers sometimes receive hundreds of resumes for a single job opening. To make it past the initial screening, your resume must make it clear that you have what it takes to perform the essential functions of the job. One way to do this is to mirror the language used in the job description.

If you’re not sure which skills and attributes to highlight, pay close attention to the language used in the job advertisement. After reviewing the job ad several times, revise your resume to contain some of the same phrases. Instead of copying and pasting from other sources, describe your achievements in your own words, using plenty of action verbs and concrete statistics to convince the hiring manager you have what it takes to succeed.

Example Property Manager Job Description

Classic Properties, the owner of 14 apartment buildings, is an employer of choice in the Greater Nashville area. Put your supervisory skills and experience with project management to work in a collaborative environment that emphasizes respect and honesty. This position requires you to manage all 242 apartments by screening tenants, conducting tours, collecting rent payments, supervising maintenance personnel and completing lease agreements.


  • Advertise vacant units in local newspapers
  • Conduct tours for prospective tenants
  • Collect security deposits and complete lease agreements
  • Issue warnings for lease violations
  • Collect monthly rent payments
  • Follow up on late or missing rent payments
  • Prepare monthly financial reports to communicate the performance of the company to owners and prospective investors
  • Calculate occupancy rates and vacancy rates
  • Hire contractors to repair appliances and plumbing systems


  • Associate degree in business or a related field; bachelor’s degree in business preferred
  • At least three years of experience managing apartments or working in residential real estate
  • Proficient in computer skills, including the Buildium property-management software
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Ability to analyze financial performance
  • Excellent attention to detail

According to the job description, the ideal applicant should have the following experience and qualifications:

  • Associate degree in business or a related field
  • Communication skills
  • Experience preparing financial reports
  • Ability to collect security deposits and rent payments
  • Skill in conducting tours and persuading prospective clients to sign lease agreements
  • Computer skills, particularly with the Buildium software
  • Three years of experience in property management or a related field

Take what you highlighted in the job description and add some of those keywords to your resume to show that you meet the requirements. Below is an example of how to do this to your advantage.

Property Manager Sales Associate Work Experience Example

Property Manager, ABC Properties, Seattle, WA

November 2017-Present

  • Demonstrated excellent computer skills by using Buildium and AppFolio software to keep track of rent payments, calculate occupancy and vacancy rates and monitor lease expiration dates
  • Collected rent payments via cash, check and credit card; issued receipts to tenants
  • Conducted tours of vacant apartments and worked with new tenants to finalize lease agreements
  • Prepared monthly financial statements to document property expenses and profitability
  • Displayed advanced communication skills when resolving tenant complaints and following up on late rent payments