How To Write a Sorority or Fraternity Resume

As you embark on the exciting journey of Greek life, a well-crafted resume is one key element to set yourself apart and showcase your potential. Your resume is a gateway to your dream organization, providing a snapshot of who you are and what you bring. This document reflects your unique skills, experiences, and ambitions, allowing you to stand out during the competitive selection process. We’ll guide you through the process of creating a sorority or fraternity resume that effectively captures your capabilities, aligns with your goals, and appeals to the organization you’re applying to.

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  • Mid-Career
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When crafting a Greek life resume profile, brevity is key. Aim for a concise paragraph of about two to three sentences that captures the essence of who you are and why you’re a perfect fit. Carefully analyze their website for keywords and phrases that reflect their mission and values. Incorporate these keywords into your profile to demonstrate your alignment with the fraternity’s or sorority’s core principles. Focus on highlighting unique strengths, experiences, and contributions that emphasize dedication, leadership abilities, and commitment to the organization’s objectives. Remember, the resume profile is your chance to make a strong first impression and pique the reader’s interest to explore your qualifications further.

Example 1:

Diligent and engaged student with high academic performance, including an A average for mathematics. Recent leadership success in multiple school athletics and extracurricular activities. Naturally curious and eager to explore and understand new topics.

Example 2:

Combine high academic performance with commitment to volunteerism and community service. Skilled at collaborating on efforts to advance social and public health causes.

Provide your work history in reverse chronological order, with your most recent position first. Think about how you can show readers what you did instead of just telling them what you were responsible for. The best way to do this is by quantifying your experience. For example, you can feature your communication skills by discussing instances where you effectively communicated with team members, use metrics to detail funds raised, or volunteer hours worked. By providing quantifiable evidence, you show readers how you took the initiative to execute tasks and get results.

Example 1:

Host and Server, Domino’s Pizza, Boston, MA | Summers 2018 and 2019

  • Greeted visitors and took and served food orders in a fast-paced environment
  • Proposed changes to the order entry process for servers and delivery drivers, leading to 14% greater efficiency and a better sense of collaboration between the two groups

Example 2:

Babysitter, New York, NY | July 2019 to July 2022

  • Two years’ experience providing independent babysitting services
  • Built positive, long-term service relationships with all 17 client families

Begin your education section by listing information about your high school. Include your graduation date, GPA, honors, and relevant test scores. Next, give details about the university you currently attend. Name your degree program and the anticipated graduation date. If you’ve achieved any notable honors, such as being on the dean’s list, receiving scholarships, or earning academic awards, include them.

Honors and accolades demonstrate your commitment to academic excellence and can testify to your dedication. Adding these achievements can set you apart from other candidates and highlight your ability to excel both within and outside the Greek life realm.



  • [Degree Name]
  • [School Name], [City, State Abbreviation] [Dates Enrolled]


  • Candidate: Bachelor’s Degree
  • University of Syracuse, NY | Expected 2026

Sororities look for candidates with specific skills. Incorporating these skills into your resume demonstrates your suitability for Greek life and showcases your readiness to take on organizational responsibilities. Remember, highlighting these skills will make your resume stand out and make a strong impression on the fraternity or sorority selection committee. Here’s a list of key skills you could use on your fraternity or sorority resume:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Adaptability Communication
Conflict resolution Creativity
Event planning Fundraising
Group leadership Microsoft OfficeSuite
Networking Organizing
Philanthropy Problem-solving
Public speaking Recruitment and retention
Social media marketing Task prioritization
Team motivation Time management
Volunteer management Writing

5. Add a volunteer experience section

Community involvement is one of the many activities in alignment with the philanthropic values of sororities. Adding this work to your resume shows how you can contribute meaningfully to the fraternity or sorority’s mission. Volunteer work demonstrates a commitment to giving back and positively impacting the community. It illuminates your willingness to go above and beyond personal obligations, work collaboratively, engage in teamwork, and communicate effectively with diverse groups of people. List this as you would in a professional experience section, listing the title of your role, where you volunteered, and for how long. Give details about what you did and how you carried out your responsibilities.

6. Share your extracurricular activities and interests

Including extracurricular activities and interests on a fraternity or sorority resume provides insight into your personality and shows your capacity to balance multiple commitments. Sororities and fraternities are interested in your passions and seek a comprehensive understanding of who you are. Consider sharing interests in a simple list format that’s easy to read. Choose those that align with the organization’s values or activities, as this can demonstrate a genuine connection and a shared sense of purpose.

Sororities and fraternities also value members who actively engage in various aspects of campus life, so include any relevant extracurricular activities you’re involved in. Focus on those that require leadership, teamwork, community involvement, and personal development. List each activity as you would in any other experience section, giving details of your role, what you were involved with, what you achieved, and when it took place.

How To Pick the Best Sorority or Fraternity Resume Template

The best resume template for a fraternity or sorority application is clean and organized. It should feature your most relevant academic, professional, and extracurricular accomplishments. Look for a visually appealing template with an elegant design and a simple, uncluttered layout. Your resume should accurately reflect your style without being too flashy and distracting from the content of your resume. Opt for a template emphasizing your educational background, leadership roles, and community involvement. Your aim is to effectively present your qualifications while reflecting your unique personality, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Sorority or Fraternity Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

  • Example #1
  • Example #2
  • Example #3

Sarah Johnson
123 Carpenter Street, Philadelphia, PA 12345 | (123) 456-7890 | [email protected] | LinkedIn


Member – Class of ’26 at Temple University

Recent demonstrated success helping organize events in a fast-paced environment. Member of the track team that placed in the top 4 out of 18 high schools in the region for three consecutive years. Bilingual: Fluent in English and Mandarin.


Candidate: Bachelor’s Degree
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA | Expected 2026

Benjamin Franklin High School, Philadelphia, PA | August 2018 to June 2022
3.6 GPA (3.7 weighted)

School Athletics & Activities

Member, Spring Track Team | All four years

  • Gained and demonstrated a strong sense of dedication and teamwork
  • Contributed to team’s placing in the top 4 out of 18 high schools in the region for three consecutive years

Member, Debate Team | Junior and Senior year

  • Collaborated closely on a 10-person team to form and organize compelling debate arguments

Work Experience

Events Assistant – Internship, JRC Corp., Philadelphia, PA | May 2022 to Present

  • Appointed to help a 10-person HR team plan and organize eight annual company events and holiday parties
  • Praised on formal review for high efficiency and strong collaboration


Fluency in Mandarin

Hobbies & Interests

Biking | Running

Key Skills

  • Event Planning & Organizing
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Time Management

Frequently Asked Questions: Sorority and Fraternity Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for Greek life resumes?-

Crafting experience sections of a fraternity or sorority resume can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding the right language to describe your work effectively. To aid you in this process, we’ve created a list of common action verbs to successfully portray your professional experiences, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities. These action verbs will help bring your accomplishments to life and showcase your skills, leadership abilities, and dedication. Consider using words like these to make your fraternity or sorority resume stands out:

Action Verbs
Collaborate Coordinate
Develop Engage
Enhance Fundraise
Improve Increase
Initiate Lead
Manage Market
Mentor Motivate
Network Organize
Plan Promote
Support Update
How do you align your resume with a sorority or fraternity?-

If you have a specific organization in mind you plan to apply for, we highly recommend you tailor your resume to meet the committee’s expectations. Customizing your resume allows you to align your experiences, skills, and achievements with the sorority's or fraternity’s values, goals, and expectations. By doing so, you present yourself as a candidate who resonates with the fraternity or sorority's mission. Tailoring your resume demonstrates your genuine interest and commitment, increasing your chances of standing out among other applicants. Remember, investing the time and effort into customizing your resume will significantly enhance your candidacy and help the organization identify you as an ideal fit.

What is the best fraternity or sorority resume format?-

The chronological resume format is generally the most suitable choice for fraternity and sorority applicants. This format emphasizes a consistent timeline of your academic, professional, and extracurricular experiences. It gives readers a clear narrative of your journey, allowing sorority and fraternity selection committees to track your growth and achievements over time. However, consider a combination or targeted resume format depending on your unique circumstances. Choose the layout that best presents your experiences and aligns with the sorority's or fraternity’s expectations.

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Include a cover letter with your resume
Crafting a cover letter is a great way to increase your chances of getting a sorority or fraternity invitation. The best way to create an impactful cover letter is to customize it for the specific organization you’re interested in. To learn more about creating an effective fraternity or sorority cover letter, we invite you to read our comprehensive cover letter guide. You can also explore our college and student cover letter guides.
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