How To Write an Account Manager Resume

As an account manager, you’re the bridge between your organization and its clients, the driving force behind nurturing and expanding valuable business relationships. To craft an excellent account manager resume, you will need to showcase your customer service skills and your history in growing and maintaining customer accounts.

  • Entry-Level
  • Mid-Career
  • Senior-Level
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1. Write a dynamic profile summarizing your account manager qualifications

Crafting a compelling resume profile requires a focus on conciseness and specificity. Keep your paragraph brief yet impactful, dedicating 2-3 sentences to highlight your unique strengths and accomplishments. Incorporate relevant keywords from the job description to demonstrate your alignment with the role and emphasize areas of expertise such as client relationship management and strategic planning. Make a bold statement about your track record of driving revenue growth, exceeding targets, or delivering exceptional customer experiences. A well-crafted profile should capture the attention of employers, leaving them eager to learn more about your account management capabilities.

Senior-Level Profile Example

A Senior Account Manager with 10+ years of experience within the healthcare space, specializing in business development, contract negotiations, and sales management. A strong history of managing multi-million-dollar accounts with hospitals and medical centers. Adept at identifying opportunities to improve value for customers and drive revenue growth for existing accounts.

Entry-Level Profile Example

A results-driven Account Manager with three years of professional experience specializing in consultative selling, client relations, strategic planning, and communication. A proven track record of securing and developing new accounts generating over $2M in annual revenue.

2. Showcase your account manager experience

In your professional experience section, focus on showcasing your accomplishments and quantifying your impact. Instead of listing all your responsibilities for each previous position, use action verbs to demonstrate how you accomplished your daily tasks. A practical approach is to use numbers and measurements to call out the results you’ve achieved.

For example, you can highlight revenue growth percentages, client retention rates, and the size of deals closed. These metrics help to emphasize your ability to build and maintain client relationships while exceeding sales targets and driving business expansion. You will effectively convey your expertise as an account manager by featuring your specific achievements and using language that demonstrates your proactive approach.

Senior-Level Professional Experience Example

Senior Account Manager, EHR Software Solutions Inc., Seattle, WA
August 2010-Present

  • Manage 15+ major customer accounts with hospitals valued at $3M-$8M, deliver a variety of healthcare solutions to support patient management, and serve as the point of contact for stakeholders
  • Identify opportunities to drive new business development and expand existing revenue by delivering customized solutions based on client needs, resulting in a 25% increase in annual sales
  • Manage all corporate communications to ensure brand integrity, including internal and external documents

Entry-Level Professional Experience Example

Account Manager, Tech Startup 1, Philadelphia, PA
February 2019 – Present 

  • Manage high-value customer accounts, build long-term relationships with vendors and customers, and develop 30+ new accounts generating over $2M in annual revenue
  • Evaluate client business needs to identify appropriate product lines for customers and coordinate with the product development team to define new value-added services
  • Collect data from various departments to create reports used for long-term strategic planning

Including relevant education and specialized training on your resume is essential for proving your knowledge and expertise. Highlight your education by listing the degree name, institution, location, and completion date. Include degrees in business, marketing, or related fields. Emphasize coursework in account management, sales strategies, or communication skills to showcase your specialization and qualifications.

In addition to education, certifications can significantly enhance your credibility. Include any specialized certifications you’ve earned that directly relate to the position, such as Certified Account Manager (CAM) or Salesforce Certified Sales Professional. Format this section similarly, listing the certification name, certifying organization, and date of completion.



  • [Degree Name]
  • [SCHOOL NAME], [City, State Abbreviation] [Dates Enrolled]


  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • DEVRY UNIVERSITY, Downers Grove, IL, 3.86 GPA, August 2006 – June 2010

4. List key account manager skills and proficiencies

As an account manager, your success relies on effectively building and maintaining client relationships and navigating complex accounts. By including relevant skills on your resume, you have room to feature your qualifications and demonstrate to hiring managers that you possess the specific competencies they’re seeking to get the job done. Showcasing your proficiencies helps potential employers assess your fit for the role and increases your chances of securing an interview. Here’s a list of skills you can expect to use in your account manager resume:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Account Management Account Development
B2B Sales B2C Sales
Business Development Client Relations
Consultative Sales Cold Calling
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Cross-Functional Leadership
Cross-Selling Deal Closing
Inside Sales Outside Sales
Lead Generation Lead Qualification
Negotiations Pipeline Development
Prospecting Sales Presentations

How To Pick the Best Account Manager Resume Template

The best resume template for an account manager is simple, organized, and professional. It’s easy to navigate and allows you to highlight your most relevant professional accomplishments and key skills. Choose a visually appealing layout with plenty of white space, making it easy for hiring managers to identify your qualifications quickly. Stick with a clean, elegant template design and avoid using highly decorative fonts or graphics. Remember, the goal is to create a well-structured document that effectively presents your expertise as an account manager through your writing, not flashy visuals.

Account Manager Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

  • Entry-Level
  • Mid-Career
  • Senior-Level

Mike Williams
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 First Lane, Baltimore, MD 12345


A dynamic Account Manager with eight years of experience developing new business for premiere technology startups. A proven track record of defining overarching sales strategy to grow customer accounts and build long-term relationships. Adept at leading teams of sales representatives and identifying opportunities to enhance performance and improve close rates.

Professional Experience

Customer Account Manager, Jericho Finance Solutions Inc., Washington D.C.
March 2015-Present

  • Manage 40+ major accounts generating $5M in annual revenue, serve as the point of contact for clients, identify solutions to complex issues, and achieve a 97% customer satisfaction rating
  • Generate and track sales reports, evaluate contract terms, analyze sales metrics, and conduct forecasting to define overarching sales strategies based on market indicators
  • Develop long-term client relationships, build rapport with customer stakeholders, ensure product alignment with business needs, and identify opportunities to drive customer success

Account Manager, , Alexandria, VA
July 2010-March 2015

  • Delivered education to customers on product offerings and services, served as the point of contact throughout the sales cycle, and coordinate cross-functionally with customer success teams
  • Analyzed market studies and focus groups to develop new sales strategies and identify opportunities to upsell products, contributing to a 10% increase in annual sales
  • Provided training to five customer support representatives on client relations, consultative selling, upselling, and customer service standards


Bachelor of Business Management, Devry University, Downers Grove, IL, 3.86 GPA
August 2006-June 2010

Key Skills

  • Business Development
  • Sales Strategy
  • Client Relations
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Account Management

Frequently Asked Questions: Account Manager Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for Account Manager resumes?-

It's common to encounter writer's block when crafting your professional experience section. Finding the right words to accurately communicate everything you were responsible for in your previous roles can be challenging. To assist you in overcoming this challenge, we created a list of common action verbs that convey the many responsibilities of an account manager. These words will help you bring your experiences to life and inject dynamic language into your resume. Consider using some of these action verbs on your account manager resume:

Action Verbs
Achieve Advise
Build Collaborate
Cultivate Develop
Establish Execute
Generate Influence
Manage Negotiate
Oversee Present
Prospect Resolve
Retaine Strategize
Support Upsell
How do you align your resume with a job description?-

With a projected growth of 5 percent by 2031, the account management industry is expected to add nearly 24,000 new jobs to the workforce over the next decade. You'll need a solid resume to stand out in this competitive job market. If you have a specific account manager job opening in mind, it's crucial to tailor your resume specifically for that position. Customizing your resume allows you to align your skills, experiences, and achievements with the requirements and responsibilities outlined in the job description. Aligning your resume will increase your chances of catching the hiring manager's attention and position you as a strong candidate.

What is the best Account Manager resume format?-

The chronological resume format is generally the most appropriate choice for account managers. This format emphasizes your growth over time by focusing on your work history and career progression. It allows hiring managers to easily track your employment trajectory and assess your suitability for the role. Alternatively, consider using the functional format if you need to make up for a gap in work history, change of industry, or would prefer to highlight your skills and education. A third option, the combination format, is best for job seekers looking to make a lateral career move. Examine all options and determine which design would be best for your situation.

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Include a cover letter with your resume

Crafting a strong cover letter can seriously increase your chances of securing an interview during your job search. The key to writing a compelling cover letter is customizing it specifically for the organization you’re applying to. Learn how to write an account manager cover letter with our comprehensive guide, and find more examples of cover letters for related positions with our sales manager and sales director guides.

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