How To Write a Software Engineer Resume

Whether you’re just starting as a software engineer or have years of experience helping businesses build and debug products, your resume needs to make a good first impression. Every resume you send out should be tailored to the job posting and position you to keep moving forward in your career. Use the tips, examples, and templates provided below to revamp your resume and take the next step toward getting an interview.

  • Entry-Level
  • Mid-Career
  • Senior-Level
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1. Craft an outstanding profile with a summary of your software engineer qualifications

The profile section of your resume should be concise but give the hiring manager a concrete idea of your experience and what you bring to the table as a software engineer. Make sure to mention your current job title and be as specific as possible with your experience. Adding in your programming languages, such as C++ and Python, or whether you have worked with cloud computing or machine learning, also allows you to include some keywords from the job description to show you’re a good fit from the first paragraph.

Senior-Level Profile Example

A Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of professional experience, specializing in Python, web development, and technical project management. A proven track record of coordinating with diverse teams across all phases of the software development lifecycle.

Entry-Level Profile Example

A Software Engineer with three years of experience specializing in data analytics, object-oriented design, Python, and Java. A strong history of delivering innovative software designs and web frameworks to support large user bases.

2. Showcase your software engineer experience

The actual job duties can vary widely when it comes to software engineer roles, so don’t assume that a hiring manager knows what you did in your previous job. Be specific about what your responsibilities included and use numbers and data whenever possible to quantify your achievements. A senior-level engineer with management experience can highlight how many direct reports they had and how they were able to detect and fix critical bugs with a tight turnaround time. An entry-level applicant may want to focus on how they used their skills in specific languages and frameworks to bring value to the team.

Senior-Level Professional Experience Example

Software Tech Lead

KMS Solutions, Philadelphia, PA | September 2016 – Present

  • Manage a ten-person software engineering team writing, modifying, and debugging software for enterprise client accounts valued at $400K-$1M
  • Serve as the subject matter expert during sales presentations, educate potential clients on software capabilities, and deliver presentations on product benefits
  • Create high-quality, scalable code, write dynamic Python scripts, develop over 200+ Python-based GUIs, and conduct quality assurance testing for software releases

Entry-Level Professional Experience Example

Software Engineer

RCN Broadband, Philadelphia, PA | September 2019 – Present

  • Analyze large data sets, write complex SQL queries, and store procedures to build reports for an internet provider with 3M customers
  • Configure OpenSSL, manage SSL certificate for authentication, write ten automation scripts per quarter using Java, and design schemas for SQL servers
  • Build dashboards using Tableau to enhance data visualization of performance metrics and financials for senior leadership

Because software engineering is highly focused on applying specific skills, you want to spend more time and give more page space to this section than applicants may in other industries. If you have a computer science degree, highlight specific coursework or projects you completed that align with the job posting, especially if you’re an entry-level applicant. Certifications can also help you stand out among the competition because they externally validate that you have the skills you’re claiming.



  • [Certification Name], [Completion Year]


  • Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE Programmer, 2012



  • [Degree Name]
  • [School Name], [City, State Abbreviation] – [Graduation Month and Year]


  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
  • Temple University, Philadelphia, PA – May 2009

4. List your key software engineer skills and proficiencies

Software engineers need to be able to hit the ground running when they are hired into a new position, and a key skills section on your resume gives you a place to list all your proficiencies in one spot so a hiring manager can tell at a glance if you’re a good fit. Including anything you’re comfortable working with is a good idea, such as different programming languages, cloud computing platforms, operating systems, and containerization systems.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Agile project management tools, such as Jira AWS
C++ Continuous learning and adaptability
Data analytics Debugging and troubleshooting
Front-end development Java
Kubernetes Machine learning and data science concepts
Mobile app development Natural language processing
Networking protocols and concepts Object-oriented design and development
Python Scrum
SQL database management User interface and user experience design

How to Pick the Best Software Engineer Resume Template

Using a template for your resume can give you a standardized format that makes it easier to tailor your resume to each position. The best software engineer resume template is one that’s clean and simple and keeps the focus on your skills and experience. There should be a section for your key skills and proficiencies, certifications, and previous work experience. Make sure that the template has an easy-to-skim format with bullets and enough white space so that the reviewer will not be overwhelmed.

Software Engineer Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

  • Entry-Level
  • Mid-Career
  • Senior-Level

Angela Martin
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
123 Address Rd, Anywhere, USA, 12345


A Senior Software Engineer with eight years of experience, specializing in front-end and back-end development, application design, and web development. A proven track record of designing scalable web frameworks to support enterprise customers.

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer, RSS Tech, Pittsburgh, PA
April 2016-Present

  • Coordinate cross-functionally with the software engineering and product management teams to redesign web application in React for a major credit lender, contributing to over 200K new downloads in a three-month period
  • Oversee a team of 12 software developers and engineers, develop base frameworks using Java, Python, and C#, and perform code reviews
  • Create a new system for the continuous integration of newly developed scripts to improve efficiency and deployment speeds by 10%

Software Engineer, Ruby Solutions, Pittsburgh, PA
June 2013-April 2016

  • Collaborated with a five-person software engineering team to identify, develop, and implement software solutions based on client business requirements
  • Identified continuous improvement opportunities and created automated test scripts and SQL queries to reduce manual testing by 15%


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, August 2009-May 2013

Key Skills

  • Coding skills (Java, Python, C#, Ruby)
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SLDC)
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Technical Leadership
  • React

Frequently Asked Questions: Software Engineer Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for software engineer resumes?+

Each bullet under your professional experience section should start with an action verb that either describes your job duties, such as “collaborated,” or the value you brought to the company, such as “improved.” But it can be hard to think of unique action verbs for each bullet, especially if you’re a senior-level applicant with a longer resume. Try out some of the options below if you get stuck and need some fresh ideas.

Action Verbs
Assessed Automated
Built Collaborated
Configured Debugged
Deployed Designed
Developed Enhanced
Implemented Integrated
Investigated Launched
Maintained Optimized
Planned Refactored
Resolved Scaled

How do you align your resume with a job description?+

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that software engineering and development will likely see much faster than average job growth (25%) through 2031, which means you may see lots of options for open positions. If you’re applying for a specific job opening, it’s important to tailor your resume to the posting. Including keywords, skills, and proficiencies in the job description can help a hiring manager identify you as a good fit and increase your chances of making it to an interview.

What is the best software engineer resume format?+

Which resume format to use is largely a matter of personal preference, as long as it has space to include all of your skills and experience. However, a combination resume can be especially helpful for software engineers because it provides enough space to list all your technical skills and proficiencies while also providing an experience section where you can highlight how you used those skills to contribute to company objectives.

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Expert Advice
Include a cover letter with your resume
With many hiring managers getting hundreds of applicants for just one job posting, going the extra mile and including a cover letter can help you stand out. Software engineer cover letter examples can give you a clean format to follow and examples of how to highlight your skills and why you’d be a good fit for the position.

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