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Chiropractic Assistant Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

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Cameron Malfara
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Carpenter Street, Philadelphia, PA, 12345


A Chiropractic Assistant with three years of experience specializing in rehabilitation, healthcare services, calendar management, and therapeutic treatment. A proven track record of supporting licensed chiropractors in delivering treatment and therapeutic exercises.

Professional Experience

Chiropractic Assistant, South Philly Chiropractic, Philadelphia, PA
May 2020 – Present

  • Support licensed chiropractors in performing a variety of treatments, including acupuncture, spinal adjustments, and passive physical therapy modalities in compliance with current chiropractic care standards
  • Conduct X-ray examinations on patients to enhance clinical workflows and support licensed chiropractors in tailoring treatment plans to individual needs
  • Manage patient medical documentation using EHR software in compliance with HIPAA

Chiropractic Assistant, Northern Liberties Chiropractic, Philadelphia, PA
September 2018 – May 2020

  • Provided support to a team of licensed chiropractors to enhance clinical operations and delivered quality rehabilitation services to patients across diverse backgrounds
  • Served as the point of contact for patient communications, including appointment scheduling, billing, insurance claims, and payment plans


Associate of Science (A.S.) Chiropractic Technologies
Philadelphia Community College, Philadelphia, PA September 2016 – September 2018

Key Skills

  • Chiropractic Services
  • Case Management
  • Administration
  • Patient Rehabilitation
  • EHR Software


  • Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant (CCCA), 2018

How To Write a Chiropractic Assistant Resume

To write a strong chiropractic assistant resume, you must highlight your ability to support clinical operations and perform administrative functions. Show hiring managers you can communicate effectively with diverse patient populations and multi-disciplinary teams in a medical setting. In this guide, we’ll help you demonstrate the value you can bring to potential employers by featuring your most eye-catching achievements and qualifications as a chiropractic assistant.

1. Write a dynamic profile summarizing your chiropractic assistant qualifications

Feature a compelling summary of qualifications at the top of your resume to draw the reader in and make a strong first impression. List your title, years of experience, and three or four specializations matching the job description. Demonstrate your clinical knowledge and administrative skills to show different aspects of your expertise. Emphasize your background interfacing with patients, chiropractors, and clinical teams. Include an impressive achievement or clinical metric to show hiring managers your proven track record of success.

Professional Profile - Example #1

A chiropractic assistant with four years of experience specializing in patient-centered care, case management, chiropractic services, and clinical operations. A strong history of educating patients on treatment plans to improve quality of life and drive positive outcomes.

Professional Profile - Example #2

A chiropractic assistant with two years of experience specializing in office administration, patient assessment, communication, and clinical support. Adept at coordinating with patients and medical teams to improve clinical operations and deliver high-quality patient care.

2. Add your chiropractic assistant experience with compelling examples

The key to crafting a strong professional section is highlighting your positive contributions to the practice rather than simply listing generic tasks and responsibilities. Quantify your achievements whenever possible, drawing the reader’s eye to bullet points with percentages and monetary figures. Provide tangible examples of you enhancing clinical operations and improving patient flow using hard data. For instance, you could focus on reducing patient wait times or increasing patient satisfaction scores.

Chiropractic assistant positions play a vital role in the medical practice’s success, as they’re often responsible for various core administrative functions. As the initial point of contact for patients, you must show employers examples of you collaborating with medical teams and communicating effectively with diverse patient populations. Be sure to include specific accomplishments that reflect your leadership and interpersonal skills.

Professional Experience - Example #1

Chiropractic Assistant, North Central Chiropractic, Seattle, WA | May 2019 – present

  • Oversee administrative functions for the office, coordinate patient appointments, and adjust scheduling and calendars to maximize efficiency for clinical operations
  • Identify opportunities to improve scheduling and patient flow, resulting in a 15-minute reduction in average wait times and a 92% patient satisfaction rating
  • Support trained medical professionals in providing therapeutic treatment to 12 to 16 patients per day, including spinal adjustments, heat therapy, and rehab exercises

Professional Experience - Example #2

Chiropractic Assistant, Mainline Chiropractic Center, Boston, MA | August 2021 – present

  • Perform administrative functions for a chiropractic office, deliver outpatient medical services, field phone inquiries, schedule patient appointments, manage calendars, verify patient insurance, and collect payments for treatment
  • Communicate with diverse patient populations, greet patients upon arrival, gather medical history and documentation, and verify physician referrals
  • Prepare treatment rooms for patient appointments, including cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and equipment in compliance with health and safety protocols

In addition to your education, feature any relevant medical certifications to bolster your job application. To assist the chiropractor in administering treatment to patients, you’ll first need to become a Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant (CCCA). This can significantly improve your job prospects and propel your medical career forward.



  • [Degree Name]
  • [School Name], [City, State Abbreviation] | [Graduation Year]


  • Associate of Science (A.S.) Chiropractic Technologies
  • Philadelphia Community College, Philadelphia, PA | 2016



  • [Certification Name], [Awarding Organization], [Completion Year]


  • CCCA, FCLB | 2019

Employers identify qualified candidates using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes for specific keywords during the initial phase of the hiring process. Incorporate key terms that fit the organization’s mission to ensure your document isn’t passed over during the ATS. Feature a mix of clinical, administrative, and leadership skills to show hiring managers you’re a dynamic and versatile candidate. Below, you’ll find a list of potential keywords that you may encounter over the course of your job search:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Acupuncture Administration
Billing Calendar management
Case management CCCA
Chiropractic Clinical operations
Communication Electronic Health Records (EHR) software
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations Inventory management
Office administration Operations management
Passive modalities Patient assessment
Patient care Patient flow
Physical therapy Rehabilitation
Scheduling Spinal adjustments

How To Pick the Best Chiropractic Assistant Resume Template

When selecting your template, prioritize structure, readability, and organization over visual appeal. Hiring managers aren’t interested in flashy colors or bulky graphics. They want a better understanding of your background, qualifications, and achievements. Choose a single-column format with an elegant 11 or 12 point font that allows you to control the flow of information and create a smooth reading experience. Include an appropriate amount of white space to break up your sections and allow the hiring manager to easily scan your resume.

Frequently Asked Questions: Chiropractic Assistant Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for chiropractic assistant resumes?-

It’s easy to run short on action verbs when creating a resume within the medical field, as there are only a limited number of ways to describe administering treatment or supporting operations. That being said, differentiating your usage of action verbs where appropriate can enhance the readability of your document and prevent your content from becoming stale. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of verbs to help you describe your chiropractic assistant experience.

Action Verbs
Administered Analyzed
Collaborated Communicated
Conducted Coordinated
Delivered Developed
Diagnosed Drove
Enhanced Evaluated
Executed Identified
Implemented Improved
Interfaced Led
Managed Partnered
Performed Provided
Resolved Supported
How do you align your resume with a chiropractic assistant job description?-

Aligning your resume with the job description is the best way to secure interviews during the job hunt. Employers aren’t interested in reading generic documents. They want to see resumes geared toward their organizations' individual needs. Tailor your content to specific job opportunities to show hiring managers your genuine interest in the position.

Before crafting your bullet points, research what organizations seek in their candidates. If a practice emphasizes clinical terms such as passive modalities and spinal adjustments, you may want to feature these terms directly in your professional profile. If a job description mentions communication skills multiple times throughout the posting, provide examples of you interfacing with medical teams and patients on a daily basis. Aligning your resume with the needs of individual employers will go a long way in helping you secure your next interview.

What is the best chiropractic assistant resume format?-

Reverse chronological is the ideal format for chiropractic assistants. This features your most recent and relevant experience towards the top of your resume. At the entry level, you can opt for a combination format placing your certifications and skills above your work history but still providing detailed bullet points for your previous jobs.

For example, highlighting customer service experience in a retail associate role could display your communication and interpersonal skills. Avoid functional resume formats considered outdated by most recruiters and hiring managers.

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Include a cover letter with your resume

Include a matching cover letter to increase your odds of landing the interview. Tailor your cover letter towards each individual job posting. Mention something specific about the chiropractic organization’s mission statement, reputation, or culture and why this draws you to apply for the position. For more information, visit our physical therapist assistant cover letter guide.

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