Personal Financial Advisor Resume Examples in 2023

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Personal Financial Advisor Resume Examples

Years of Experience
  • No Experience 0
  • 2-3 years 2-3
  • 5-10 Years 5-10
  • 10+ Years 10+

William Jeong

(876) 678-8765 | [email protected] | 345 Red Street, Manchester, NH 23456


Financial planning graduate with strong recent internship experience serving individuals and small businesses. Skilled at offering clients sound financial advice based on rigorous data analysis.

Key Skills

  • Customer Service & Relations
  • Data Gathering & Analysis
  • Financial Reporting
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Team Collaboration

Professional Experience

Accounting & Finance Intern, WayUp, Manchester, NH | May 2022 to Present

  • Help produce budgets and financial projections for individuals and small businesses
  • Contribute to fact-finding and progress meetings with clients, and respond to phone and email inquiries


  • Earned high marks on all 3 formal reviews for overall diligence and customer focus
  • Created and updated financial spreadsheets and reports with 99.9% accuracy
  • Earned 98% positive feedback on all customer interactions

Customer Service Specialist, Rick’s Sporting Goods, Manchester, NH | July 2020 to May 2022

  • Gained strong foundation in customer service, invoicing, and transaction processing


Bachelor of Science (BS) in Financial Planning, Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH | 2022

Select Coursework:

  • Applied Statistics
  • Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • Financial Statements
  • Wealth Management


Certified Financial Planner, CFP Board | 2022

Danielle Dandria

(111) 111-1111 | [email protected] | 777 Seventh Street, St. Louis, MO 77777


Financial Advisor with 3+ years of experience. Skilled at translating clients’ values and priorities into clear, attainable financial goals and strategies. Firm grasp of many industry-standard software systems. Master of Science in Financial Analysis.

Key Skills

  • EDGAR Database
  • eMoney Advisor
  • MoneyGuidePro
  • QuickBooks
  • Stock & Bond Research
  • Tax Analysis

Professional Experience

Financial Advisor, Kansas Consultancy, Kansas City, KS | July 2019 to Present

  • Execute trades on behalf of 50+ clients, managing $100M+ in total assets
  • Help clients set viable short- and long-term financial plans
  • Conduct initial assessment meetings and regular follow-ups
  • Advise clients on tax considerations such as charitable contributions and personal deductions


  • Identified undervalued investments, generating annualized ROI 4% higher than consultancy average
  • Contributed to a client satisfaction rating of 99%

Financial Advisor Intern, RSR Advisors, Kansas City, KS | March 2019 to June 2019

  • Researched and reported on tax changes to help find newly deductible expenses for clients
  • Prepared presentation slides for supervising financial advisor’s client meetings
  • Screened 50+ new clients and scheduled initial assessments
  • Created reports on 12 exchange-traded funds and 36 mutual funds


Master of Science (MS) – Financial Analysis, Kansas School of Business, Kansas City, KS | 2019

Bachelor of Science (BS) – Accounting, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO | 2017


Personal Finance Specialist, National Association of Personal Financial Advisors | 2020

Andrea Kline

(123) 456-7890 | [email protected] | 123 Main Street, New York, NY 10012


Personal Financial Advisor dedicated to helping clients achieve their retirement goals. Specialized in traditional and Roth IRAs and emerging cryptocurrency markets. Skilled at communicating complex financial concepts to diverse clients. Experienced conference speaker and financial workshop leader.

Professional Experience

Senior Personal Financial Advisor, Smith & Associates, New Orleans, LA | June 2015 to Present

  • Work with clients to establish tax-advantaged retirement assets and closely monitor portfolio performance
  • Helped create a cryptocurrency investment department to handle niche client needs and expand their portfolios
  • Increased annual sales of insurance products by more than 15%

Personal Financial Advisor, KPI Wealth Management, Portland, ME | June 2013 to May 2015

  • Achieved 6% above-average investment returns for clients
  • Wrote comprehensive financial plans for clients based on their stated goals and priorities
  • Streamlined financial reporting processes, cutting related costs by ~10%

Education & Credentials

Bachelor of Science (BS) – Accounting, Columbia University, New York, NY | 2013

Series 7 license, FINRA | 2013

Key Skills

  • Client Communications
  • Debt Management
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • MoneyLine
  • Quantitative Data Analysis
  • QuickBooks
  • Retirement Planning

Anthony Anderson

(222) 222-2222 | [email protected] | 222 Second Street, Tallahassee, FL 22222


Personal Financial Advisor with 10+ years of market-beating results. Skilled communicator who puts complex financial topics in clear terms for diverse clients. Listen closely to clients’ aspirations and circumstances, and use insights to form effective short- and long-term financial plans.

Professional Experience

Senior Financial Advisor, Bennington Associates, Tallahassee, FL | December 2015 to Present

  • Manage relationships with 50+ clients
  • Present investment options and strategies to clients with assets worth up to $5M
  • Research and recommend investment opportunities in emerging markets and industries
  • Identify optimal tax- and fee-reduction strategies
  • Regularly review and adjust portfolios as needed


  • Outperformed team’s average annual returns by 4%
  • Achieved a 99% customer satisfaction rating

Financial Advisor, Florida Financial Professionals, Fort Myers, FL | July 2012 to November 2015

  • Managed $200M+ in total assets
  • Advised clients on mutual funds, annuities, and other financial products
  • Canvassed for and contacted potential new clients


  • Led adoption of MoneyGuidePro software, raising advisor team’s efficiency by 8%
  • Increased company’s overall client base by 10%


Bachelor of Science (BS) – Finance, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL | 2009

Key Skills

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Active Listening
  • Asset Management
  • MoneyGuidePro
  • Quicken
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Tax Planning
  • WealthTrace


Certified Financial Advisor, Financial Professionals Association 

Series 6 and 7 licenses, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Tips for Writing a Better Personal Finance Advisor Resume

Integrate your relevant finance and non-finance background

To write a great financial advisor resume, you’ll need to first take the full measure of your relevant background. Follow these two steps:

Step 1: For each job in your work history, brainstorm and write down your answer to the question: What are you most proud of about this experience? Write down memories as they occur to you, and don’t worry yet whether the details are relevant or well-organized. Resist the urge to complete this step in any structured or linear way. The point here is just to generate plenty of positive information you can then review more critically.

Step 2: Now with everything in front of you, go through and remove any details that don’t speak to your target job. Evaluate each detail one by one, always answering the same key question: Does this overlap with the duties you’d like to have in your next financial advisor position? When in doubt, move the detail to another document so it’s out of your current writing process.

If you follow this process diligently, you may find yourself deleting irrelevant details from your past financial advisor jobs, while identifying and keeping relevant details from your non-finance jobs. This is good. It’s a sign you’re figuring out how to (a) focus your directly related finance experience and (b) show the value of other chapters in your work history.

Quantify your financial advisor experience

When you give specific numbers and results, hiring managers can better grasp the scope and impact of your work. Within each bullet point of your Experience section, see if you can include answers to the questions “How much?” or “How many?” If you don’t know the exact number, you can use the tilde (~) symbol to indicate an estimate or average.


  • Execute trades on behalf of 50+ clients, managing $100M+ in total assets
  • Increased annual sales of insurance products by more than 15%
  • Streamlined financial reporting processes, cutting related costs by ~10%

Strike the right tone to describe your work as an advisor

For nearly any piece of regular writing, it’s important to choose language that sets and maintains a clear tone or “voice”. That rule applies equally to your job search documents. Here’s a quick overview of the voice you should aim for on each one:

  • Resume: formal, forthright
  • Cover Letter: engaged, confident
  • LinkedIn Profile: friendly, personable

To achieve a forthright voice on your resume, use simple sentences and straightforward accounts of your experience. Keep this advice in mind especially when writing your Profile section, since you may be tempted (or think you need) to use terms like “Exceptional” or “Outstanding at” when a more modest yet direct phrase like “Skilled at” is better.


Personal Financial Advisor dedicated to helping clients achieve their retirement goals. Specialized in traditional and Roth IRAs and emerging cryptocurrency markets. Skilled at communicating complex financial concepts to diverse clients. Experienced conference speaker and financial workshop leader.

Common Key Skills for Personal Financial Advisor Resumes

You can improve your resume by adding keywords.

That’s because most hiring companies now use an applicant tracking system (ATS), which scans each submitted resume for keywords relevant to the job opening at hand. When the ATS scans a resume with many relevant keywords, it flags the document for the hiring manager.

To make your resume ATS-friendly, add a keyword-rich “Skills” or “Expertise” section to your resume (as in the examples above). Here are some common keywords for personal financial advisors:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Active listening Asset Management
Client Education Complex Problem-Solving
Consultative Client Relations Data Gathering & Analysis
Fiduciary Standard Insurance
Investment Rebalancing Investment Time Horizon
Personal Finance & Investing Regulatory Compliance
Reporting & Documentation Retirement Planning
Risk Tolerance Socially Responsible Investing
Target Date Funds Task Prioritization
Tax Advice Wealth Management

Common Action Verbs for Personal Financial Advisor Resumes

One of the most common resume mistakes is using too few verbs. When you repeat the same generic verb (say, “Manage”) several times, it distracts the reader and fails to show the dynamic nature of your work. The following list will help you mix up the verbs on your personal financial advisor resume:

Action Verbs
Adapt Analyze
Budget Build
Calculate Clarify
Conduct Consider
Consolidate Create
Educate Identify
Incorporate Integrate
Monitor Optimize
Present Rebalance
Recommend Research

How to Align Your Resume With the Job Description

One thing that’s unique to each job posting is the description of the hiring firm. You can enhance your resume by tailoring it based on any details about the firm that resonate with you. Follow these four steps:

Step 1: Jot down a few notes on the type of work environment you like best. For instance, you may prefer an environment that’s:

  • Client-focused
  • Collaborative
  • Forward-looking
  • Process-oriented
  • Quality-focused

Step 2: When you find a job posting that intrigues you, look for any details about the hiring firm or its work culture.

Step 3: Compare those details against your preferred work environment, and highlight any overlap.

Step 4: Add a line or two to your Profile emphasizing that similarity. For example, say you prefer a work environment that’s client-focused and you find a posting that says “We are an organization that places customer satisfaction at the center of every decision”. You can then add a Profile line such as:

  • “Thrive in customer-focused work environments.”
  • “Committed to helping build lucrative, long-term relationships with customers.”

This simple exercise can make your resume more accurately show why you’re a great fit for the role as well as why the hiring manager should call you for an interview.