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According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, job opportunities for phlebotomists are expected to increase by 17% in the next decade. This is significantly higher than the 4% for other industries overall. Phlebotomists can expect increased demand from hospitals, labs, and blood donation centers.

Although the outlook for phlebotomist career prospects is excellent, you still need to prioritize strengthening your resume to help you secure your ideal role. Increased job opportunities don’t necessarily equate to reduced competition, so it’s important to polish your application to help you stand out from the crowd. Below, you can find entry-level and experienced phlebotomist resume templates and a wealth of tips to help you craft your resume to suit a particular vacancy.

Downloadable Resume Examples

No experience

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2-3 years

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5-10 Years

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10+ Years

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Phlebotomist Resume Examples

Years of Experience
  • No experience 0
  • 2-3 Years 2-3
  • 5-10 Years 5-10
  • 10+ Years 10+

Henrietta Kim
(876) 543-2109
[email protected]
123 Third Street, Houston, TX 32109


Enthusiastic recently-qualified phlebotomist with a talent for building trust with anxious patients and young children. Adept at collecting venipuncture samples in a fast-paced hospital environment and keeping detailed records. Able to remain calm under pressure and possesses a detailed knowledge of infection control best practice.

Key Skills

  • Clear written and verbal communication
  • Venipuncture and finger-prick sample collection
  • Biometrics collection
  • Record keeping
  • Team player
  • Sample preparation and processing
  • Fluent in Spanish


Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting
HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Houston, TX, September 2018 – June 2020

Coursework completed:

  • Medical Assistant Laboratory Procedures
  • Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Assistants
  • Procedures in a Clinical Setting
  • Pharmacology and Administration of Medications

Professional Experience

Medical Assistant Practicum Placement, Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, TX
February 2020 – May 2020

  • Administer medication and take venipuncture and finger-prick blood samples under supervision
  • Prepare samples for processing and perform diagnostic laboratory tests with support from experienced colleagues
  • Support patients during examinations and procedures and calm children with anxiety or needle phobia
  • Collect and record biometric measurements, including BMI, height, and weight

Receptionist, Sacred Oak Medical Center, Houston, TX
January 2016 – August 2018

  • Maintained detailed departmental records and policies, achieving a 100% accuracy rate in 2017
  • Answered patient phone calls and emails courteously and promptly and redirected queries to the correct department
  • Provided outstanding customer service, receiving a 99.5% satisfaction score throughout the employment period
  • Maintained a sanitary and welcoming working environment and remained vigilant to health and safety and infection control issues


  • Texas Phlebotomy Certification, Houston Community College, 2021

Tracye Duncan
(309) 111-1111
[email protected]
333 Doolittle Lane, Peoria, IL 61604


Meticulous, BLS-certified Phlebotomist with over a year of experience performing various blood drawing procedures. Adept at calming nervous patients and drawing blood samples safely. Skilled in specimen labeling and tracking, data entry, and report generation. Highly familiar with lab testing terminology and procedures and infection control protocols.

Key Skills

  • Venipuncture & micro-collection
  • Quality assurance
  • Equipment calibration
  • Interpersonal skills
  • MS Office Suite


Phlebotomist Certificate
ILLINOIS CENTRAL COLLEGE – East Peoria Campus, Peoria, IL, September 2019 – November 2019

High School Diploma

Professional Experience

Phlebotomist, Proctor Hospital, Peoria, IL
January 2020 – Present

  • Collecting quality blood specimens in a timely manner with 0% rejections to date
  • Instructing patients and administering glucose solution to glucose tolerance testing
  • Following age-specific guidelines for phlebotomy procedures, decreasing reported patient anxiety levels by 50%
  • Following MMCI safety policies
  • Performed CPR on three heart attack victims, saving their lives

Phlebotomist Intern, Veteran’s Administration Clinic, Peoria, IL
November 2019

  • Properly identified patients and chose the best method for drawing blood
  • Selected gauge needles, prepared veins, and drew blood from patients through venipuncture and micro-collection
  • Collected blood samples, labeled vials, and prepared specimens for transportation
  • Maintained records of patient names and reported diagnostic findings to physicians and other practitioners
  • Kept phlebotomy station organized and sanitized per OSHA guidelines


  • Basic Life Support – American Red Cross, December 2019
  • National Phlebotomy Association, December 2019

Hope Floyd
(432) 109-8765
[email protected]
321 Second Street, San Diego, CA 65432


Committed phlebotomist with 6+ years’ experience obtaining, preparing, and processing blood samples. Reassuring and professional interpersonal manner with a talent for calming anxious patients and taking samples from infants and children. Excellent written and verbal communication and adept at working collaboratively with colleagues to meet challenging targets without compromising patient care. Advanced analytical skills with experience interpreting test results and communicating findings to physicians.

Professional Experience

Phlebotomist, Abbott Laboratories, San Diego, CA
September 2017 – Present

  • Record detailed reports of phlebotomy tests and patient profiles, achieving a 100% accuracy rate over three years
  • Inspect testing equipment and perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting, referring to the technical team when necessary
  • Obtain blood samples from patients safely and reassuringly, receiving 99.5% positive feedback in 2020
  • Follow Good Clinical Practices guidelines and maintain patient confidentiality and dignity at all times

Phlebotomist, La Maestra Community Health Centers, San Diego, CA
July 2014 – September 2017

  • Performed finger prick and vein blood tests and observed stringent infection control protocols
  • Analyzed blood samples under supervision and recognized clinical abnormalities with 99.9% accuracy
  • Notified doctors of test results and prioritized samples with clinically significant findings according to urgency
  • Maintained a clean and inviting office environment and performed sanitization between patient appointments


Associate of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology
SOUTHWESTERN COLLEGE, Chula Vista, CA, September 2012 – June 2014

Key Skills

  • Vein, capillary, and finger-prick blood collection
  • Infection control
  • Specimen preparation and analysis
  • Record keeping
  • Professional and empathetic interpersonal style
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Maintaining laboratory equipment


  • California Certified Phlebotomy Technician II License, renewed December 2020

Loretta McMillan
(765) 432-1098
[email protected]
321 My Road, San Francisco, CA 43210


Knowledgeable and professional practitioner with 11+ years’ experience as a mobile phlebotomist. Efficient and diligent with an excellent track record for collecting samples at fast-paced community health care events without compromising the quality of care. Kind and empathetic interpersonal style with a talent for calming young children and people with needle phobias.

Professional Experience

Mobile Phlebotomist, American Biometric Health, San Francisco, CA
June 2016 – Present

  • Complete up to 40 phlebotomy medical screenings, biometric tests, and sample collections per day
  • Maintain patient records and complete and process invoices and insurance documentation, achieving a 99.9% accuracy rate over four years
  • Reassure and calm anxious patients, including young children, ensuring 98% patient satisfaction in 2020
  • Closely follow infection control procedures and maintain a scrupulously hygienic working area

Mobile Phlebotomist, Premise Health, San Francisco, CA
July 2009 – June 2016

  • Carried out venipuncture blood draws under significant time pressure and provided demonstrations and mentoring in the correct technique for four new hires in 2015
  • Transported supplies to community health screening events and assisted with setting up and taking down phlebotomy stations
  • Prepared blood samples for processing according to clinic guidelines
  • Measured and recorded key patient data, including BMI, blood pressure, and body fat percentage


Associate of Science in Medical Assisting
CITY COLLEGE OF SAN FRANCISCO, San Francisco, CA, September 2007 – June 2009

Key Skills

  • Venipuncture and finger-prick blood draws
  • Biometrics testing
  • Record keeping
  • Infection control
  • Invoicing
  • Calm and reassuring bedside manner
  • Training and mentorship


  • California Phlebotomy Certification, August 2009

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Phlebotomist Resumes

Understanding the language that hiring managers and applicant tracking systems (ATS) look for when sifting through phlebotomist resumes is crucial if you want to secure an interview. Employers, especially in hospital settings, tend to receive many applications for phlebotomy roles, so they often shortlist candidates based on how many role-specific keywords and action verbs they include in their resume. Knowing the common keywords and phrases that can get your phlebotomist resume shortlisted and using as many as possible can help your application stand out.

Key Skills & Proficiencies
Calming anxious patients Data entry
Explaining procedures Finger-prick testing
Infection control Interpersonal skills
Labeling specimens Laboratory testing
Microsoft Office Suite Oral and written communication
Patient confidentiality Specimen preparation
Teamwork Venipuncture
Action Verbs
Calm Collaborate
Collect Decontaminate
Deliver Ensure
Explain Label
Maintain Perform
Prepare Process
Record Resolve
Sanitize Support

Tips for Writing a Better Phlebotomist Resume

Quantify your phlebotomy experience on your resume

Quantifying your experience as a phlebotomist helps the hiring manager understand the extent of your skills and the type of health care setting you’ve worked in. Try to include numbers to highlight your achievements as well as describing your job duties. For example:

  • How many patients you collected samples from in an average shift
  • The size of your team
  • How many trainees or new hires you coached if you held a senior position

Example #1


Collected venipuncture and finger-prick blood samples from an average of 50 patients per shift.


Collected blood samples from large numbers of patients each shift.

Example #2


Trained five newly qualified phlebotomists in 2020 to improve their knowledge of infection control procedures and techniques for managing anxious patients.


Provided training for newly qualified phlebotomists.

Highlight your soft skills

As a phlebotomist, you need outstanding technical skills and clinical knowledge, but don’t forget to mention the soft skills that help you provide reassuring and professional care to patients. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who can calm anxious patients and sensitively deal with needle phobias. Teamwork, leadership and communication skills are all important factors for employers.

Example #1


Identified concerning results with 99.9% accuracy and clearly communicated findings to physicians to ensure prompt treatment.


Told doctors about worrying blood results.

Example #2


Used persuasion, clear explanations and calming techniques to soothe patients with a fear of needles and medical procedures, achieving a 98% patient satisfaction rating in 2020.


Calmed and soothed fearful and anxious patients.

How to Align Your Resume With the Job Description

Choosing the right professional for the job is essential in a health care setting, and hiring managers typically review many applications to find the best candidate. Employers usually provide detailed descriptions of the role to help jobseekers understand what they’re looking for. Aligning your phlebotomist resume with the job description shows potential employers that you have the skills and experience to excel.

Employers often include lists of desirable qualities and qualifications in their job descriptions, and you don’t necessarily need to fulfill every one to get yourself an interview. However, you should include all of their must-haves in your application to help you stand out from the crowd. You can usually determine the most important requirements by checking what’s listed first and any repeated points and prioritize these in your resume.

Example Phlebotomist Job Description

University Health of San Antonio, TX, is one of the leading health care providers in the state and has a reputation for excellence in diagnostic testing. We are looking for a team-spirited phlebotomist to join our busy department and help us continue to provide exceptional health care to the San Antonio community. 


  • Decontaminate collection site before performing blood tests
  • Perform venipuncture and finger-prick blood tests quickly and efficiently while maintaining high standards of care
  • Correctly label specimen tubes and deliver them promptly to the laboratory
  • Maintain a sanitary working environment and observe stringent infection control protocols
  • Put patients at ease and reassure those with needle anxiety
  • Explain testing procedures clearly to patients


  • High school diploma; phlebotomy certification strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of venipuncture and finger-prick techniques
  • Minimum of 1-2 years’ phlebotomy experience
  • Pediatric experience highly desirable
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

The job description shows that the employer is looking for the following skills and experience:

  • Test site decontamination
  • Teamwork
  • Venipuncture and finger-prick testing
  • Efficiency
  • Knowledge of infection control
  • Pediatric experience
  • Communication skills
  • Explaining procedures
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Labeling specimen tubes
  • Reassuring anxious patients

Once you’ve established the employer’s priorities, you can carefully craft the descriptions of your previous professional experience to match. The following excerpt perfectly answers the job description above:

Phlebotomist Work Experience Example

Phlebotomist, Southwest General Hospital, San Antonio, TX

September 2014 – June 2020

  • Performed an average of 45 venipuncture and finger-prick blood tests per shift and labeled each specimen clearly
  • Greeted visitors warmly and used strong interpersonal skills to soothe anxious patients, including young children, resulting in an average satisfaction rating of 99.5% over five years
  • Decontaminated skin before testing and followed strict infection control procedures 
  • Worked collaboratively with colleagues to meet challenging productivity targets under pressure, exceeding 65% of team goals in 2019
  • Explained the testing procedure to patients, receiving praise for patient education during three performance reviews