Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have garnered widespread adoption on a global scale. New uses for AI tools such as ChatGPT are emerging every day, and that includes writing support. Our guide provides valuable insights to help you effectively utilize ChatGPT to write your resume.

What is ChatGPT?

Although AI was first introduced in 1956, its evolution in the past decade has been nothing short of extraordinary. ChatGPT is regarded as revolutionary due to the sophistication of its natural language processing, which enables AI to respond to questions and inquiries in a highly intuitive manner. ChatGPT’s unique capabilities have a near-limitless variety of applications that have begun to permeate both the business world and everyday life.

Should You Use ChatGPT to Write a Resume?

The short answer is yes, you can utilize ChatGPT to write your resume. Whether you’re crafting a resume from scratch or making revisions to an existing document, AI technology can provide valuable writing support. ChatGPT can be especially helpful in creating a first draft to build upon, especially if you aren’t sure where to start. That said, you also need to be conscious of AI’s limitations to leverage these tools effectively.

What are the risks of using ChatGPT to write a resume?

Despite recent innovations in machine learning and AI, ChatGPT lacks the cognitive abilities to create truly unique content. This is the primary risk of relying solely on ChatGPT to write a resume, as it isn’t capable of understanding the nuances of your professional experience.

For instance, if you generate a resume using ChatGPT, the bullet points will likely appear serviceable at first glance, filled with numbers and metrics. But AI doesn’t understand the context surrounding these metrics and will sometimes simply make them up entirely. This is why incorporating your own unique thoughts and insights is so essential, as your resume is unlikely to garner much attention if it lacks substance.

Carefully proofread your document for grammatical mistakes and other inconsistencies, since AI tools are still prone to error.

How Do I Use AI To Write a Resume?

You can easily utilize AI to write your resume using the Resume Builder app. Our AI has been trained using the language of certified resume writers, which allows you to easily translate your professional experience into accomplishment-driven bullet points. Below, we’ll walk you through every step of the AI-writing process.

1. Provide your employment information

The first step is to provide basic information for the application, such as the company name, location, and employment dates. Your job title is the most important component here, as AI needs this to begin building your content.


2. Explore suggested phrases

Once you’ve provided this information, Resume Builder will immediately begin suggesting potential phrases and bullet points based on your job title. These phrases are all pulled from our extensive database featuring writing from certified resume experts. Incorporating bullets that match your experience is a great way to get started.


3. Edit your content using artificial intelligence-powered writing support

Now that you have something on the page, you can begin editing your content using AI. As you refine your bullet points, our app will provide additional suggestions to improve the clarity and quality of your writing. While you don’t need to accept every suggestion, exploring different avenues can help give you the inspiration to take your content to the next level.


How To Use AI To Write a Professional Summary

You can use AI to build your summary in the same way you approached your work experience. Begin by selecting a suggested paragraph that you can start editing. Once this is done, our AI-powered Resume Wizard will provide additional support and recommendations to flesh out your summary. That said, keep in mind this is a critical section of the resume, one that requires a personal touch to be truly impactful.

As you begin writing your professional summary, think about the types of roles you’re targeting and what qualifications are most vital to potential employers. Emphasize your proven track record of success throughout your career and establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry. Rather than simply generating an AI-written summary and moving on, infuse it with unique and creative elements that embody your professional brand.


Can I Use AI To Write a Cover Letter?

Yes, our Resume Builder app also provides AI-powered writing support to help you build a cover letter. Using the steps below, you can generate a stylish, professional, and eye-catching cover letter in seconds. With your initial content in place, you can begin personalizing your cover letter using AI recommendations and insights from your career. Leveraging AI in this manner saves valuable time and allows you to focus on improving the quality of your writing.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Use ChatGPT To Write a Resume

Can I use ChatGPT for free?-

Yes, you can use ChatGPT to write your resume for free. You can also get free access to AI resume-writing support using our Resume Builder app. This allows you to build out your resume and download the finished product as a TXT-only file. We also offer a $2.95 trial membership for 14 days, which includes custom templates and resume downloads in both PDF and DOCX formats.

What are the benefits of using ChatGPT to write a resume?-

The biggest advantage of using ChatGPT to write your resume is the time you save. One of the hardest parts of the writing process is simply getting started, especially if you have a substantial amount of industry experience. AI-generated phrases can also help provide a framework for your achievements, allowing you to easily incorporate numbers, metrics, and details from your career.

What are the cons of using ChatGPT to write a resume?-

The only potential pitfall of using ChatGPT during the resume building process is becoming too reliant on these types of tools. Writing, even in the context of a resume, is a creative thought process that requires deep thinking. If you don’t take the time to refine AI-generated content, the overall quality of your writing will suffer. This is why it’s important to utilize ChatGPT tactically and carefully to truly harness the unique potential of AI technology.

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