Full Stack Developer Resume Examples in 2023

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for full stack developers, which are also referred to as web developers, is expected to grow by 8% between 2019 and 2029. This represents an increase of 13,400 new jobs per year, which is faster than the average for most occupations. The demand for full stack developers will be driven by the increased use of e-commerce and mobile platforms. Full stack developers with impressive resumes will likely have the best opportunity to move forward with an interview.

To showcase your qualifications and stand out among other applicants, it’s important to write a strong resume. Take a look at some of the downloadable resume examples below, which range from those with no experience to 10+ years. You’ll also find tips on how to write your best resume and align it to a specific job opening.

Downloadable Resume Examples

No Experience

Example #1 No Experience

2-3 years

Example #2 2-3 Years

5-10 Years

Example #3 5-10 Years

10+ Years

Example #4 10+ Years

Full Stack Developer Resume Examples

Years of Experience
  • No Experience 0
  • 2-3 Years 2-3
  • 5-10 Years 5-10
  • 10+ Years 10+

Terrence Willis
[email protected]
3419 164th St, Seattle, Washington, 98188


Driven and resourceful recent university graduate with an education in computer science from the University of Washington. Excellent understanding of frontend and backend programming languages and technology stacks. Completed an internship with a tech start-up, demonstrating creativity and analytical skills while completing development, testing, and debugging tasks. Worked with teams to design API and web architecture. Evidenced mastery of computer science and math skills while tutoring undergraduate students.

Key Skills

  • HTML and CSS
  • Backend and frontend programming languages
  • Database and web storage
  • Web architecture
  • API design
  • Testing and debugging


UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Seattle, WA, September 2016 – June 2020
Completed research under supervision and in collaboration with professors.
Coursework completed:

  • Programming Languages
  • Systems Programming
  • Data Visualization
  • Web Architecture
  • Data Management
  • Digital Design

Professional Experience

Intern, Inflex Developments, Seattle, WA
January 2019 – June 2019

  • Developed over 10 automation tools using Python, Javascript, and PHP for a variety of clients
  • Identified and resolved web development issues reported by clients and completed over 50 debugs within two months
  • Designed and implemented new product features and web architecture,
  • Created and optimized efficiency and quality for servers, databases, and APIS

Tutor, University of Washington Academic Support Services, Washington, WA
September 2019 – December 2019

  • Tutored 12 students during a semester for 100- and 200- level computer science and math courses
  • Provided guidance, review, and feedback services for students for homework, projects, and exam preparation

Megan Brown
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Main Street, Bozeman, MT 59715


Experienced full stack developer capable of handling a wide range of responsibilities. Skilled at communicating technical terms and concepts to non-developers. Constantly learning new programs, languages, and best practices in full stack development. Consistently delivering web development projects under budget and within deadlines.

Key Skills

  • Technical skills: JavaScript, WordPress, HTML/CSS, Python, SQL
  • Deep knowledge of web development industry updates
  • Detail-oriented and highly qualified communicator
  • Interest and experience in leadership duties and responsibilities


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA, Missoula, MT, September 2014 – May 2018

Professional Experience

Junior Full Stack Developer, WebTech, Kansas City, MO
May 2019 – Present

  • Lead daily scrums and manage 4-5 development projects at all times
  • Work directly with clients to develop web applications for their businesses using JavaScript, Python, and other languages and programs
  • Thoroughly analyze code, leading to a 20% decrease in bugs detected

Full Stack Developer Intern, JFR Solutions, Indianapolis, IN
June 2018 – April 2019

  • Assisted in the development of several mobile applications in iOS and Android environments
  • Co-led daily scrums attended by 7-10 junior and senior developers
  • Developed a streamlined QA process that decreased average launch timeline by 3 days

Gary Starling
(354) 294-1836
[email protected]
28 Gravel Road, Orange Beach, AL, 36561


Accomplished Full Stack Developer with nine years of industry experience. Experience includes programming application and presentation layers, building scalable internal tools that improve working efficiency, and object-oriented programming. Possesses a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from The University of Alabama and a Master of Science in Geospatial Science from the University of North Alabama. A team player who thrives working in fast-paced environments

Professional Experience

Full Stack Developer, IBM, Huntsville, AL
November 2015 – April 2021

  • Improved page speed by 30% for a global e-commerce company website
  • Developed 12 Full-Stack web applications to process, analyze, and render data
  • Designed a knowledge management platform using technologies such as Typescript and React
  • Led a team of five developers and improved working efficiency by 15%

Full Stack Developer, Deloitte, Huntsville, AL
August 2012 – October 2015

  • Managed and updated company PHP databases as and when necessary
  • Developed app integration with REST and APIs for Google Maps and payment processors
  • Actively participated in release and sprint planning
  • Assisted in all aspects of the software development lifecycle, including building, testing, and maintaining Java code


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, Tuscaloosa, AL, September 2007- July 2010

Master of Geospatial Science
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH ALABAMA, Florence, AL, September 2010 – July 2012

Key Skills

  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • React
  • REST
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Angular
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Impeccable time-management
  • Team player


  • IBM Full Stack Cloud Developer Professional Certificate

Dan Harrison
[email protected]
4793 Beech Ave, San Francisco, CA, 357830


Full-stack developer with over 10 years of experience and a history of leading the development of quality e-commerce web applications and products. Expert in programming languages with a demonstrated ability to mentor junior developers. Researches and analyzes client needs thoroughly to deliver thoughtful and innovative solutions.

Professional Experience

Full Stack Developer, Flux, San Francisco, CA
June 2015 – Present

  • Lead and direct 10 team members to complete full life cycle design and implementation of products and applications
  • Research and analyze the needs of over 100 clients to deliver modern e-commerce applications and product features
  • Identified and debugged applications, web pages, and product features to increase speed and function, resulting in a 60% decrease in error tickets
  • Developed a mentorship and training program for over 20 junior and entry-level engineers

Full Stack Developer, Paradigm, Los Angeles, CA
October 2009 – February 2015

  • Developed and tested applications and product features using Python, Javascript, and CSS
  • Performed testing and optimized products, resulting in improved performance and a client satisfaction of 96%
  • Identified and resolved web, application, and product errors reported by clients and made improvements to reduce error tickets by 40% monthly
  • Designed and implemented new product features and web architecture for over 80 clients


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles, CA, September 2005 – June 2009

  • Completed duties as a teaching and research assistant for the computer science department.

Key Skills

  • Back and front end programming languages, including Java, HTML, Python,  and CSS
  • Expert knowledge in technology stacks such as LAMPP/XAMPP
  • Project management
  • Database and web storage
  • Advanced web architecture and design skills
  • Excellent communication

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Full Stack Developer Resumes

To streamline the hiring process, hiring managers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to filter out the most relevant resumes. An ATS scans your resume and evaluates it based on the number of relevant keywords and phrases. To make sure your resume meets the criteria of the ATS, it’s important to include as many of these keywords as you can. This offers you the best chance that your resume will be seen by the hiring manager.

Key Skills & Proficiencies
Analytical Attention to detail
Back-end technologies Coding/programming
Communication Creativity
Database/web storage Design skills
Front-end technologies HTML/CSS
Industry and trend knowledge Innovation
Programming languages Project management
Team-oriented Technical writing
Technology stacks Time management
Web architecture
Action Verbs
Analyze Build
Code Communicate
Create Debug
Design Develop
Fix Implement
Integrate Lead
Monitor Optimize
Plan Problem-solve
Program Test
Update Write

Tips for Writing a Better Full Stack Developer Resume

Showcase your full stack developer technical skills and program knowledge

A career as a versatile full stack developer necessitates that you have proficiency in many technical skills and programs. If the job description mentions certain languages or skill sets, be sure to highlight them. You can include them either in your professional experience bullets or the key skills section of your resume.

Example #1


Expert in back-end languages, such as PHP, Python, and Java


Skilled in back-end languages

Example #2


Proficient in various software stacks, including LAMP and MEAN


Software stack knowledge

Quantify your developer experience in your resume

By describing your skills, abilities, and achievements in quantifiable terms, hiring managers can have a better idea of your qualifications. You can mention how many clients, team members, applications, or results that you led or contributed to. If you led or collaborated with a team of developers, make sure to say how many.

Example #1


Developed and implemented more than 20 full stack applications for a variety of e-commerce clients and customers.


Developed and implemented full stack applications.

Example #2


Identified and analyzed program bugs to reduce monthly tickets from 25,000 to 10,000.


Identified and analyzed program bugs.

How to Align Your Resume With the Job Description

Hiring managers have to read many resumes and applications to find the right fit. As such, it’s important to highlight and emphasize how your qualifications meet their needs according to the job description. To make your resume stand out from all the other candidates, scan the job description and tailor your resume to match it.

Take time to read through the description and identify important keywords. They’ll be mentioned first and repeatedly throughout the job description. Then, compare those keywords to your resume and make sure they match the qualifications you’ve highlighted. This helps the hiring manager clearly understand how you can succeed in the role according to the stated requirements.

Example Full Stack Developer Job Description

MerchHub is looking for a skilled full stack developer to join our growing team. Full stack developers are responsible for developing and producing applications and software for e-commerce solutions for the full life cycle. The ideal applicant will be team-oriented and highly analytical. They should be well-versed in back- and front-end languages and architecture with optimal function in mind. 


  • Design, develop, and implement full stack applications for e-commerce solutions
  • Collaborate with development team members to optimize application development
  • Analyze client needs to create individualized solutions
  • Perform technical analysis and testing, including testing and debugging user and system interfaces
  • Develop and test thoughtful APIs


  • Bachelor or Master of Science in Computer Science or related field
  • At least 3 years of experience as a full stack developer
  • Experience with e-commerce is an asset
  • Front-end technology and architecture, including knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Back-end technology knowledge, including experience with PHP, Python, and Java

According to the job description, the ideal job applicant should have the following skills and experience:

  • Develop full stack applications and software
  • E-commerce experience
  • Team-oriented
  • Analytical
  • Front-end technology
  • Back-end technology

Write your resume to include the skills and experience keywords above. The example below shows how to incorporate your qualifications in your resume to match the job description: 

Full Stack Developer Work Experience Example

Full Stack Developer, Lucky Penny Developments, San Jose, CA

May 2017 – December 2020

  • Led and collaborated with development team to participate in full life cycle development and design of full stack e-commerce applications
  • Designed user-facing e-commerce applications and architecture using HTML and CSS
  • Oversaw and managed server needs using PHP, Python, and Java
  • Met and communicated with clients to manage expectations, analyze project goals, and optimize individual solutions