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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, top executives earn a median income of $107,680 per year. While employment opportunities are projected to grow by 8% over the next decade, you still need to build a compelling resume to drive your career path forward. Director positions are extremely lucrative, and as a result you’ll encounter no shortage of competition during your job search. Crafting a professional document with detailed accomplishments that demonstrates your industry knowledge will go a long way in securing interviews. Below, you can find examples of director-level resumes across four industries.

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Director Resume Examples

Years of Experience
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Jordan Nueves
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Your Street, Chicago, IL 12345


A Business Development Director with 10+ years of professional experience, specializing in sales strategy, territory management, and lead generation. A proven track record of building and leading high-performance sales organizations from the ground up. Adept at developing strategic partnerships to drive new business opportunities.

Professional Experience

Business Development Director, Superior Brand Marketing Inc., Chicago, IL
April 2016 – Present

  • Manage all aspects of business development efforts for a brand marketing solution company, develop innovative sales strategies, and oversee the development and execution of business campaigns generating more than $500K in annual revenue
  • Collaborate with C-level executives and brand representatives, attend high-level sales meetings, and use consultative sales techniques to close $1.5M in new business.
  • Build, recruit, and develop a sales department of 50+, define workflows, provide coaching and mentorship to sales managers, and establish a work culture of accountability

Sales Director, Starfire Marketing Solutions, Chicago, IL
August 2011 – April 2016

  • Managed and built the sales department for a marketing company generating more than $2.5M in annual revenue, defined the sales cycle, developed overarching sales strategy, and led high-level meetings with external C-suite executives
  • Identified, established, and grew strategic partnerships with enterprise brands to expand reach with target audiences and drive market penetration
  • Established a work culture centered on diversity and inclusion, which included leading diversity recruiting efforts and managing the implementation of training workshops


Bachelor of Arts (B.S.), Business Administration
University Of Chicago, Chicago, IL September 2007 – May 2011

Key Skills

  • Sales Management
  • Business Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Executive Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales Strategy


  • Certified Sales Professional (CSP), Awarded 2015

Carol Chen
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Your Street, Sacramento, CA 12345


A Director of Project Management with 10+ years of experience, specializing in Agile implementation, change management, and strategy development. A strong history of managing the project management office for world-class organizations. Expertise in working with cross-functional teams and C-level executives to execute multimillion-dollar capital projects.

Professional Experience

Director of Project Management, Capital Projects Associates, Sacramento, CA
September 2016 – Present

  • Serve as Director of the Project Management Organization executing capital projects valued at $800K-$20M
  • Lead the buildout of a 300 square-foot transportation center and oversee 15+ commercial construction projects
  • Lead the integration of Agile methodology throughout the PMO and drive the standardization of project management processes to enhance delivery, resulting in the prevention of roadblocks and a 10% reduction in project timelines
  • Coordinate with stakeholders and cross-functional teams throughout the project lifecycle to ensure compliance with zoning regulations and alignment with requirements

Project Management Director, NorCal Construction Partners, Sacramento, CA
July 2011 – September 2016

  • Managed the end-to-end execution of 20+ commercial and residential construction projects valued at $300K-$15M, developed project plans, obtained clearances, and coordinated architects, construction teams, and contractors
  • Attended meetings with C-level executives to plan long-term project strategy, assess risk factors, and determine resource allocation for a $10M annual budget


Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Project Management
University Of Sacramento, Sacramento, CA  September 2007 – May 2011

Key Skills

  • Project Management
  • Agile Methodology
  • Construction Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Cross-functional Leadership
  • Project Lifecycles


  • Project Management Professional (PMP), 2015
  • Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP), 2014

Ben Bergsen
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Your Street, New York, NY 12345


An Operations Director with 10+ years of experience within the healthcare industry, specializing in operations management, executive leadership, and program management. A proven track record of defining enterprise goals and clinical workflows to ensure operational excellence. Adept at partnering with diverse teams and C-level executives to lead change management initiatives.

Professional Experience

Director of Operations, New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY
July 2016 – Present

  • Oversee all aspects of operations and department functions for a leading hospital with 450 beds, conduct financial planning, manage a $15M operating budget, and identify strategic direction for the organization
  • Liaise with the Vice President, CEO, and the C-suite executives to identify strategic direction for the organization and assess hospital policies and procedures to enhance quality
  • Lead matrixed teams in a dynamic clinical environment with a high-patient volume and drive quality improvements to ensure the delivery of patient-centered care

Operations Director, New York Medical Center, New York, NY
June 2011 – July 2016

  • Managed operations for all clinical programs for a 300-bed hospital, analyzed P&L, and oversaw an operating budget valued at $8M
  • Collaborated with five department heads to identify staffing needs, determine resource allocation, and refine hospital procedures to improve clinical outcomes
  • Developed a collaborative and inclusive work culture centered on empowering employees to have a voice in the decision-making process for operational changes


Master of Science (M.S.) Healthcare Administration
Columbia University, New York, NY  September 2009  – May 2011

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Healthcare Administration
Columbia University, New York, NY  September 2007 – May 2009

Key Skills

  • Operations Management
  • Hospital Administration
  • Program Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • P&L Management
  • Cross-functional Leadership


  • Six Sigma Greenbelt, 2015

Jessica Roberts
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Your Street, Boston, MA 12345


A Senior Director with 10+ years of experience within the corporate finance industry, specializing in FP&A, GAAP, strategy development, and finance leadership. A proven track record of defining long-term financial strategies for enterprise companies. A strong background in leading cross-functional teams to refine financial reporting and enhance data driven decision making.

Professional Experience

Finance Director, Harlan Mutual Investment Firm, Boston, MA
May 2016 – Present

  • Manage all functions of corporate finance for a leading investment firm with $2B in assets under management (AUM), lead FP&A activities, and analyze ROI for potential investment opportunities based on market trends and economic indicators
  • Lead a team of 25+ finance managers, analysts, and accountants to execute financial reporting, ensure compliance with GAAP regulations, and monitor fiscal performance
  • Coordinate with the Chief Financial Officer, VP of Finance, and C-level executives to develop an annual operating budget valued at more than $100M

Director of Finance, Amherst Investments Inc., Amherst, MA 
May 2011 – May 2016

  • Led all aspects of FP&A for a prominent investment firm with $300M in AUM, which included developing business models and forecasting revenue to support data-driven decision making for short-term and long-term investment strategies
  • Oversaw a 20-person finance team to develop analytic tools, conduct financial reporting, and identify process improvement opportunities to enhance finance operations
  • Delivered reports to the Head of Finance, CFO, and CEO on financial performance and provided recommendations to drive growth across various market verticals


Master of Science (M.S.) Finance
Boston University, Boston, MA  May 2009  – May 2011

Bachelor of Science (M.S.), Finance
Boston University, Boston, MA  September 2005 – May 2009

Key Skills

  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Strategy
  • ROI Analysis
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Financial Reporting


  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), April 2011
  • Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA), April 2011

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Director Resumes

Tailoring your resume to individual job descriptions is an essential part of the job search. Even at the director level, most companies rely on Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to narrow the field of applicants by screening resumes for specific keywords and action verbs. By integrating these terms throughout the document, you’ll ensure compliance with ATS requirements and demonstrate to hiring managers that you have all the qualifications their organizations are looking for. Below, we’ve compiled a list of action verbs and keywords you might encounter when applying for director level positions.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Agile Methodology Asset Management
Budget Development Business Development
Client Relationships Change Management
Cross-functional Collaboration C-suite Relationships
Construction Management Corporated Administration
Corporate Finance Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)
Employee Engagement Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
HR Management Operations Management
Organizational Leadership P&L Management
Process Improvement Project Management
ROI Analysis Stakeholder Management
Sales Management Strategic Planning
Team Management
Action Verbs
Analyzed Built
Collaborated Conducted
Coordinated Created
Defined Designed
Developed Directed
Drove Enhanced
Established Executed
Generated Identified
Implemented Improved
Led Liaised
Managed Optimized
Oversaw Orchestrated
Partnered Performed
Resolved Spearheaded

Tips for Writing a Better Director Resume

Quantify your director experience

At the director level, you likely have a wealth of accomplishments to show on your resume. To maximize the impact of these achievements, firmly establish context and hard metrics to paint a picture for the reader. Saying that you managed various departments and budgets won’t help to differentiate you from other applicants. Be specific in who you were interacting with, what you were accomplishing, and how those results made a positive impact on the organization. Below, you’ll find some examples of how to quantify your accomplishments in your professional experience section.

Example #1


  • Executed a large-scale change management initiative to refine resource allocation throughout the project lifecycle, which enhanced the overall efficiency of the Project Management Organization and reduced costs associated with delays by $200K per year


  • Improved staffing procedures and managed budgets more effectively, resulting in a major cost reduction for projects

Example #2


  • Spearheaded business development initiatives to drive product adoption for a machine learning solution across untapped market verticals in the automotive industry, which generated more than $5.5M in new business over a two-year period


  • Led business development efforts for the product and identified new opportunities in other markets to close new business.

Feature your leadership abilities

Leadership skills are especially important for success as a director. Companies want candidates who can liaise with cross-functional groups and C-level executives across all levels of the organization. Rather than focusing on delegating tasks to your teams, give detailed examples of how you established work cultures that empower employees and aid their professional growth. Also indicate your ability to manage personnel and client relationships in diverse environments. Below, you’ll see some examples for highlighting your leadership achievements in your professional experience.

Example #1


  • Managed a dynamic product marketing organization with 25+ marketing and sales professionals, which included driving cross-functional collaboration and delivering coaching and mentorship to advance team members into leadership positions


  • Led the product marketing organization, delegated tasks and responsibilities, reviewed work, and provided feedback on performance

Example #2


  • Liaised with the Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and CEO to evaluate the risks, impact, and long-term benefits of a $10M acquisition, resulting in a projected ROI of $30M over a three-year span


  • Worked with executives on an acquisition and provided insights on potential impact, resulting in a large revenue increase for the company

How to Align Your Resume With the Job Description

Tailoring your resume to the job description is critical for maximizing your chances of securing an interview with your target company. Implementing appropriate keywords across your profile, skills section, and professional experience enables your document to meet Applicant Tracking System (ATS) thresholds. This also ensures that your resume contains all the qualifications that the hiring manager is looking for during the initial screening process.

You’ll likely encounter some variance in terms of what keywords to include, depending on the job and your target industry, but there are some indicators you can use to determine what skills to prioritize on your resume. Keywords that appear closer to the top of the job posting are typically the most likely the ATS uses. If you notice that a type of certification or key piece of industry knowledge is a requirement, be sure to integrate it into the appropriate section. Below, you’ll find an example of how to properly align your resume with the job description.

Director Job Description Example

XYZ Inc. is a leading staffing firm named one of the best places to work in Chicago. We’re seeking a Director of HR who excels in leading cross-functional groups and driving employee engagement. Our organization prides itself on our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and as such we are looking for candidates with strong emotional intelligence and cultural awareness to join our team.


  • Oversee all aspects of HR administration throughout the organization, which includes creating HR policies and managing compensation and benefits
  • Manage employee relations, provide conflict resolutions, field employee inquiries and complaints, and support efforts to improve retention and employee engagement
  • Collaborate with C-level executives to define long-term HR strategy and provide recommendations to implement process improvements


  • Bachelor’s degree in HR management or business administration required
  • 7-10 years of experience in an HR leadership role preferred
  • Proficient in PeopleSoft and Workday
  • Expertise in project management and change management
  • Strong corporate communication skills

According to the job description, the ideal job applicant should have the following qualities and/or experience:

  • HR Administration
  • HR Management
  • HR Strategy
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Change Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Engagement
  • PeopleSoft
  • Workday
  • Corporate Communication
  • C-level Executives
  • Process Improvement
  • Cross-functional
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management

Next, take what you highlighted from the job description and make sure to include your experience and skills that match. Below is an example of how to incorporate them in your resume to your advantage:

Director Work Experience Example


An HR Management Leader with 10+ years of professional experience, specializing in HR administration, employee relations, and corporate communications. Expertise in developing compelling HR strategy to drive operational excellence. A compelling record of building and leading cross-functional teams in diverse environments.

HR Director

Morris Staffing Solutions Corp., Chicago, IL November 2017 – Present

  • Manage a team of 15+ HR business partners to identify process improvement opportunities across all functional areas of HR, resulting in a 15% reduction in manual data entry and $100K reduction in annual operating costs
  • Lead change management efforts to facilitate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) by integrating employee training workshops and leading diversity recruitment efforts
  • Attend meetings with C-level executives to deliver findings on employee engagement surveys and provide recommendations to foster positive employee relations


Key Skills

  • HR Administration
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Workday
  • Peoplesoft
  • Benefits Administration