The Average Job Posting Attracts 250 Resumes. Make Yours Stand Out.

Of those 250 resumes, only 4 candidates will get interviews, and only one will get the job. is the premier resource for job seekers – our goal is to help you beat the other 249 candidates by providing you with the information, machine learning tools, and guides you need to build the best resume possible.

About Us

What We Do

We believe that landing a job and building the perfect resume should be simple. and that a poorly written resume should be the last reason for not getting the job that you want. We’re dedicated to make sure that doesn’t happen. We aggregated millions of resumes for thousands of jobs and job descriptions from thousands of small businesses and large, international companies like Amazon, Apple, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and more. With this information we built a machine learning engine that analyzed these resumes and job descriptions in order to build a resume matching profile – determining what keywords to use, what relevant experience to use, and, in general, what works and what doesn’t when making a resume.

We don’t just rely on technology. We also have a team of certified resume writers, experts, hiring managers, and employers that assess resumes and job posts to make sure what our results are accurate and have the best chance for getting the job you want.

How We Work


We aggregate thousands of job postings every day

Step 1

We aggregate thousands of job postings every day

Everyday, we collect and catalog job openings of all experience levels across all industries from employers both big and small.


We then aggregate thousands of resumes

Step 2

We then aggreagate thousands of resumes

We look at resumes and LinkedIn profiles of job seekers and employees of all levels.

Step 2 and 3

We use a robust machine learning algorithm

Step 3

We use a robust machine learning algorithm

Our machine learning algorithm takes these inputs and helps us determine what you should and shouldn’t have on your resume.


Double and then triple checked every result

Step 4

Double and then triple checked every result

Our team of experts then manually inspect and analyze the results of our algorithm and check for completeness and accuracy.

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