How To Write an Accounting Assistant Resume

In the world of finance, accuracy and a strong grasp of numbers are not just valued qualities but essential prerequisites for success. As an aspiring accounting assistant or a seasoned professional looking to advance your career, your resume serves as a critical tool for showcasing your financial acumen and administrative prowess. In today’s job market, organizations rely on financial integrity. A well-structured resume can be the key to unlocking your potential as a valuable asset in the accounting field.

We will guide you through the fundamental steps of crafting a compelling resume tailored to the role of an accounting assistant. From emphasizing your proficiency in financial software to highlighting your problem-solving abilities, we’ll help you create a resume that shines in the world of finance and accounting.

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level
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1. Summarize your accounting assistant qualifications in a dynamic profile

When writing a profile for an accounting assistant resume, focus on your strengths and experience in the field. Your profile should be a brief summary of your qualifications and background tailored to the specific job you are applying for.

Here are some tips for writing an effective profile:

  • Keep it concise: It must be no more than five sentences long. It should be a brief summary of your qualifications and experience.
  • Highlight your strengths: Your profile needs to emphasize the strengths most relevant to the position you are applying for.
  • Tailor it to the job: Adjust it to the specific job you are applying for. Make sure to read the job posting carefully and include your key credentials that match the requirements of the position.

Remember your profile is often the first thing a potential employer will read on your resume, so it’s important to make sure it’s well-written and tailored to the specific job you are applying for.

Senior-Level Profile Example

Efficient Accounting Assistant with 12+ years of experience supporting local healthcare providers. Recent demonstrated success in a leadership role training new hires. Expert knowledge of Microsoft Excel and accountancy programs. Apply advanced mathematical reasoning skills to quickly find and correct accountancy errors.

Entry-Level Profile Example

Accounting Assistant with 2 years’ experience providing diligent support to a major flooring retailer. Skilled at auditing, record-keeping, and finding and correcting discrepancies. Collaborative and efficient work style, with a talent for processing payroll accurately.

2. Create a powerful list of your accounting assistant experience

To describe your professional accounting experience, you can follow this process:

  • List your best accomplishments: Make a list of your achievements most relevant to the position you’re applying for. Accomplishments in similar roles in the financial industry are best.
  • Include relevant numbers when possible: Percentages and dollar amounts can show the extent of your abilities because they provide easily quantifiable metrics. As you look over your list of accomplishments, consider these questions:
    • How much: Think about how much money or time you saved the organization or by what percent you lowered spending or reduced errors.
    • How quickly: If you saved time or finished work ahead of schedule, include how many hours or days you saved.
    • How many: Include numbers like the size of any teams you supervised, how many departments participated in your initiatives, and how many people attended your trainings.
  • Use action verbs: Emphasize your role by using strong active verbs like “drove” or “accelerated.” These are more vivid than phrases like “was responsible for” or “participated in,” and they show your role more clearly.

Remember to tailor your accomplishments to the specific job you are applying for and keep them concise and easy to read.

Senior-Level Profile Example

Senior Accounting Assistant, Three Crosses Regional Hospital, Las Cruces, NM | July 2015 to Present

  • Supervise 10 accounting assistants and check financial records before delivery
  • Help onboard, train, and develop employees in coordination with senior leaders
  • Process journal and accounts payable vouchers, and add them to the general ledger with 100% accuracy


  • Reduced accounting support team errors by 54%
  • Devised and delivered a training scheme to improve colleagues’ grasp of Microsoft Excel functions, including v-lookups and pivot tables

Entry-Level Profile Example

Accounting Assistant, Carpet One Floor & Home, Tucson, AZ | November 2020 to Present

  • Help senior accountants generate sales tax reports and perform yearly audits
  • Process monthly payroll for branch employees, updating information as needed to ensure payment accuracy
  • Maintain 100% compliance with company policies and state and federal guidelines


  • Praised 4X during performance reviews for collaboration and communication skills
  • Completed tasks quickly and accurately, meeting 99% of deadlines in 2021

Accounting assistants typically do not need advanced degrees or licenses to qualify for employment. However, most employers prefer candidates who have completed undergraduate programs in accounting, business, or similar fields.

Accounting hopefuls can also self-train for the profession in various ways, including by pursuing certifications. If you’re looking to add some certifications to your resume, you could consider Certified Bookkeeper (CB). This certification is offered by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) and requires passing an exam and having at least two years of bookkeeping experience.

While certifications can be beneficial, they are usually not mandatory for accounting assistant positions. Employers are often more interested in your skills and experience than your certifications.



  • [Degree Name]
  • [School Name], [City, State Abbreviation] | [Graduation Year]


  • Associate of Science in Business Administration (Accounting)
  • Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ | 2019



  • [Certification Name], [Awarding Organization] | [Completion Year]


  • Certified Bookkeeper (CB), American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers | 2010

4. List key accounting assistant skills and proficiencies

Companies looking to fill a position often use an applicant tracking system (ATS), which scans each submitted resume for keywords relevant to the job at hand. When the ATS scans a resume with many relevant keywords, it’s more likely to flag the document for the hiring manager.

For this reason, add a keyword-rich “Skills” or “Expertise” section to your resume. With this section, you can show the breadth of your skill set and boost the chance your application gets noticed. Below are common keywords for an accounting assistant:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Accounting software Accounts payable
Accounts receivable Bookkeeping
Clerical support Customer service
Mathematical reasoning Microsoft Excel
Payroll administration Record-keeping
Report preparation Teamwork
Time management  

How To Pick the Best Accounting Assistant Resume Template

As with most vocations, accounting assistants should use a resume template that’s clear and straightforward. Opt for a layout that lets the hiring manager quickly review your best career details. Select a traditional resume font, and avoid any template with a colorful or elaborate design. Also, ensure the template complies with ATS used by employers to screen resumes.

Restaurant Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level

Niran Saetang
(654) 456-6543 | [email protected] | 753 First Boulevard, Buffalo, NY 86420


Accounting Assistant with 8 years’ experience including 3+ years in a leadership role. Provide diligent bookkeeping and accountancy support, based on deep knowledge of related procedures and principles. Recognized for high attention to detail finding and correcting discrepancies.

Professional Experience

Senior Accounting Assistant, Holy Cross Head Start, Buffalo, NY | September 2017 to Present

  • Regularly collect employee data and update records to ensure payroll accuracy
  • Help onboard and train new hires on company’s accounting systems
  • Oversee 6 accounting assistants and address any escalated issues
  • Help accountants prepare financial reports and perform annual audits


  • Reduced payment discrepancies by 65%
  • Successfully resolved 98% of escalations within the target timeframe
  • Praised by managers 5X for strong leadership of new hires

Accounting Assistant, NPA Worldwide Recruitment Network, Buffalo, NY | July 2013 to September 2017

  • Provided general administrative assistance and prepared financial documents for the accountancy team
  • Responded politely and efficiently to accounting queries from colleagues and the public
  • Carefully followed company’s data protection protocols


  • Applied expertise in Microsoft Excel and accountancy software to maintain bookkeeping records with 99.8% accuracy
  • Prevented a potentially serious data breach in July 2016


Associate of Science in Business Administration (Accounting), The State University of New York, Buffalo, NY | 2013

Key Skills

  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Microsoft Excel v-lookups and pivot tables
  • New hire training
  • Record-keeping
  • Team leadership

Frequently Asked Questions: Accounting Assistant Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for accounting assistant resumes?-

One of the most common (yet avoidable) resume mistakes is using too few verbs. When you repeat the same generic verb (say, “Manage”) several times, it distracts the reader and fails to show the dynamic nature of your work. You can prevent this issue by using a healthy variety of action verbs. Consider the following options:

Action Verbs
Analyze Assist
Audit Balance
Calculate Correct
Enter Identify
Investigate Leverage
Prepare Process
Report Resolve
How do you align your resume with an accounting assistant job posting?-

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for accounting assistants are expected to decline by 6% over the next decade. This decline makes the market competitive, so tailoring your resume to the job posting is more important than ever.

Hiring managers advertise positions with their ideal candidate already in mind, and they often include detailed job descriptions to attract the most relevant candidates. Include as many of the key competencies mentioned in the job posting as possible when writing your resume. This makes it easy for employers to see how you can deliver on their must-haves. It can also make your resume shine among large volumes of generic applications.

Hiring managers tend to list the most essential factors and qualifications first and may repeat them for emphasis. Check that your resume mirrors the skills and responsibilities set out in the job posting. Give concrete examples of your experience, ideally with hard numbers to back them up, and avoid vague summaries of your duties.

What is the best accounting assistant resume format?-

The combination format is a popular choice for an accounting assistant resume because it allows you to highlight both your skills and experience. This format is particularly useful if you have some relevant experience but not enough to fill an entire page. By using the combination format, you can showcase your skills and experience in a way that is easy for hiring managers to read and understand.

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Include a cover letter with your resume

Once your resume is complete, write a cover letter to include with each application. This is a great opportunity to speak directly to the hiring manager and make a case for why you’re the best candidate for the job.

Remember, a cover letter should be fairly succinct. Don’t exceed more than 400 words — 250 to 300 is ideal. For more information and ideas, view our finance cover letter examples.

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