How To Write a Commercial Construction Superintendent Resume

Construction superintendents are integral to the planning and execution of any construction project. You must create an impactful, accomplishment-driven resume to differentiate yourself from the competition. This guide provides valuable insights to help you tell your unique story and build a powerful marketing document.

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1. Write a brief summary of your commercial construction superintendent qualifications

Your opening summary should provide a compelling snapshot of your career to draw the reader in. Start by highlighting your job title, years of experience, and three to four specializations that match the role you’re applying for. In the subsequent sentences, feature a range of the size and scope of the construction projects you managed. Balance your summary by demonstrating your industry expertise and leadership capabilities.

Professional Profile - Example #1


A construction superintendent with six years of professional experience specializing in construction management, building codes, contractor management, and OSHA safety. A proven track record of supervising multi-million dollar commercial projects, including grocery stores, warehouses, and fulfillment centers.

Professional Profile - Example #2


A construction superintendent with over 10 years of experience specializing in construction technology, project management, OSHA safety regulations, and contractor management. A strong history of analyzing blueprints, leading construction teams, and managing safety compliance for commercial projects.

2. Outline your commercial construction superintendent experience in a compelling list

As you craft your professional experience section, you must provide tangible examples of your career accomplishments and construction projects. Precision is important in construction management. Making mistakes while using a company’s equipment or software can cause huge damage. Almost following regulations results in the same penalties as not following them at all. Providing these specific details will show hiring managers you have the required knowledge of construction management and regulatory compliance to succeed in the role.

Professional Experience - Example #1

Professional Experience

Construction Superintendent, Garden State Solutions, Fort Lee, NJ

September 2017 – present

  • Oversee on-site administration for commercial construction projects valued at $1.5 to $20 million, manage teams of over 50 contractors and architects, and ensure compliance with OSHA safety
  • Utilize the Procore platform to supervise day-to-day construction activities and ensure project alignment with blueprint specifications, zoning regulations, and client requirements
  • Manage stakeholder communications throughout the project lifecycle, provide status updates on progress, and identify solutions to project roadblocks and delays to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery

Professional Experience - Example #2

Professional Experience

Construction Superintendent, Industrial Steel, Gary, IN

October 2016 – present

  • Manage diverse construction teams of 50 to over 100 personnel to execute commercial projects valued at up to $25 million, review blueprint specifications, and establish scope of work
  • Coordinate with the project manager to analyze potential roadblocks, review project schedules, allocate resources and budgets, and identify solutions to prevent delays and ensure on-time delivery
  • Conduct audits of job sites to ensure adherence to quality standards and implement new protocols to ensure strict compliance with OSHA, local, and state safety regulations

3. Add commercial construction superintendent education and certifications

In addition to your education, highlight other certifications and training programs on your resume. Although many of these certifications aren’t requirements, they can help demonstrate your industry expertise and your commitment to continuous learning. OSHA safety training is the most essential, but other specializations can also bolster your job application, such as the Certified Construction Manager (CCM).



  • [Degree Name]
  • [School Name], [City, State Abbreviation] [Dates Enrolled]


  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Construction Management
  • University of Syracuse, New York, NY September 2013 – June 2017



  • [Certification Name], [Awarding Organization], [Completion Year]


  • CCM, CMAA, 2018
  • OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training Certificate, 2017

4. List key commercial construction superintendent skills and proficiencies

Most organizations utilize some form of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to streamline the hiring process. ATS employs software algorithms that parse your resume for keywords matching the job description. If your resume lacks some industry terms and skill sets, your application will likely be rejected before it reaches the hiring manager. To mitigate this risk, incorporate various construction management skills that align with the posting.

Below, you’ll find a list of keywords you may encounter while applying for construction superintendent positions:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
AutoCAD Blueprint reading
Budget management Building codes
Capital projects Commercial construction
Construction management Cross-functional leadership
Environmental safety Logistics
Inventory management Operations management
OSHA safety Hazardous materials safety
Project management Project roadmaps
Residential construction Risk management
Team management Zoning regulations

How To Pick the Best Commercial Construction Superintendent Resume Template

Although selecting a resume template can seem overwhelming, it’s best not to overthink it.

A simple template with a top-down approach with single columns is typically the safest option for most job seekers. Having limited color for your headings is acceptable, but always prioritize structure and organization over visual appeal. Flashy colors and graphics often risk distracting the reader from your content, which should always be at the forefront of your resume.

Commercial Construction Superintendent Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

  • Entry-level
  • Example #2
  • 10+ Years

Henry O’Shaunessy
(848) 756-3098
[email protected]
829 Rockaway Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 92073


A Construction Superintendent with eight years of experience managing large-scale commercial projects, including bridges, roads, and housing developments. A strong history of supervising all aspects of construction operations, managing contractors, and ensuring compliance with zoning regulations and safety standards.

Professional Experience

Construction Superintendent, Lancaster Group, Jacksonville, FL
July 2016 – Present

  • Manage construction operations for multi-million dollar commercial projects such as office buildings, bridges, and roads, including allocating and tracking budgets valued at up to $10M
  • Serve as the point of contact for client stakeholders and oversee all aspects of field work, including quality control, OSHA safety compliance, contractor management, and zoning regulations
  • Oversee the procurement of construction equipment and materials, coordinate deployment to work sites, and negotiate pricing with vendors to reduce expenses by 10%

Project Manager, Wesson Construction Co, Orlando, FL
October 2013 – July 2016

  • Managed a team of 60+ construction workers for the execution of projects valued at $600K-$1.5M, established scope of work, created project proposals, and interfaced with client stakeholders
  • Led weekly safety meetings and developed new training programs on OSHA regulations to ensure proper usage of PPE and safety techniques during construction projects
  • Communicated policy changes from front office management to field personnel


Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management Technology
University Of Central Florida Orlando, FL, September 2009 – June 2013

Key Skills

  • Construction Management
  • Procurement
  • OSHA Safety
  • Project Management
  • Budgeting


  • Certified Construction Manager, Construction Management Association of America, 2015
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Expert Advice
Advice from a Recruiter: Jon Honour

Jon Honour - Construction Recruiter at Honour Consulting, LinkedIn

Meet our Expert: Jon is a construction recruiter at Honour Consulting with nearly 10 years of experience in construction recruiting, placing talent for general contractors and developers.

1. What are the most in-demand skills for commercial construction superintendents that should be featured on a candidate’s resume? Please include both hard and soft skills.-

Companies are looking for superintendents who can be their leaders in the field. You should mention your ability to oversee a project job site and keep the project moving forward and on schedule. Make sure to mention your contributions to creating the schedule on past projects. If you can create a two-week look ahead, definitely include that.

General contractors want to know that you can keep the subcontractors working toward the common goal and collaboratively solve problems. Make sure to list all your certifications, especially those related to safety and technology. Also, if applicable, highlight your proficiency with any project management software and your ability to generate accurate daily reports.

2. What work experience and other accomplishments are hiring managers seeking in a commercial construction superintendent?-

The hiring manager will be looking for information on projects you have worked on in the past. Include your role, what portion of the project you worked on, and any unique features related to the project. If you have been part of previous employers' career development programs or mentored younger superintendents, mention this on your resume.

3. Besides a resume, what else should a commercial construction superintendent candidate be prepared to provide hiring managers?-

You should be keeping an ongoing detailed project list throughout your career. This is the most important information you can provide to a potential employer. The more detail, the better, including project value, project size, and specific type of construction.

4. What advice would you give a commercial construction superintendent candidate about their job search?-

Make sure to research the type of projects each company has built. Then, tailor your previous projects mentioned on your resume to match those closely. Even though your day-to-day is in the field, remember that when you go to their office to interview, you should dress appropriately and presentable.

Frequently Asked Questions: Construction Superintendent Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for construction superintendent resumes?-

Action verbs can greatly enhance the impact and messaging of your bullet points. Passive language frames your achievements as responsibilities rather than accomplishments, so be tactical in your verbiage as you craft your professional experience section.

That being said, many job seekers struggle to diversify their word choice during the resume-building process. We’ve compiled a list of action verbs you can use to keep your content fresh and compelling:

Action Verbs
Analyzed Built
Designed Conducted
Constructed Collaborated
Coordinated Created
Designed Developed
Drove Ensured
Evaluated Executed
Implemented Improved
Led Managed
Oversaw Planned
How do you align your resume with a commercial construction superintendent job description?-

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction management occupations are expected to grow by 8% between 2021 and 2031. This equates to over 41,500 new job openings every year. Despite the growing need for seasoned construction superintendents, you must align your resume with the job description to maximize your chances of landing the interview.

For example, if an organization heavily emphasizes its safety culture, you’d want to provide examples of you delivering OSHA safety training to improve compliance and reduce workplace incidents. If a posting mentions cross-functional leadership multiple times, showcase your background collaborating with architects, contractors, and diverse teams to execute projects. By tailoring your resume towards individual opportunities, you’ll send a clear message to prospective employers that you have the ideal qualifications to succeed in the role.

What is the best construction superintendent resume format?-

Reverse chronological is the ideal resume format for commercial construction superintendents. This type of format places your most recent experience first, while still providing a comprehensive overview of your career progression. Functional resume formats should be avoided in most cases, as simply listing skill sets and buzzwords won’t allow hiring managers to see your unique background and experience within the construction industry.

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Expert Advice
Include a cover letter with your resume

Once you’ve completed your resume, consider adding a matching cover letter to bolster your job application. To maximize the cover letter's value, tailor your document to the organization you’re applying to. In your middle paragraphs, mention something specific about the company’s reputation, history, or work culture and why this draws you to apply for the role. For more information, visit our construction worker cover letter guide.

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