How To Write a Teacher Assistant Resume

You can write a great teacher assistant resume by showing how you help provide students with a top-quality education. Display your skills in everything from online learning to creating lessons and managing the classroom. The tips and examples below will help you capture this skill on your resume so it gets you interviews for your next teacher assistant job.

  • Entry-Level
  • Mid-Career
  • Senior-Level
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1. Summarize your teacher assistant qualifications in a dynamic profile

Your resume profile should catch hiring managers’ attention by giving the primary reasons you excel as a teacher assistant. What is your approach to engaging with students and working with other educators? And why is that approach successful? For instance, maybe you’re a born collaborator who builds strong relationships with other teachers. Or perhaps you focus on small-group sessions that help students overcome learning challenges. Maybe you have a deep knowledge of the latest educational technology. Whatever the key reasons for your success, feature them in your profile, and you’ll compel recipients of your resume to look closer.

Mid-Career Profile Example

Teacher assistant passionate about helping motivate children to learn and explore. Skilled at working with academically challenged students to improve their confidence and performance at school. Bilingual: Fluent in English and Spanish.

Senior-Level Profile Example

Teacher assistant with an extensive background in helping engage children of all ages. Focused on working with students to explore new topics and achieve personal learning goals. Skilled in Blackboard online learning, SMART technology, and use of mobile devices and apps for lower-elementary learners, particularly in reading comprehension. Adapt readily to new work challenges and conditions.

2. Create a powerful list of your teacher assistant experience

With the experience section, show you’re qualified for teacher assistant jobs by giving examples of your success in helping engage students. Under each relevant job in your recent work history, brainstorm and write down any improvements you made to the class environment or school performance. For instance, maybe you worked with the main teacher to introduce new subjects, learning materials, or technology resources. Or perhaps you helped improve average test scores or parent relations. Also, consider what you’ve been praised for most as an educator and member of the school community.

Experience Example

Special Education Teacher’s Assistant, State Elementary School, Scranton, PA | September 2019 to present
[Well-regarded local elementary school with 300 students]

  • Independently supervise groups of students during dismissal times and recreation
  • Work with reading groups to help students build literacy skills and confidence


  • Developed and delivered monthly social skills lessons, helping students learn to share, make friends, and collaborate
  • Engaged one-on-one with students with learning difficulties, resulting in 10% higher overall test scores and a better pass rate

You can use the education and certifications sections to show your teacher assistant work has a strong knowledge base. If you have an associate or bachelor’s degree in education, psychology, or another relevant subject, be sure to specify your major or minor concentrations next to the degree title. Also, list any coursework or certificate programs you’ve done on relevant topics like student monitoring, online learning, or class material preparation.

Below are templates and examples to help you format your education and certification details. Note that optional template details appear in [brackets].



  • [Coursework toward:] Degree Name — [Major], School Name, City, ST | [Year]
  • [Relevant Course Names or Topics]


  • Associate of Arts — Child & Youth Services, Trident Technical College, Charleston, SC | 2021



  • Certification Name or Title, [Awarding Organization], [City, ST] | [Year]


  • Childcare Provider, Trident Technical College, Charleston, SC | 2013

4. Outline your most useful teacher assistant skills and proficiencies

Add a “key skills” section to show employers the various ways you help provide students with a quality education. These might range from general soft skills like teacher collaboration to hard technical skills or programs like Blackboard Learn. Make sure each one overlaps with your target teacher assistant job. Below are some common teacher assistant skills to consider for your resume:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Blackboard Learn Class material preparation
Classroom management Early childhood development
Educational technology Grade calculation
Group activity planning Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
Instructional planning Kindergarten readiness support
Lesson planning and facilitation Microsoft Office Suite
Online learning tools Physical literacy instruction
Recordkeeping and documentation Rule and policy enforcement
Small group instruction Special education
Student assessment Student engagement
Student progress monitoring Student safety and well-being
Task prioritization Teacher support and collaboration
Time management Tutoring and mentoring

How To Pick the Best Teacher Assistant Resume Template

For teacher assistants, a clear and straightforward resume template is usually best. Opt for a visual design that lets the hiring manager quickly review your best career details. Select a professional resume font, and avoid any template with an overly colorful or elaborate design.

Teacher Assistant Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

  • Entry-Level
  • Mid-Career
  • Senior-Level

Horatio Shelley
(555) 123-1234 | [email protected] | Summerville, SC 29483 |


Teacher’s assistant passionate about helping motivate children to learn and explore. Skilled at working with academically challenged students to improve their confidence and performance at school. Bilingual: Fluent in English and Spanish.


  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Educational technology
  • Group activity planning
  • Lesson plan development
  • Special education
  • Student progress monitoring
  • Tutoring and mentoring

Professional Experience

Teacher’s Assistant, City Elementary School, Charleston, SC | August 2018 to present

[Primary school with 200 students and an award-winning math and science program]

  • Under guidance of primary teacher, prepare and give lessons to spark students’ interest in basic math and science concepts
  • Hold weekly group sessions with academically challenged students


  • Recognized for helping raise reading-challenged students’ average test scores by 10%

Teacher’s Assistant, Bear Preschool, Charleston, SC | July 2015 to May 2018

  • Helped primary teacher give lessons and engage children in hands-on science projects
  • Supervised groups of students during field trips to ensure a safe and positive learning experience
  • Provided one-on-one support for students’ kindergarten readiness


Associate Degree — Childcare & Support Services Management, Trident Technical College, Charleston, SC | 2015


Childcare Provider, Trident Technical College, Charleston, SC | 2013
CPR and First Aid


Fluency in Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions: Teacher Assistant Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for teacher assistant resumes?-

For teacher assistants, the best resume verbs will show how you’ve applied yourself as both an educator and collaborator. See the list below for help finding verbs that express these two main themes on your resume:

Action Verbs
Analyzed Assisted
Attended Coached
Collaborated Created
Delivered Developed
Documented Educated
Engaged Enhanced
Evaluated Facilitated
Helped Implemented
Improved Informed
Instructed Led
Monitored Motivated
Oversaw Partnered
Provided Reinforced
Revised Spurred
Strengthened Supervised
Supplemented Supported
Taught Tutored
How do you align your teacher assistant resume with a job posting?-

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that jobs for teacher assistants will increase by about 5% between 2021 and 2031. This growth rate is roughly the same as the average for all U.S. vocations.

You can get more interviews in this growing field if you tailor your resume for each application. Start by looking at the job post and highlighting words that are repeated, underlined, or otherwise seem important. These keywords can tell you what details you may want to feature in your resume profile or skills sections (as long as they’re accurate to your experience).

Also, consider adding brief descriptions of the schools where you’ve worked in [brackets] right next to or below the school’s name. School descriptions let you show any similarities between your past employers and the one who posted the job. For example, maybe you’ve worked for schools of a similar size or in a similar community. Or perhaps you’ve worked at schools with a similar mission or teaching philosophy. By incorporating these details into your resume, you can make it more relevant to each new job opportunity.

What is the best teacher assistant resume format? -

In nearly all cases, use a Combination (or Hybrid) resume because it’s easiest for hiring managers to learn about your pertinent skills and experience. It’s also easiest for you to modify based on your job goals.

With the Combination format, you highlight your most relevant skills and experiences in your experience or work history section and an intro section. (This combination of work history and intro content is where the format gets its name.) Your resume intro should usually include a profile summary and a key skills section, but you may also include an awards or career highlights section.

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Include a cover letter with your resume

To increase your chances of an interview, write and submit a strong cover letter. The key to an effective letter is customizing it based on each job opening. Read our teacher cover letter guide to learn how. For other related examples, see our special education teacher and elementary teacher cover letter guides.

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