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Arts, Entertainment, & Media

Employment in media and communications is expected to grow four percent over the next eight years, which will result in approximately 46,200 jobs. Pro tip: For those in media and arts, creating a high-quality portfolio to showcase your best work is a must to be competitive in today’s job market.

Arts, Entertainment, & Media
Graphic Design


Jobs in education and library occupations are expected to grow over the next eight years, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be competition. Pro tip: Highlight your teaching certifications and credentials on your resume — especially if you’re a secondary and postsecondary teacher with a focus on a certain subject.

Education Resume Examples
Elementary Teacher
Teacher Assistant


With the anticipated increase in infrastructure, renewable energy, and robotics projects, engineering jobs are expected to increase over the next eight years. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t face stiff competition for these jobs. Pro tip: Feature all of the engineering certifications you’ve earned from your state-level professional board.

Engineering Resume Examples
Software Engineer

Food Service

Jobs in food preparation and the service industry is projected to grow 11% (about 1.5 million jobs) by 2028, which is faster than the average for all occupations. The increase in consumer demand for a variety of dining services will make jobs plentiful, but the competition fierce, so a strong resume is key. Pro tip: The service industry is about providing a great customer experience — highlight your soft skills and any experience that showcases your ability to do just that.

Service Industry Resume Examples
Restaurant Manager


The healthcare sector is rapidly growing with a projected growth of 12% for registered nurses alone by 2028. But, expected growth doesn’t equal a job, so a strong resume is a must for your job hunt. Pro tip: In addition to your healthcare education, feature the tools, software, and technologies that you’re also familiar with as these can vary by medical facility.

Healthcare Resume Examples
Certified Nursing Assistant
Dental Assistant
Medical Assistant
Nurse (Entry-Level)
Pharmacy Technician
Social Work

Information Technology

Every company needs IT services in some capacity, which means qualified developers and technology specialists have a wide range of job options available. In fact, job growth is projected to increase 21% by 2028. Pro tip: Your degrees, certifications, bootcamps, etc. should be front and center on your resume. Also, highlight your pertinent soft skills.

IT Resume Examples
Data Scientist
Information Technology IT
Software Developer
Web Developer

Management & Business

Jobs in management are expected to grow 7% by 2028 across a wide range of industries. Pay for these roles often depends on experience and key skills, so a resume that features those prominently is key. Pro tip: Make sure to quantify your management experience to show the extent of your experience. Don’t forget to highlight your soft skills too.

Business Resume Examples
Account Manager
Bank Teller
Business Analyst
Data Analyst
Human Resources
Operations Manager
Project Manager

Office & Administrative

Positions for office workers are expected to rise or decline depending on role — for example, office manager jobs are expected to see a 7% increase, while jobs for administrative assistants are expected to decline. Despite this variance, having a solid resume is required for any office worker role. Pro tip: Feature important soft skills like effective communication and problem solving.

Office Worker Resume Examples
Administrative Assistant
Executive Assistant
Office Manager

Personal & Child Care

Jobs in personal and child care are expected to grow modestly over the next two years by 2%, which is slower than average. That said, most of the openings projected each year are expected to come from the need to replace workers who leave the occupation. Pro tip: Showcase any certifications, especially CPR and first aid.

Personal Care Resume Examples
Construction Worker

Retail & Customer Service

With the prevalence of online shopping and automated technologies, jobs in retail and customer service are expected to decline. A well-rounded resume is crucial for you to stand out from the competition. Pro tip: Emphasize any technologies and software that you have experience with as well as any accolades like sales or customer service awards.

Retail & Customer Service Resume Examples
Call Center Representative
Customer Service Representative
Retail Sales Associate

Sales & Marketing

Roles in sales vary across industries and have different requirements and growth potential for each — overall, job growth potential in sales is expected to remain flat over the next few years. This could mean more competition for jobs, which means you need a strong resume. Pro tip: Highlight your ability to give sales presentations that convert.

Sales & Marketing Resume Examples
Real Estate Agent
Social Media Manager

Students & Internships

As a student, landing a job or an internship with little to no experience can be challenging — how can you convince a hiring manager that you can be successful in the role if you’ve never worked in the role. The good news is most of your competition is in the same boat. Pro tip: Play up any pertinent volunteer experience from organizations or clubs, student government, and coursework if applicable.

Students & Internship Resume Examples
College Student
High School Student
Nursing Student


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