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Melissa Anderson
123 Pine Brook Dr, Miami, FL 12345 | (123) 456-7890 | [email protected]


Service-oriented Material Handler with 5+ years of experience in fast-paced work environments. Demonstrated success in high-volume freight handling and processing. Committed to continually gaining new work skills and expertise. Bilingual: Fluent in English and Spanish.

Key Skills

  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Freight Materials Handling & Processing
  • Process Redesign & Improvement
  • Productivity & Efficiency Gains
  • Team Support & Collaboration
  • Workplace Safety

Professional Experience

Material Handler, ECM Corp., Miami, FL | October 2017 to Present

  • Handle and process various freight materials and packages
  • Maintain close adherence to all protocols and best practices
  • Praised for upholding high standards of workplace safety and customer service

Carwash Attendant, ATR Auto Services, Miami, FL | August 2015 to September 2017

  • Gained strong foundation in customer service and relations
  • Helped facility earn a near-perfect (4.8) rating on quarterly satisfaction surveys


Fluency in Spanish | Advanced proficiency in Italian

Meera Patel
123 W Adams Ave, Detroit, MI 12345 | (123) 456-7890 | [email protected]


Efficient Material Handler with 5+ years of experience in large-scale manufacturing. Highly collaborative and focused on new process solutions. Recent achievements include ranking #4 on a 40-person team for overall productivity.

Key Skills

  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Process Redesign & Improvement
  • Productivity & Efficiency Gains
  • Team Support & Collaboration
  • Workplace Safety

Work Experience

Material Handler, NCV Manufacturing, Detroit, MI | October 2017 to Present
[Industry-leading manufacturer with $15M revenue and presence in 11 states.]

  • Charged with moving various materials to and from main production area
  • Build and maintain productive relationships with team members, machine operators, and other personnel
  • Consistently exceeded personal productivity goal by more than 20%, ranking #4 on a 40-person team
  • Recommended process improvements that were adopted as standard, helping both raise efficiency and lower associated costs by 25%

Cashier, ABC Grocery, Detroit, MI | August 2015 to September 2017

  • Gained strong foundation in teamwork and customer service
  • Ranked #3 out of 14 peers for efficient order processing


Bachelor of Science (BS), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Jasmine Brown
123 W 15th Street, Minneapolis, MN 12345 | (123) 456-7890 | [email protected]


Diligent Material Handler with 5+ years of experience in retail warehouse operations. Recent demonstrated success in a supervisory role training new hires. Combine high diligence and accuracy with willingness to innovate and adopt new warehouse processes. Equally effective working independently and on a team. Won a key corporate award for 100% accurate order tracking and documentation in 2021.

Key Skills

  • Cargo Loading & Unloading
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Inventory Management
  • New Employee Training
  • Order Assignment
  • Order Documentation
  • Process Redesign & Improvement
  • Product Packaging & Shipping
  • Productivity & Efficiency Gains
  • Team Support & Collaboration
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Workplace Safety

Professional Experience

Material Handler, Vic T. Grocers, Minneapolis, MN | October 2017 to Present

  • Facilitate high-volume warehouse operations
  • Move various materials between delivery, storage, and retail spaces
  • Pack and ship product orders while providing regular updates to material recording clerks


  • Achieved 100% accuracy scanning, tracking, and documenting orders
  • Selected to a 3-person team charged with training new employees. Developed learning modules to give hires a more thorough introduction to facility standards and operations

Picker, P. Vender Grocers, Minneapolis, MN | August 2015 to September 2017

  • Gained strong early experience picking and organizing orders at a large warehouse facility
  • Maintain equipment to ensure optimal safety and performance


  • Recognized for upholding high efficiency and quality standards
  • Appointed to leadership support role helping assign new orders to team members


Graduate, Southwest Senior High School, Minneapolis, MN

Tips for Writing a Better Material Handler Resume

1. Capture your relevant background

To write a great material handler resume, you’ll need to first take the full measure of your relevant background. Follow these three steps:

Step 1: For each job in your work history, brainstorm and jot down the various duties and highlights you can remember. Don’t worry yet whether the details you’re jotting down are relevant or well-organized. The point here is to generate plenty of information you can then curate.

Step 2: Now, with everything in front of you, remove any details that don’t speak to your target job. Review each detail one by one, always answering the same question: Does this overlap with the duties you’ll have as a material handler? When in doubt, move the detail to a separate document, so it’s no longer part of your writing process.

Step 3: Organize and format your remaining details as the basis for your resume.

The order of these steps is important. Don’t start reviewing and removing details until you’ve brainstormed plenty about your positive work experiences. And don’t start organizing details until you’re done removing the irrelevant ones. Otherwise, you’ll probably waste time polishing up work details that you just delete later. For a more detailed overview of this method, see the “How to write a successful resume” section of our Resume vs. Curriculum Vitae (CV) article.

2. Strike the right resume length

When it comes to resume length, there’s a pretty wide margin of success. For most job seekers, a resume should be between the better part of one page and three full pages. Within that range, the best resume length will really depend on your particular job goals and experience. So don’t think of resume length as some rigorous rule you need to follow. Instead, think of it as the natural result of following the process above to remove all but your most relevant details.

If your resume text runs just a few lines on the last page, tighten up the format, so those lines fit on the bottom of the previous page. Try adjusting these format areas:

Font style: Some fonts occupy more space on the page. If you’re looking for a font style that takes up less space, try Arial Narrow. It can tighten the overall format while retaining a clean, professional look.

Font size: Many assume that their name and section headers need to be a large font size on their resume. But if you’re already setting off those elements with different formatting (see Tip 3 below), they don’t need to be much larger than the body text.

Headers and footers: These are optional and can add unnecessary space at the top and bottom of the page. Consider taking them out entirely.

Character spacing: You’ll find this in the Advanced tab of the font dialog box in Microsoft Word (to access, click Control-D on a PC or Command-D on a Mac). This lesser-known tool lets you reduce the amount of space between letters. Try setting it to “Condensed” by as much as 0.3 points.

3. Keep your format consistent

Regardless of how long or extensive your resume is, virtually all the text should fall into one of just four categories:

–Section headings (like “Career Highlights” or “Education”)
–Organization names (like “NCV Manufacturing” or “Southwest Senior High School”)
–Personal titles (like “Material Handler,” “Graduate,” or your name)
–Main/body text (everything else)

Leave the main/body text as is but choose one or more unique format settings for the other three categories, such as bold, italic, or UPPERCASE. You can then apply the settings to all text in that category across the document (to that end, try Microsoft Word’s Format Painter tool). Following this method allows you to set your career details off from each other in a clear and consistent way, no matter how many jobs or sections you include.

Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on Material Handler Resumes

For a better material handler resume, include a “Key Skills” section. This section gives hiring managers a quick overview of your expertise and value. It also helps your resume perform better in ATS scans. Consider including any of the terms below:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Cargo Loading & Unloading Equipment Maintenance
Freight Materials Handling Freight Materials Processing
Inventory Management New Employee Training
Order Assignment Order Documentation
Process Redesign & Improvement Product Packaging & Shipping
Productivity & Efficiency Gains Team Support & Collaboration
Warehouse Operations Workplace Safety

Common Action Verbs for Material Handler Resumes

It’s easy to get stuck when writing the Experience section of your resume. You may find yourself running out of action verbs to describe your work. To help you over the hump, we put together this list of strong resume verbs for a material handler:

Action Verbs
Carry Collaborate
Ensure Follow
Lift Load
Maintain Monitor
Move Open
Organize Package
Pick Process
Pull Record
Remove Retrieve
Sort Wrap

How to Align Your Material Handler Resume With a Job Posting

Consider adding descriptions of the companies where you’ve worked as a material handler. You can place each description in brackets right next to or below the company name. It also helps to match formatting. For instance, if you’ve italicized the company name, italicize the description too. (See resume #2 above for an example.)

Company descriptions let you show any similarities between your past and desired employers. For instance, maybe you’ve worked at companies of a similar size or in the same industry. By noting these details in your descriptions, you can make your resume more relevant to the internship and more likely to produce an interview.

More Resume & Cover Letter Resources

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that jobs for hand laborers and material movers will increase by about six percent between 2021 and 2031. For more insight on pursuing opportunities in this field and related fields, check out the links below:

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