How To Write a Production Assistant Resume

To write an effective production assistant resume, first identify your strengths and areas of expertise. Do you excel at post-production? Are you adept at organizing schedules and administrative duties? Can you apply creative writing and editing skills to develop story ideas and prepare for interviews? Because there are many avenues to take in a production assistant career, an effective resume will highlight where you excel and identify how you want to grow in the profession.

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level
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1. Create a profile by summarizing your production assistant qualifications

Your profile is much like an elevator pitch where you succinctly introduce your expertise and goals and create a compelling snapshot of your production assistant career. Identify the top three to five reasons you can excel at your target job. For example, you might describe your attention to detail and experience handling video equipment. Check out the key skills section below for some ideas. Providing this type of insight will help tell your story.

Ultimately, your profile should establish you as an expert in your space — a thought leader who can bring value to the position and organization you’re targeting for employment. Consider measurable accomplishments, such as overseeing seven junior production assistants or aiding with post-production for three consecutive seasons. When writing a production assistant resume profile, be sure to make it as specific as possible.

Whether you are applying for an entry-level, mid-career, or senior-level production assistant job, your profile is a sales pitch that should grab hiring managers and inspire them to dig deeper to learn more about you.

Entry-Level Profile Example

A sports-focused production assistant with three years of experience supporting pre-recorded and live coverage of the National Football League. Skilled at coordinating complex video production projects and collaborating with high-performance Prime Time teams.

Senior-Level Profile Example

Engaged, experienced lead production assistant with hands-on experience on two national cable news shows. Proven manager known for dependability, attention to detail, and production planning. Extensive live filming expertise and high-quality, expeditious post-production.

2. Create a powerful list of your production assistant experience

To craft a results-driven professional experience section, create bullet points emphasizing your career achievements rather than job responsibilities. Companies are interested in results, and as a production assistant, it’s best to demonstrate the value you deliver to producers, directors, and cast members.

Aside from identifying what you accomplished, provide some details on how you made achievements. For example, rather than simply saying, “coded video,” add more context, such as “coded video for a major television production with a 6.2 rating under stringent deadlines.”

Emphasize your interpersonal communication skills and attention to detail. This is important for scheduling call sheets and coordinating with vendors — and specific experiences on or off set.

Entry-Level Professional Experience Example

Set Production Assistant, “American Ninja Warrior,” Los Angeles, CA | August 2019 – June 2020

  • On call for responding to requests for help, including during overnight shoots
  • Directed competitors to required destinations
  • Supported team with obstacle course setup and teardown
  • Assisted with on-location production assistant training
  • Traveled with the crew across the country to competition sites

Senior-Level Professional Experience Example

Lead Production Assistant, “The Beat with Ari Melber,” MSNBC, New York City, NY | August 2017 – present

  • Track development and production of pre-recorded segments
  • Pitch, research, and obtain legal clearances for guest segments
  • Train and delegate work to seven junior production assistants
  • Assume assistant producer role for up to one week when needed

3. List any education and certifications relevant to production assistants

In addition to your education, feature any relevant certifications or awards you’ve achieved throughout your production assistant career. Although most employers will be more interested in your professional experience, mentioning industry certifications and accolades earned by shows you’ve worked can help your chances of getting an interview.

Additional certifications to boost your production assistant career include the Producers Guild of America (PGA) Production Assistant Certification, Certified Production Assistant (CPA) program from the American Film Institute (AFI), and Certified Production Assistant (CPA) from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).



  • [Degree name]
  • [School] | [City, State Abbreviation] | Graduation Year


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Cinema Studies
  • University of Tennessee | Knoxville, TN | 2010



  • [Certification Name], [Awarding Organization], [Completion Year]


  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Microsoft | 2019
  • Statistical Analysis System (SAS) Certified Big Data Professional, SAS | 2017

4. List key skills and proficiencies for production assistants

Most organizations rely on an applicant tracking system (ATS) to identify qualified candidates for job openings. To get your resume through the initial screening process and into the hiring manager’s hands, incorporate keywords from the job description directly into your profile, professional experience, and skills section. Below, you’ll find a list of key terms and skills that you may encounter while applying for production assistant positions:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Administrative support Audio equipment
Camera equipment Client relations
Communication Digital graphics
Equipment management Film production
Inventory management Motion graphics
Operations management Post-production
Pre-production Production scheduling
Project management Quality control
Sound editing Television production
Vendor management Video editing
Video equipment Video production

5. Highlight awards for shows you have assisted with production

Remember any superlatives, such as “one of the nation’s most-watched television dramas” or “No. 1 rated documentary series.” Show off the value you bring to some of the best filming sets to set your resume apart from competing job seekers. Mention the specific names of films and television programs you’ve worked on to grab the hiring manager’s attention and differentiate yourself from the competition.

How To Pick the Best Production Assistant Resume Template

When selecting your template, prioritize structure and readability over visual appeal. What matters most is your qualifications and experience, not the resume font or layout. Heavy use of colors and bulky graphics may look appealing, but they can distract the reader from your content. Seek a template that organizes your content effectively and fits your brand. Rest assured, hiring managers will always be more interested in your achievements and qualifications than the style of your template.

Production Assistant Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level

Jeremy Webster
(512) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Capitol Street, Atlanta, GA

Professional Profile

A Production Assistant with over five years of experience coordinating post-production activities for primetime TV and full-length feature films with clients such as Disney, Universal Studios, and Netflix. A proven track record of collaborating with diverse production teams to meet tight deadlines and ensure alignment with client vision.

Professional Experience

Lead Production Assistant, “Stranger Things”
Netflix, Los Angeles, CA, May 2019 – Present 

  • Deliver pre-production and post-production support for a multi-million-dollar Netflix show, including scouting film locations, coordinating with production teams, actors, and directors, and maintaining crew and vendor information
  • Coordinate daily workflows during pre-production, filming, principal photography, and post-production phases and facilitate high-priority meetings with VFX teams
  • Ensure compliance with confidentiality agreements and protocols to prevent on-set leaks and maintain data integrity for intellectual properties

Production Assistant
Marvel Studios, Los Angeles, CA, August 2016 – May 2019

  • Supported production teams and creative executives on major film projects during pre-production, principal photography, and post-production phases
  • Coordinated meetings and presentations with script writers, actors, producers, and creative executives and performed research on comic book characters during pre-production


Graduate Certificate of Completion in Film Editing 
AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE, Los Angeles, CA, December 2015

Bachelor of Cinematography 

Key Skills/Knowledge Areas

  • Film Production
  • Video Editing
  • Project Management
  • Post-Production
  • Pre-Production

Frequently Asked Questions: Production Assistant Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for production assistant resumes?-

It’s easy to get stuck when writing the experience section of a resume. Often a limited number of action verbs accurately convey your career achievements and job responsibilities. That being said, differentiating your action verb usage can help enhance the quality and impact of your bullet points. Below, you’ll find a list of strong action verbs you can use to craft your production assistant resume:

Action Verbs
Collaborated Communicated
Conducted Coordinated
Created Delivered
Developed Edited
Ensured Executed
Facilitated Identified
Implemented Liaised
Managed Oversaw
Performed Planned
Supported Troubleshot
How do you align your resume with a production assistant job description?-

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for producers and directors are projected to grow by 12%, which is faster than average for most occupations. This growth is primarily driven by openings to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or exit the labor force.

Although these projections are optimistic, you must align your resume with the job description to secure interviews for the most lucrative opportunities. Tailoring your document to individual job postings will significantly increase your chances of landing your next job opportunity. Suppose a producer is looking for a post-production expert who has the flexibility to assist with pre-production and on-set support for the cast. Your resume should reflect the ability to support television and film production in a variety of ways.

What is the best production assistant resume format?-

Reverse chronological format is ideal for production assistant resumes. This approach ensures that your most recent and relevant experience is featured at the top of your document. Even at the entry level, it’s best to avoid functional resume formats, as you need to provide detailed bullet points and list your skills. If you lack a robust work history, consider using a combination approach, allowing you to reorder your skills, internships, and professional experience sections according to your needs.

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Include a cover letter with your resume

Crafting a strong cover letter helps your chances of landing an interview during a job search. The key to creating a compelling cover letter is to customize your document for the producer or media outlet you’re applying to. Read our production assistant cover letter guide to learn how. For other related cover letter examples, see our graphic designer and photographer cover letter guides.

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