How To Write a Law School Application Resume

Writing a law school application resume is similar to writing a resume for a job. Start by determining key characteristics the law school might be looking for in students. Look at your own experience and accomplishments, and present those facts in a way that aligns with the law school’s focus or mission.

This guide provides actionable advice about creating professional experience and education sections. It also discusses the type of format and template you might want to use and what skills and action verbs might be relevant.

  • Entry-Level
  • Mid-Career
  • Senior-Level
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1. Write a dynamic profile summarizing your law school application qualifications

Your profile section may be your first introduction to an admissions officer or panel. This short blurb — keep it to four or fewer sentences — can serve a few purposes. It should highlight some of your best qualities or most impressive achievements, teasing them to persuade someone to read more of your resume or application.

Your profile can also express enthusiasm for a specific law school and hint at your reasons for wanting to attend. However, it should still be professional.

Profile Example #1

Recent college graduate with high academic honors and strong legal internship experience.

Profile Example #2

Paralegal with 8+ years of experience. Well-versed in legal terminology, with broad knowledge of procedures of law and court practices.

2. Outline your law school application experience in a compelling list

Focus on results and value in this section rather than simple lists of job duties or extracurricular activities. Use bullet points, action verbs, and actual measurements to create a story about why you’re an ideal candidate for a law school.

For example, you might write that you “contributed to research for dozens of legal briefs as an intern” or that you “suggested an updated filing process that reduced file room man-hours by 10%.”

Mine your volunteer, academic, and professional work for information for this section.

Professional Experience Example #1

Legal Intern, Roth, Mayhern & Associates, Pittsburgh, PA | January 2022 to May 2022

[Small firm focused on international law.]

  • Reviewed discovery documents for principal lawyers
  • Attended and observed court sessions with firm’s head litigator
  • Researched and wrote a well-received court memorandum on environmental violation case
  • Helped research and write 3 finding summaries

Professional Experience Example #2

Paralegal, Cohen & Sons LLC, San Francisco, CA | September 2016 to Present

  • Draft various legal materials including client letters, pleadings, and memoranda
  • Read, analyze, and interpret legal documents, case law, and statutory law
  • Conduct legal research, gather data, and prepare reports for use in presentations and court
  • Attend court hearings, and assist the firm’s principals as needed during trials

3. List any education and certifications relevant to law school applications

Education credentials enhance your value as an applicant and demonstrate you have the qualifications and experience to succeed in law school. Because law schools require previous degrees, ensure your education is clearly spelled out on your resume. Find easy templates for including your degree below.

Certifications are less common for law school applicants. However, if you’re making a career change and entering law school after working in another field, your certifications might help demonstrate your work ethic, leadership capability, or other traits. For example, a project management certificate positions you as an applicant who can multitask, problem-solve, and plan for large efforts.



  • [Degree Name]
  • [School Name], [City, State Abbreviation] | [Graduation Year]


  • Bachelor of Science in Sociology
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA | 2022



  • [Certification Name], [Awarding Organization], [Completion Year]


  • NALS Certified Professional Paralegal, The Associated for Legal Professionals, 2020

Adding relevant skills to your resume helps flesh it out and create a more impressive overall document. Pick some of your most impressive skills to list in their own section, especially if you can back them up with more information in your cover letter.

Also, work key skills into your profile summary and professional experience section. Think about how you can combine skills with accomplishments, such as “developed leadership experience as law club president” or “conducted research projects on various legal topics, including personal injury, criminal law, and labor laws.”

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Advocacy Client management
Collaboration Flexibility
Leadership Management
Mediation Microsoft Office Suite
Multitasking Negotiating
Oral and written communication Problem-solving
Public presentation Research and documentation

How To Pick the Best Law School Application Resume Template

It might be tempting to up the ante on your resume’s wow factor with unique design elements or an eye-catching font. However, these additions tend to make resumes harder to read. Instead, look for a template that presents a clean, professional design. Simple fonts and well-aligned resume components will please most admissions panels more than distracting visual flourishes.

Find a template that offers room for academic achievements and provides creative freedom in completing various sections. This makes it easier to add volunteer work and extracurriculars to your resume, if relevant.

Law School Application Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

  • Example #1
  • Example #2
  • Example #3

Mary Russell
(203) 384-0394
[email protected]
221 Baker Street, San Francisco, CA 10394


Paralegal with 8+ years of experience. Well-versed in legal terminology, with broad knowledge of procedures of law and court practices.


Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA | 2017 | 3.7 GPA

  • Coursework included American Foreign Policy; American Political Processes; International Relations; Legal Frameworks for Change

Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies, Bryant & Stratton College, San Francisco, CA | 2014 | 3.6 GPA

  • Coursework included Civil Litigation; Contract Law; Criminal Law & Procedures; Law Office Management & Technology; Legal Research & Writing


Paralegal CORE Competency Exam (PCCE) Certification, National Federation of Paralegal Associations | 2019

Professional Experience

Paralegal, Cohen & Sons LLC, San Francisco, CA | September 2016 to Present

  • Draft various legal materials including client letters, pleadings, and memoranda
  • Read, analyze, and interpret legal documents, case law, and statutory law
  • Conduct legal research, gather data, and prepare reports for use in presentations and court
  • Attend court hearings, and assist the firm’s principals as needed during trials

Paralegal, Miltock & Benson, Inc., San Francisco, CA | June 2014 to September 2016

  • Researched, analyzed, and summarized past cases related to corporate and business law
  • Maintained calendar and other confidential materials for senior partner
  • Collaborated with business office manager to process and maintain billing and accounts receivable
  • Helped draft and file legal documents and correspondence in support of upcoming cases
  • Reported directly to firm’s senior partner

Key Skills

  • Legal Documentation
  • Legal Research & Analysis
  • Public Speaking & Presentations
  • Task Prioritization
  • Writing & Proofreading

Frequently Asked Questions: Law School Application Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for law school application resumes?-

Law schools know you’re attending to learn, but when you can position yourself as an active candidate who provides value to others, you may impress admissions panels. Including action verbs on your resume helps you create a more dynamic narrative about your accomplishments and experience, which can set you apart from other applicants.

The right action verbs also make your resume easier to read and scan, ensuring admissions professionals can get right to the important elements of your application.

Some action verbs to consider using on your resume include:

Action Verbs
Advocated Analyzed
Argued Composed
Drafted Evaluated
Facilitated Mediated
Negotiated Organized
Participated Presented
Researched Served
Studied Trained
Validated Verified
Worked Wrote
How do you align your resume with a potential law school?-

When sending resumes with law school applications, do a little homework to ensure your document makes the grade. Read through the law school’s brochure or website to understand what type of student tends to succeed there. Look for terms that are repeated or seem important to the faculty or school, and consider how you might work those terms into your resume naturally.

The job market for attorneys is expected to grow by 8% through 2032, a pace that’s faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Aligning your resume with a potential law school’s needs or mission is a small step toward joining the ranks of lawyers in the future.

What is the best law school application resume format?-

For potential law school students, the combination resume format is a good choice. This format provides plenty of room for work experience as well as skills lists. It creates a well-rounded document that captures your knowledge and the effort you put in to build it.

A combination format also leaves room for creatively capturing accomplishments. For example, you may want to include specific coursework or academic achievements, volunteer work, or experience unique to a student, such as work-study efforts.

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A cover letter allows you to show enthusiasm and passion for the next step in your career. You can use our lawyer resume cover letter examples as a guide for how to write and format this letter. Be personable but also concise and professional. In a few paragraphs, tell the admissions office or other relevant personnel why you’re a great option for their school.

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