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When you just graduated from college and you’re looking for your first full-time job, you need to create a resume that catches the attention of any potential employer. It can be a difficult task. Most resumes receive a scant six second glance from any hiring manager. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a position straight out of college that helps you get your foot in the door in your industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are some occupations that will see tremendous job growth over the next decade, and those with college degrees make on average $471 more per week. Below, you’ll find some examples of useful resumes and some tips on how to write resumes that draw the attention of that hiring manager for longer than six seconds.

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Student Resume Examples

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Liam Greene
(555) 789-1234
[email protected]
678 Your Street, Boston, MA 20138


Focused and energetic engineering student who wants to build human-technology interfaces to help those stricken with disabling diseases. Aiming to leverage my engineering skills and knowledge of robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence to land an internship at Biotech Engineering Inc. Ability to use skills to participate in a rapid development cycle will help Biotech develop new robotic treatments for serious diseases.

Key skills

  • Detail oriented
  • Hard-working
  • Python
  • Ruby on rails
  • Problem-solving
  • Structural analysis
  • Team oriented
  • Data modeling
  • Communication skills (verbal and written)


Engineering Bachelor of Science, GPA 3.65
Boston University, Boston MA September 2016-June 2020

  • Member of robotics club competition team
  • Designed robot that won intercollegiate competition in February 2019

Professional Experience

Research Intern, Wallops NASA Flight Facility, Wallops Island, VA
Summers 2019 and 2020

  • Created program to detect conductivity that may impact satellite launch times
  • Studied under NASA flight engineers
  • Designed prototype of Mars Mission with other research interns

Part-Time Produce Clerk, Jumbo Grocery Stores, Boston, MA
June 2016-May 2019

  • Opened produce department several days a week
  • Prepared salad bar for store opening
  • Restocked produce when items depleted
  • Responded to customers’ requests
  • Cleaned all equipment after night shift

Walter Thomas
(555) 123-4567
[email protected]
678 Your Street, Boulder, CO 98765


Highly reliable and self-motivated college graduate with exceptional GPA, experienced in providing customer relations that require enthusiasm, tact and a strong work ethic. Eager to work in a position that involves daily interaction with customers.

Key Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Strong verbal and written communications
  • Trained new employees on key functions
  • Spearheaded and organized campus-wide blood drive
  • Knowledge of software-based scheduling and payment systems
  • Fluent in three languages – English (Advanced), Spanish (Advanced) and Chinese (Intermediate)


Bachelor of Fine Arts, GPA 3.95
University of Colorado-Boulder, September 2016 – June 2020
Dean’s list; Rush Chairman, Sigma Chi

  • Selected as captain of University of Colorado-BoulderCollege Quiz Bowl team 2019
  • Organized Sigma Chi annual campus blood donation drive 2018-2019

Professional Experience

Retail Sales Assistant, Banana Republic, Boulder, CO
May 2017 – Present

  • Greeted customers
  • Provided recommendations based on customers’ questions
  • Created product displays
  • Restocked inventory
  • Trained new employees on how to work with customers, handle sales, use phone systems and operate cash register software.
  • Named Employee Of The Month in July 2019

Barista, A Quick Brew, Boulder, CO
Summers 2015 and 2016

  • Greeted customers
  • Assisted with product selection
  • Opened and closed store
  • Balanced till at EOD
  • Prepared work schedule for part-time employees during second summer

Ellen Bibo
(555) 765-4321
[email protected]
234 Your Street, Atlanta, GA 12345


Deadline driven future journalist who prides themselves on delivering quality written or edited content. Ability to meet deadlines on any project. Goal is to use exceptional writing and copywriting skills to find a position at a newspaper or media site in hometown, and eventually to work for a major media company.

Key Skills

  • Critical thinker
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Administrative duties included selection and assignment of stories
  • Coordinated redesign of newspaper’s Facebook page
  • Worked with data analysis software for data-driven stories
  • Knowledge of content management systems


Master of Science, GPA 3.85
Columbia University Journalism School, New York, NY September 2016 – June 2020

  • Appointed assistant editor in 2019, The Bronx Beat, Columbia Journalism School’s student print and online newspaper

Professional Experience

Part-Time Editorial Assistant, Wilkins and Wilkins, New York, NY
September 2018 – August 2019

  • Copyedited law briefs
  • Copyedited public relations materials
  • Polished final drafts of speeches given by firm’s partners
  • Wrote press releases

Sales Associate and Baker, George’s Pizza, New York, NY
September 2016 – August 2018

  • Greeted customers and took their orders
  • Developed culinary skills
  • Performed basic cashier functions
  • Helped create and write store’s promotional material

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Student Resumes

While applications and resumes used to be handed in person to a manager and reviewed by a real person, times have changed. Today, most of the work of sorting the “to be interviewed” from the “no, thank you” resumes is done by screening programs inside of applicant tracking software (ATS). This software takes keywords from the job description and runs them against your resume and cover letter to see if you are likely to be a good match with the position. This makes the process much more efficient for hiring managers but can mean that your application gets overlooked based on semantics. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to scan the job description for possible keywords and skills to use in your resume. Below, we’ve also provided a list of common key skills and action verbs for new graduates.

Key Skills & Proficiencies
Collaborative Creativity
Critical thinking Detail oriented
Organization Problem-solving
Action Verbs
Analyze Built
Delegated Elicited
Empowered Engaged
Exceeded Identified
Improved Initiated
Orchestrated Outperformed
Produced Solved

Tips for Writing a Better Student Resume

Feature your leadership abilities

Regardless of the nature of the job for which you are applying, you want to stress your leadership abilities. This is where your on-campus activities can play an important role. If you’ve fulfilled an important role in a campus club or helped organize some college-wide activity, it’s necessary that you demonstrate your ability to organize, recruit, promote, and train volunteers to help you with that activity.

Example #1


Organized and ran campus-wide voter registration drive that resulted in a 25% increase in the number of students registering to vote over the previous year. Trained volunteers on properly filling out forms. Created Q&A materials about voting that could be given to students.


Ran a campus voter registration drive

Example #2


Planned and coordinated annual campus anti-sexual harassment campaign, including the training of volunteers on how to coach students to recognize signs of inappropriate sexual behavior.


Organized an anti-sexual harassment campaign on campus

Write an eye-catching profile

Remember, when your resume gets past the ATS that looks for keywords and skills, there will be a person reading it. You want to put your best foot forward. A profile that summarizes your work and volunteer experience, academic achievements, and personal skills is a great way to introduce yourself to hiring managers and differentiate yourself from other job applicants. Even if you don’t have much work experience because you focused on volunteer activities during your college year, these can still help in a future job search, so put them front and center in detail.

Example #1


Goal-focused future social worker with 2+ years of experience volunteering at campus as an after-hours phone counselor at campus helpline. Worked at local library as English As Second Language Teacher including one-on-one instruction with immigrants.


Volunteered at campus helpline and at local library with ESL training

Example #2


Hard-working student physical fitness graduate, seeking position as assistant trainer in professional sports operation. Worked as assistant, then lead, trainer for college baseball and swim teams for 3+ years. Trained college athletes on how to achieve peak physical fitness. Designed injury recovery programs in consultation with doctors.


Worked as trainer for college football and swim teams.

How to Align Your Resume With the Job Description

Every year thousands of college graduates apply for their first full-time jobs. A good job as a nurse, a teacher, an IT professional etc. can generate dozens if not hundreds of job applicants. To write a resume that gets by the ATS software and catches the interest of the hiring manager, you need to be a bit of a detective. Your resume should reflect the skills and qualities that are detailed in each job for which you apply. But you need to find them. Using your highlighter, mark up the key responsibilities, qualifications, skills and experience required. Next, get your resume, and see how it matches up with the job description. Using your highlighter, mark up the key responsibilities, qualifications, skills and experience required. This will give you a good idea about how to focus your resume for each job. Here’s a recent job description for entry-level business development and marketing associate:

Job Description

(Company) is looking for energetic entry level applicant to join its expanding team of Marketing Associates to help run campaigns for our partners. We work with companies of every size and experience from unknown start-ups to nationally known brands. Our mission is to help them reach their marketing objectives and brand initiatives.


  • Work with Marketing Coordinator to build PR campaigns to support customer promotions
  • Keep updated on research in marketing trends
  • Customer relations
  • Keep all company business listings updated
  • Update company database for point of sale system and add new locations
  • Contribute to the daily growth and development of our company


  • Excellent analytical and presentation skills
  • Effectively balance strategic thinking and execution
  • Organized and detail oriented.
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Experience using multiple social media outlets to grow public knowledge of what we do

So, the applicant should have the following qualities according to the job description:

  • Organized
  • Analytical and presentation skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge of social media

Now, you know what the employer wants. Your task is to look at your resume and search for the relevant keywords and ensure that the experience and education listed in your resume includes them.

Here’s an example of how you can include them in your resume:

Student Work Experience Example

Marketing Intern, ABC Company, Atlanta, GA

Summers 2017-2019

  • Organized and ran weekly meeting for interns
  • Communicated interns concerns and ideas to senior management
  • Gave presentations to other interns on marketing research
  • Posted information on social media to highlight clients’ campaigns