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Loan officers help both individuals and businesses obtain loans for commercial ventures and personal spending. From 2020 to 2030, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects little to no change in employment for loan officers, about negative one percent. Despite limited job growth, there will be an expected 25,000 job openings, on average, per year over the next decade as loan officers move into new fields and exit the workforce.

Due to the limited demand for loan officers, workers entering this field need well-written resumes that effectively highlight their unique skills and qualifications. To help you put together a resume that stands out from the crowd, below, you will find four high-quality loan officer resume examples for many levels of experience. We added a few tips for improving your resume writing and advice for optimizing your resume for specific job descriptions.

Downloadable Resume Examples

No Experience

Example #1 No Experience

2-3 years

Example #2 2-3 Years

5-10 Years

Example #3 5-10 Years

10+ Years

Example #4 10+ Years

Loan Officer Resume Examples

Years of Experience
  • No Experience 0
  • 2-3 years 2-3
  • 5-10 Years 5-10
  • 10+ Years 10+

Heather Gonzales
[email protected]
(000) 111-2222
2825 Lyndon Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103


A dedicated and enthusiastic business graduate with experience in customer-facing positions. Academic background in finance and accounting. Comfortable working in a commission-only role. Excellent computer skills, including Microsoft Office and QuickBooks, and exceptional attention to detail.

Key Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Microsoft Office
  • QuickBooks
  • Cash Management
  • Application Processing


Bachelor of Science in Accounting, GPA 3.6
University Of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, September 2016 – May 2020

Courses Completed:

  • Economics
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Accounting and Business Analytics
  • Corporate Finance

Professional Experience

Loan Officer Assistant, PA Funding Group, Philadelphia, PA
August 2020 – Present

  • Assist in clearing conditions with underwriting to facilitate efficient loan application processing
  • Work closely with loan officers to gather necessary documents and materials for loan applications
  • Follow up with leads and schedule and confirm appointments with borrowers and referral partners

Customer Service Representative, RightNow Finance Solutions, Philadelphia, PA
December 2018 – February 2020

  • Reviewed online appointment schedules to verify availability and reschedule appointments as needed
  • Responded to phone calls and emails from banking members to answer questions regarding digital banking and other products and services
  • Maintained a 90 percent customer satisfaction rate based on customer surveys and reviews

Alexander Cooper
[email protected]
(012) 345-6789
2106 Radio Park Drive, Atlanta, GA 30303


A licensed mortgage loan officer with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Previously closed an average of 14 home loans per month, totaling nearly $2 million. Capable of successfully nurturing inbound leads and maintaining positive client relationships. Dedicated to improving the company’s bottom line and expanding its client portfolio.

Key Skills

  • Mortgage Loan Origination
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Communication


Bachelor of Science in Finance, GPA 3.7
University Of Georgia, Athens, GA, September 2014 – May 2018

Courses Completed:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Ethics in Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investments

Professional Experience

Mortgage Loan Officer, BestLending Mortgages, Atlanta, GA
May 2019 – January 2021

  • Closed an average of 14 loans per month for an average monthly total of $1.9 million
  • Interviewed clients to determine financial eligibility and match them with suitable financing solutions
  • Maintained an average monthly customer satisfaction rate of 92 percent based on customer surveys and feedback

Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant, Jameson Family Lending, Athens, GA
August 2018 – April 2019

  • Prepared loan documents, credit documents, and appraisals as needed to complete loan files
  • Reviewed loan applications to ensure all information was accurate and up to date, and input applications into a digital processing system
  • Provided high-quality customer service to all borrowers to ensure customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business

Barbara Satori
[email protected]
(555) 000-5555
4714 Twin Oaks Drive, Grand Rapids, MI 49503


A professional and communicative loan officer with six years of experience working in fast-paced commercial finance settings. Seeking to apply my skills to help LoanPlus become a market leader and provide innovative financing solutions. Regularly exceeded sales goals by 10 to 20 percent in previous roles while maintaining positive client relationships.

Professional Experience

Commercial Loan Officer, Premier Financing, Grand Rapids, MI
January 2018 – Present

  • Complete loan contracts, process loan applications, and counsel clients on policies and restrictions
  • Interview customers to assess their needs and suggest different types of commercial loans that fit their goals
  • Collect and analyze client financial information to assess loan eligibility

Loan Officer, EZ Loan, Grand Rapids, MI
February 2016 – December 2017

  • Originated Jumbo home loans ranging from $750,000 to $1,500,000
  • Greatly extended the company’s portfolio by bringing in over 100 new clients
  • Met and surpassed company benchmarks with regards to credit quality, sales, and profitability

Associate Banker, Redwood Bank, Detroit, MI
August 2015 – January 2016

  • Provided exceptional customer service and educated clients on banking products and services
  • Assisted customers with banking transactions, including deposits, withdraws, and wire transfers
  • Promoted banking products like credit cards and investment accounts to existing banking customers


Bachelor of Science in Business
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Ann Arbor, MI, September 2011 – May 2015

Key Skills

  • Financial Analysis
  • Commercial Loan Processing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Leadership


  • Certificate in Business and Commercial Lending, American Banking Association, 2018

Joshua Brandon
[email protected]
(555) 121-5555
4974 Rockford Mountain Lane, Green Bay, WI 54301


A professional mortgage loan officer with a Wisconsin NMLS license and 10 plus years of experience working in finance. Adept at managing and processing residential mortgage loan applications, including subprime, Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veterans Affairs (VA), and conventional home loans. Confident in ability to regularly exceed sales targets and maintain a profitable client portfolio.

Professional Experience

Senior Loan Officer, Green Bay Home Loans, Green Bay, WI
March 2015 – April 2021

  • Managed a team of 10 loan officers and oversaw the origination of FHA and VA loans
  • Regularly exceeded monthly sales goals by over 20 percent
  • Actively managed loan pipeline ranging from 50 to 60 loans on average, totaling approximately $20 million in financing

Mortgage Loan Officer, Jones Accounting & Loans, Madison, WI
May 2011 – January 2015

  • Maintained current knowledge of real estate markets and trends, and stayed up-to-date with changes to FHMA, FHLMC, FHA, and VA regulations
  • Managed the company’s best performing team in 2014, averaging a monthly business total of $15 million
  • Originated an average of 10 loans per month from client portfolio as well as referrals

Loan Processor, Woodforest Finance, Green Bay, WI
May 2010 – November 2014

  • Processed an average of 12 loans per week with 98 percent accuracy using TurnKey Lender loan software
  • Identified an inaccuracy that helped the company avoid a loan totaling $2 million
  • Gathered and analyzed client financial information to evaluate loan eligibility


Bachelor of Science in Accounting
UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON Madison, WI, September 2006 – May 2010

Key Skills

  • Mortgage Loan Processing
  • Client Relations
  • Team management
  • Computer Skills (Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, TurnKey Lender)
  • Accounting


  • Wisconsin NMLS License, Nationwide Licensing System, 2020

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Loan Officer Resumes

Before your resume makes it in front of a person, it will go through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to scan for skills and action verbs related to the job description. To get through the screening process and to an interview, include as many relevant keywords and phrases in your resume. Otherwise, the ATS may discard your resume before a hiring manager ever sees it. Below are several key skills and action verbs that apply to loan officer positions.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Accounting Active listening
Analysis Attention to detail
Business operations Communication
Credit evaluation Customer service
Finance Financial analysis
Financial software Leadership
Loan Processing Loan Servicing
Management Mortgage Loan Processing
Microsoft Office Organizational skills
Teamwork Time management
Action Verbs
Analyze Answer
Assist Collaborate
Communicate Coordinate
Deliver Establish
Evaluate Finalize
Implement Lead
Manage Organize
Originate Prepare
Process Record
Report Supervise

Tips for Writing a Better Loan Officer Resume

Quantify Your Experience

Loan officers work with financial institutions to evaluate, approve or deny, and process loan applications, many of which are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. In a position dealing with a lot of money, it is important to quantify your experience and demonstrate how you saved an organization’s money and increased its bottom line throughout your career.

Example 1


Managed a loan pipeline that totaled an average of $2 million per month.


Processed several loans per month for clients.

Example 2


Expanded the client portfolio by over 100 clients, resulting in approximately $500,000 in monthly business.


Brought in new clients and increased total monthly business revenue.

Highlight Your Soft Skills

Loan officers need to possess several technical skills to perform their jobs at a high level. But in a consumer-facing role like this, your soft skills are just as necessary as your technical skills. Customer service, communication, leadership, organization, and other soft skills are needed for loan officers to successfully bring in new clients and sell them on new loan products and services.

Example 1


Dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences through strong communication and personalized services. Maintained a 95 percent customer satisfaction rate in previous roles.


Provided excellent customer service to all clients.

Example 2


Successfully managed a team of 15 junior loan officers and provided training that resulted in a 20 percent increase in monthly sales.


Led a team of loan officers, helping them increase their total production.

How to Align Your Resume With the Job Description

Submitting the same resume to every job opening is a poor strategy as your resume likely will not contain key skills and qualities listed in each job description. To ensure your resume matches what hiring managers are looking for, alter your resume for each opening based on the information provided in the job description.

If you are unsure how to do this, start by looking for requirements listed at the top of the description as these are often the most important. Then, look for skills and keywords that are included multiple times throughout the advertisement. Optimizing your resume for each job description will increase your odds of being brought in for an interview.

Example Loan Officer Job Description

Eastern Mortgage Office is looking for an experienced loan officer to help expand its client portfolio. The successful applicant holds an NMLS license and experience in the origination and processing of home loans. Possess strong customer service and communication skills, and should be comfortable leading a team of junior loan officers. The loan officer will be expected to make outgoing calls to customers that have inquired about our lending services.


  • Lead team of junior loan officers
  • Conduct client interviews
  • Evaluate creditworthiness to determine loan eligibility
  • Originate and process mortgages
  • Expand client portfolio by making outgoing calls
  • Input client financial and loan information with exceptional accuracy
  • Provide exceptional customer service


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, Business, or a related field
  • Strong communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management skills
  • Customer service
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • NMLS license
  • Knowledge of different types of home loans (e.g. VA loans, FHA loans, etc.)
  • Sales

According to this job description, Eastern Mortgage Office is looking for a candidate that possesses the following skills and qualities:

  • Mortgage origination
  • Loan processing
  • Loan processing software
  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • NMLS licenses
  • Credit evaluation
  • The ability to conduct client interviews

With these skills in mind, you should alter your resume to appeal to the company’s needs. Here’s an example of how your resume might look after optimizing it for this specific job description:

Loan Officer Work Experience Example

Loan Officer, JD Anderson Bank, Dallas, TX

January 2016 – December 2019

  • Utilized leadership skills to train a team of loan officers, helping them exceed monthly sales goals by 20 percent regularly
  • Communicate with clients to determine their creditworthiness
  • Used Calyx Point software to originate and process an average of 10 loans per week, including VA and FHA loans
  • Provided high-quality customer service, resulting in a 95 percent customer satisfaction rate and a 15 percent increase in monthly referrals