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The New York Times recently noted that in the post-COVID work era, the only thing that stayed the same in its overall importance is the resume. That’s why it’s always important to work on improving this key job search asset. Give your resume the attention it deserves with the resources below.

Build a Resume to Enhance Your Career
Basic Resume Examples
Basic and Simple Resume Templates and Examples
Create a Resume
Drop “To Whom It May Concern” for These Cover Letter Alternatives
Functional Resume Examples and Templates for 2023
Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: List of Best Examples for the Workplace
How Do You Write a Resume When You Haven’t Worked in Years?
How Far Back a Resume Should Go in 2023?
How Many Jobs Should You List on a Resume?
How to Add a Resume to LinkedIn
How to Add Study Abroad Experience to Your Resume
How to Build a Resume
How to Build a Resume for College Applications
How to Describe Your Current Job Responsibilities
How to Highlight Creative Thinking Skills on Your Resume
How to Highlight Critical Thinking Skills on Your Resume
How to Include Licenses and Certifications on Your Resume
How to Include Foreign Language Skills in Your Resume
How to Include Personal and Academic Projects on Your Resume
How to List a Degree on a Resume
How to List Extracurriculars on an Entry-Level Resume
How to List Relevant Coursework on a Resume
How to List Volunteer Experience on a Resume
How to List Your Education on a Resume
How to Organize Publications on Your Resume or CV
How to Put an Expected Graduation Date on a Resume
How to Put LinkedIn on a Resume
How to Put Freelance Work on Your Resume
How to Show Analytical Skills on Your Resume
How to Show Self-Employment on Your Resume
How to Show Technical Skills on Your Resume
How to Show That You Are Detailed-Oriented on Your Resume
How to Show Your Customer Service Skills on a Resume
How to Show Your Problem-Solving Skills on Your Resume and Cover Letter
How to Turn Basic Duties Into Powerful Achievements on Your Resume
How To Use Bullet Points on Your Resume
How to Write a Resume
How to Write a Resume Summary in Six Easy Steps
Resume Templates
Resume vs Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Resume Length: Should Your Resume Be One Page?
Resume Outline Examples: How to Get Started from a Blank Page
Should You Include a Picture on Your Resume
Should Your Cover Letter and Resume Templates Match?
The Best Fonts for Your Resume
Tips on Writing the Education Section of Your Resume
Top 10 Soft Skills Employers Love
What Awards Should I Put on My Resume?
What Hobbies and Interests to Put on a Resume
What to Put on a Resume
What’s the Difference Between a Curriculum Vitae and a Cover Letter?
Why You Should Keep Your Address on Your Resume
Your Resume Is Too Long: 6 Quick Fixes

Guides for Jobseekers

Your resume might be essential, but it’s only one piece of the job search. You’ll likely also have to check off other tasks like drafting a cover letter and updating your LinkedIn profile among others. See the guides below for help with your varying job search needs.

Essential Guides for Your Job Search
10 Ways Toastmasters Can Boost Your Career
A Veteran’s Resume and Job Hunting Guide
Applicant Tracking System Tools for Job-Seekers
Apprenticeship Resources by State
Best Professional Resume Writing Services by City
Building a Career After Incarceration
Business Letter Formats
California Employment and Career Guide
Christian Job Search and Resume Resources
Claiming Unemployment Benefits by State
Common Healthcare Interview Questions and Answers
Cover Letter Salutations: Examples & Tips
Emailing Your Resume: 5 Job Application Email Examples
Employment Services for People Experiencing Homelessness
Employment Resources for People Recovering from Substance Abuse Issues
For Better Work-Life Balance, Consider Jobs in Higher Education
Gig Employee Financial Aid and Unemployment Resources
How Do You Present a Hard-Copy Resume?
How to Address Employment Gaps on Your Resume and Cover Letter
How to Ask for a Professional Reference
How to Ask for a Raise
How to Become a Teacher (The Elementary and Secondary School Teaching Career Ladder)
How to Check Your Online Presence for a Job Search
How to Decline a Job Offer
How to Follow Up After an Interview
How to Follow Up on a Job Application
How To Get a Job in the U.S. Government
How to Get an Internship
How to Get the Most Out of a Career Fair
How to Include References in Your Job Search
How to Introduce Yourself Professionally
How to Land Your Dream Job
How to Organize Your Job Search
How to Search for Recruiters and Headhunters on LinkedIn
How to Sign a Cover Letter Electronically
How to Update Your LinkedIn Profile
How to Write a Cover Letter
How To Write a Letter of Interest
How to Write a Personal Mission Statement
Jewish Employment Guide
Job & Career Guide for LGBTQ+ Candidates
Job & Career Guide for People With Mental Illness
Letter of Recommendation Examples
Muslim Employment Guide
Questions You Do Not Have to Answer During the Interview
New York Employment and Career Guide
Oregon Employment and Career Guide
Resignation Letter Examples
Resume and Employment Guide for People With Disabilities
Salary Negotiation: How to Write a Counter Proposal Letter
Senior Employment Programs and Resources
Small Business Guide to Hiring Minors
Stay or Go: The Question of a Lateral Job Move
Student Guide to Resumes for Nonprofit Jobs and Careers
Texas Employment and Career Guide
Thank You Note Examples
Thank-You Note Emails: The 4 Best After-Interview Samples
The Best Questions to Ask in a Job Interview
The Best Skills to Add to LinkedIn in 2022
The Nursing Career Ladder: CNA to LPN/LVN to RN
The Pharmaceutical Sales Career Path
The STAR Method for Answering Interview Questions
Tips for Teens: How to Find Your First Real Job
Washington State Employment and Career Guide
What Happens to My Health Benefits After I Lose My Job?
What Not to Say During an Interview
What to Bring to an Interview
What to Know About Employment Background Checks
What’s the Difference Between a Cover Letter and a Letter of Intent?
Wrongful Termination: What is it and What to Do
Why Do You Want to Work Here: Interview Question & Answers

Recent Surveys and Studies

Even with a well-honed resume and cover letter, there’s a lot of uncertainty when applying for jobs. The below surveys and studies can give you a clearer view of trends in the overall job market, and the hiring conditions you’re likely to find in your target sector.

Employment Surveys and Studies (2021-Present)
Nearly Half of Recent Job Seekers Lied About AI Skills; Majority Were Hired – September 18, 2023
30% of Gen Z’ers and Millennials Say Retirement Age Should Be Lowered to 60 or Younger – September 1, 2023
90% of Companies Will Return to Office By the End of 2024 – August 22, 2023
63% of men say Barbie movie made them more aware of patriarchy in the workplace – August 15, 2023
4 in 10 hiring managers admit they lie to candidates in the hiring process – August 10, 2023
8 in 10 Office Workers Say 4-Day Work Week Would Make Them More Productive – August 7, 2023
1 in 7 Millennial and Gen Z Women Identify With “Lazy Girl” Job Trend – August 1, 2023
1 in 6 GenZ workers used a virtual background of home office to fool employer while on a ‘hush trip’ – July 31, 2023
1 in 4 workers using ChatGPT started a side hustle with time saved from using the tool – July 19, 2023
Half of Companies Give Office Etiquette Classes as Workers Struggle With Appropriate Conversation, Dress – July 11, 2023
1 in 5 Companies Reduced Planned Pride Month Participation Over Fears of Backlash – July 6, 2023
1 in 5 Workers With AI Skills Are Earning $20,000+ More Than 6 Months Ago – June 27, 2023
1 in 8 Americans say working from home is more appropriate for women than men – June 21, 2023
6 in 10 workers say return to office has improved their productivity – June 27, 2023
1 in 8 workers with unlimited PTO took no days off in the past year – June 21, 2023
3 in 10 companies will have a 4-day work week by EOY – June 13, 2023
7 in 10 Hiring Managers Admit to Spying on Social Media to Get Answers to Illegal Interview Questions – June 12, 2023
4 in 10 Companies Will be Using AI Interviews by 2024 – June 5, 2023
6 in 10 Overweight American Workers Have Experienced Weight Discrimination – May 2, 2023
3 in 4 Managers Find it Difficult to Work With GenZ – April 19, 2023
9 in 10 Companies That are Currently Hiring Want Workers With ChatGPT Experience – April 12, 2023
82% of Hiring Managers Unable to Identify Cover Letters Written by ChatGPT – March 27, 2023
1 in 3 Remote Employers Are Watching You Work From Home on Camera – March 20, 2023
1 in 7 Remote Workers at Companies with Recent Layoffs Never Get a Day Off – March 13, 2023
Worked Forced to Return to Office are Unhappy – February 27, 2023
Company Use of ChatGPT Survey – February 21, 2023
3 in 4 Job Seekers Who Used ChatGPT to Write Their Resume Got an Interview – February 13, 2023
1 in 3 remote workers have started an office romance – February 7, 2023
8 in 10 remote workers have been overemployed within the past year – January 31, 2023
6 in 10 executives have taken pay cut to minimize layoffs – January 24, 2023
1 in 5 companies are quiet hiring to replace laid off workers – January 17, 2023
1 in 3 have lied in the hiring process – January 10, 2022
3 in 4 companies offered voluntary separation to employees – December 20, 2022
44% of workers will quiet quit if holidy bonus falls short – December 13, 2022
1 in 3 companies anticipate laying off 30% or more of workforce in 2023 – December 6, 2022
1 in 4 hiring managers say they are less likely to move forward with Jewish applicants – November 22, 2022
1 in 20 workers will quit if transparency laws reveal they are paid less than co-workers – November 7, 2022
1 in 6 Hiring Managers Have Been Told to Stop Hiring White Men – November 7, 2022
1 in 5 remote workers have 2+ full-time jobs – November 1, 2022
1 in 3 Hiring Managers More Likely to Interview People Who Include Pronouns on Resume – October 11, 2022
9 in 10 companies will require employees to work from office in 2023 – September 27, 2022
4 in 10 union workers identify as quiet quitters – September 20, 2022
1 in 3 managers have responded to ‘quiet quitting’ with ‘quiet firing’ – September 6, 2022
Job Switchers Earning 8% More on Average in Their New Positions – September 5, 2022
1 in 4 of workers are ‘quiet quitting,’ saying no to hustle culture – August 18, 2022
One-third of job-seekers won’t consider working in states with abortion bans – August 15, 2022
Having Children Has Negatively Impacted One-Third of Women’s Careers – July 26, 2022
52% of Businesses Will Cover Employee Travel Costs for Abortion – July 18, 2022
1/3 of recent college grads are working at jobs that don’t require a college education – July 5, 2022
Job market difficulties continue in 2022, as employers fail to meet job-seekers’ expectations – June 13, 2022
4 in 5 American Workers Support Paid Menstrual Leave – May 31, 2022
Will Retirees Un-Retire? – May 2, 2022
Job Satisfaction Survey – April 26, 2022
Nearly 2 in 5 employed women are job-hunting, with higher pay as the goal – March 21, 2022
College Senior First Job Salary Expectations – March 7, 2022
Age Bias in Hiring – February 15, 2022
In “Hot” Market, One-Third of Skilled Job Seekers Receive Interviews Less Than 10% of the Time – February 1, 2022
1 in 4 workers plan on quitting in 2022 – January 3, 2022
Nearly 9 in 10 retailers are short-staffed this holiday season – December 21, 2021
1 in 4 Healthcare Workers Quitting Over Vaccine Mandates Will Leave the Profession – November 30, 2021
1 in 3 women who left workforce during pandemic have yet to return – November 29, 2021
Unemployed Americans Dread Updating their Resumes – November 22, 2021
Labor Shortage Driving Demand for Retirees – October 20, 2021
7 in 10 remote workers have multiple jobs – October 15, 2021
Hiring managers want to see vaccination status – October 1, 2021
The Fall Job Exodus – September 20, 2021
1 in 3 Americans admit to lying on resume – September 7, 2021
3 in 4 Teachers Who Have Quit or Plan to Quit Believe Many More Will Follow – August 25, 2021
Most In-Demand Job Skill – July 7, 2021
COVID-19 Employment Impact Survey – March 9, 2021
COVID-19 Unemployment Survey – March 1, 2021
2021 College Resume Study – January 19, 2021