How To Write a Daycare Teacher Resume

Succeeding in a career as a daycare teacher requires relating to children and collaborating with their parents. Your resume should focus on both of these aspects and your formal training in early childhood education and learning. See examples and get practical tips on writing a daycare teacher resume below.

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level
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1. Summarize your daycare teacher qualifications in a dynamic profile

A standout profile can mean the difference between a hiring manager being excited about the rest of your resume or immediately putting it in the “no” pile. The key to a great profile is summarizing your experience while working on skills and achievements that will benefit your next employer.

Hiring managers in daycares are looking for candidates with demonstrated early childhood education experience, adaptability, and classroom management skills. Highlighting these in your profile shows you understand the job’s requirements and have the necessary experience.

Senior-Level Profile Example

A Lead Daycare Teacher with 10+ years of experience in early childhood education, specializing in curriculum development, interactive learning, and classroom management. A strong history of planning engaging activities to drive the development of basic learning skills for children.

Adept at leading education teams and providing coaching and mentorship.

Entry-Level Profile Example

A certified Daycare Teacher with entry-level experience specializing in early childhood development, childcare, and classroom management. Adept at planning engaging activities to foster emotional and cognitive growth in children.

2. Create a powerful list of your daycare teacher experience

The professional experience section will likely take up most of your resume, so it must be engaging and exciting. Every position listed should include key details, such as the employer’s name, your job title, and the dates of employment. But the most important part is the bulleted list of your career achievements.

Emphasize a mixture of your direct classroom experience, lesson planning, and safety skills. For example, if you’re applying for a job at a daycare that focuses on outdoor activities and play-based learning, a good bullet might be, “Designed play-based activities around pre-kindergarten curriculum with a focus on outdoor projects in compliance with safety standards.”

Senior-Level Professional Experience Example

Lead Daycare Teacher, South Philly Daycare Center, Philadelphia, PA

June 2016 – Present

  • Manage and develop a team of 10 daycare teachers, five teaching assistants, and six childcare workers, deliver training on safety regulations and classroom management, and provide constructive feedback and coaching to improve teaching performance
  • Lead the development and implementation of curriculum for pre-kindergarten students, including play-based learning activities and art projects
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute outdoor educational activities while ensuring safe learning environments in compliance with health and safety standards

Entry-Level Professional Experience Example

Daycare Teacher, All for One Daycare, Cincinnati, OH

May 2021 – Present

  • Plan, implement, and coordinate play-based learning activities for infants and toddlers to facilitate interest in education and foster positive development and cognitive growth
  • Communicate with parents to discuss child behavior, learning needs, and social skills
  • Provide conflict resolutions for behavioral issues using positive reinforcement approaches and empathetic communication
  • Manage two teacher’s assistants, evaluate performance, assign responsibilities, and provide coaching and mentorship to improve classroom management skills

3. List any education and certifications relevant to daycare teachers

Having a strong background in early childhood education and development is a major component of being a daycare teacher. And hiring managers often prioritize candidates with bachelor’s degrees in early childhood education. Ensure your degree, institution, and graduation year are listed clearly on your resume.

Many daycare providers require their teachers to be certified in first aid, CPR, and OSHA safety standards. List these credentials in their own section on your resume to show hiring managers you’re prepared to handle any situation that may arise. Additional certifications like Child Care Professional (CCP) or Child Development Associate (CDA) are a bonus.



  • [Degree Name]
  • [School Name], [City, State Abbreviation] | [Graduation Year]


  • Bachelor of Education (B.E.) Early Childhood Education
  • Temple University, Philadelphia, PA | 2011



  • [Certification Name], [Awarding Organization], [Completion Year]


  • CPR Certified, American Heart Association, 2011

4. List key skills and proficiencies for daycare teachers

The whole point of your resume is to convince a hiring manager you have the skills to succeed in the position. And for daycare teachers, this goes far beyond being good with kids. Adding a skills list to your resume lets you highlight your best qualifications and adapt this list to each position by changing out a few keywords.

Check the job description and look for must-have skills to include here. If you need additional options, this list of common skills for daycare teachers can help:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Behavioral analysis Childcare
Child development Child safety
Classroom management Communication
Cooperative learning CPR
Curriculum development Early childhood development
Early childhood education Education technology
Early Learning Scale (ELS) English
Interactive learning Lesson planning
Microsoft Office suite Play-based learning
Preschool teaching Student assessment
Student-centered learning Teaching
Team leadership  

How To Pick the Best Daycare Teacher Resume Template

The right template depends on the types of providers you want to work with and your background. For example, a resume template for a play-based preschool might be structured a bit differently than one for a more academic-focused provider that uses foreign language immersion.

Choose a template that can ideally work for both by looking for an option with clean lines, easy-to-read fonts, and plenty of room for different sections. A daycare teacher’s resume should generally be two pages or fewer, and a single-column layout can help make the most of that space.

Daycare Teacher Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level

Chase Daniels
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Your Street, Boston, MA 12345


A certified Daycare Teacher with five years of experience specializing in child development, early childhood education, play-based learning, and behavioral analysis. A proven track record of creating a safe and nurturing learning experience to aid children in developing emotional, social, and basic learning skills for kindergarten.

Professional Experience

Daycare Teacher, Waterfront Daycare, Boston, MA
September 2018 – Present

  • Develop curriculum and interactive learning activities to foster intellectual growth and drive the development of social skills, including using art, music, and physical activities to encourage children to explore subjects creatively
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with parents, attend meetings to discuss student progress and behavioral conduct, and plan community and family events
  • Oversee four teacher’s assistants and childcare workers, ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, and provide training on Covid-19 safety protocols

Daycare Teacher, Learning Academy, Boston, MA
September 2016 – September 2018

  • Planned and implemented curriculum for toddlers and infants and tailored activities to student interest and learning needs to drive cognitive development and social skills
  • Performed student evaluations, monitored child development and progress, and attended meetings with parents to discuss learning strategies and classroom behavior


Bachelor of Education (B.E.) Early Childhood Education
Boston University, Boston, MA September 2012 – May 2016

Key Skills

  • Child Development
  • Play-Based Learning
  • Curriculum Development
  • Childcare
  • Behavioral Analysis


  • Child Development Associate (CDA) Certification, 2016
  • CPR Certified, American Heart Association, 2016
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Expert Advice
Advice from a Recruiter: Erica Pizem

Erica Pizem - Legal Recruiter and Expert Contributor, LinkedIn

Meet our Expert: Erica Pizem is a licensed attorney based in New York City, leveraging her expertise in recruiting within the legal industry.

1. What are the most in-demand skills for daycare teachers that should be featured on a candidate’s resume?-

Candidates interested in becoming a daycare teacher should highlight that they love children, are incredibly patient, and find working with children that young incredibly rewarding and meaningful. Additionally, a daycare teacher should mention they are friendly, enthusiastic, and affectionate. Furthermore, they should emphasize that they can create a fun and safe learning environment for young children, are able to communicate with parents and caregivers effectively, and are receptive to parent and caregiver concerns. They should be able to train new daycare teachers as needed.

2. What work experience and other accomplishments are hiring managers seeking in a daycare teacher?-

Hiring managers are looking for daycare teachers who have strong people skills and are able to interact with children, parents, and fellow teachers. Hiring managers are interested in daycare teachers who can follow and comply with city and state regulations, are CPR certified and first aid certified, and have the necessary teacher training certificates. Additionally, hiring managers are interested in daycare teachers who can manage and encourage toilet training in children, able to manage children’s dietary restrictions, and the ability to train, supervise, and manage teacher aides.

3. What else besides a resume should a daycare teacher candidate be prepared to provide hiring managers?-

A daycare teacher should make sure to provide the relevant state and city licensures, CPR certification, and any other teacher certificate or any other relevant certificate. If a candidate is very serious about securing the role, perhaps said candidate should provide a mock lesson plan or program depending on the age group.

4. What advice would you give a daycare teacher candidate about their job search? -

I would advise a daycare teacher candidate to utilize online job websites and search the local newspaper for any postings in nearby schools. Additionally, a candidate ought to join his or her local parent Facebook group and see if he or she can connect with any parents who might know of any job openings or even an employee who works at the school might know of an opening.

Frequently Asked Questions: Daycare Teacher Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for daycare teacher resumes?-

Action verbs are a way to make your resume more descriptive and engaging. These words level up the basic duties and responsibilities of your job and highlight their value to the organization.

Much of a daycare teacher’s daily life revolves around teaching children and providing an engaging atmosphere where they can develop and grow. Verbs like “nurtured,” “encouraged,” and “demonstrated” all speak to this skill set. Find more potential options to vary your word choice and convey your qualifications in this list:

Action Verbs
Adapted Assessed
Collaborated Communicated
Coordinated Demonstrated
Designed Developed
Educated Encouraged
Facilitated Fostered
Guided Implemented
Managed Monitored
Nurtured Organized
Planned Supervised
How do you align your resume with a job description?-

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects average growth among preschool and daycare teaching positions in the coming years, this job isn’t for everyone. And high turnover rates can provide more opportunities for candidates looking for their next position.

Increase your chances of getting hired by spending extra time tailoring your resume before sending it in. Look for opportunities to add keywords and phrases from the job description and focus the content on what’s important to that particular provider.

For example, if a daycare is looking for a bilingual teacher who specializes in children ages 6 to 12 months, you would focus on your language skills, infant development training, and knowledge of infant CPR and safety protocols.

What is the best daycare teacher resume format?-

A strong track record of creating a safe and engaging environment for children is one of the most important parts of your resume. And this means that the reverse chronological format generally works best. This style puts the most emphasis on your work history, so make sure to spend time crafting detailed, targeted bullets. Focus on your most recent or relevant experience to ensure a hiring manager can visualize you in the position.

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Expert Advice
Include a cover letter with your resume
Every resume you send out should be accompanied by a cover letter. It should be addressed to the hiring manager, if possible, and include a few short paragraphs that complement your resume. Follow up on an achievement, or relay a short anecdote about your favorite teaching moment. Look through our teacher cover letter examples and templates to get more ideas.
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