How To Write a Human Service Worker Resume

When you choose a career in human services, you’re entering a path of empathy, advocacy, and support. Your resume should be a testament to these values, demonstrating a capacity to build rapport with clients and navigate challenging life circumstances. In this guide, we’ll provide strategies and examples to help you create a resume that gets noticed by hiring managers.

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level
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1. Write a brief summary of your human service worker qualifications

Open your resume with an engaging description of who you are as a human services professional. The first sentence of your profile should have one or two adjectives that describe you, along with your job title and years of experience. Then, include a few key qualifications that match the job description.

Applying for a leadership role? Discuss your management experience and coaching style. If you have any high-level degrees or unique certifications, mention those here as well. Make an effort to feature skills that meet the needs of the organization.

Senior-Level Profile Example

Organized and dedicated Health & Social Services Manager with 12+ years of experience. Strong reputation for training, developing, and motivating employees to deliver consistent positive results. Skilled at managing large caseloads in a fast-paced, high-pressure work environment. Master of Social Work.

Entry-Level Profile Example

Empathic Mental Health Support Worker with 2+ years of experience counseling vulnerable adults. Skilled at liaising with outside agencies to set effective and highly personalized care plans.

2. Add your human service worker experience with compelling examples

Select a few of your most recent positions to include in your professional experience section. Then, create five to eight bullet points that describe how you accomplished day-to-day responsibilities or achieved impressive results. How many cases were you responsible for? How many people did you lead? Use numbers when you can to highlight these accomplishments.

If you’re a seasoned professional involved in people management, discuss your leadership abilities. Mention how you led your team to provide exceptional service to clients. For those at the entry level, focus on how you performed duties and prioritized clients.

Senior-Level Professional Experience Example

Health & Social Services Manager, UnitedHealth Group, Miami, FL | August 2019 to Present

  • Create and deliver professional development programs to a team of 20+ health coordinators to build their knowledge of outside resources
  • Supervise coordinators managing up to 80 cases at a time; review care plans and organizational pathways to ensure seamless, appropriate provision
  • Serve as escalation point for complex case issues and questions
  • Build relationships with outside agencies to ensure ongoing support of patients after discharge


  • Increased employee retention by 65% in 2 years
  • Addressed and fully resolved 98% of escalated cases within deadline

Entry-Level Professional Experience Example

Support Worker, Bay Cove Human Services, Cambridge, MA | March 2021 to Present

  • Offer practical and emotional support to adult residents experiencing a mental health crisis
  • Refer clients to outside services and resources when appropriate
  • Securely store and administer controlled medications
  • Coordinate in-house and community activities to enhance clients’ wellbeing
  • Research and arrange educational opportunities to promote clients’ financial independence
  • Encourage and model positive interpersonal relationships
  • Use de-escalation methods to quickly and fully resolve conflicts


  • Earned top marks on all 3 formal evaluations for excellent judgment and dedication to positive client outcomes

3. Add education and certifications relavent to human service workers

Show hiring managers you have the necessary academic background for the role by listing your most recent and relevant education and training. Degrees in psychology, social work, human services, and public health go a long way in demonstrating your dedication to helping individuals and communities in need.

Be sure to include any related certifications as well. While extra credentials aren’t always required, they can help you stand out from other candidates. For example, if you’re applying for a specialized role in child welfare or gerontology, having a Certified Gerontological Counselor (CGC) or Certified Parenting Coach (CPC) credential demonstrates deep knowledge and commitment to serving people in those age groups.



  • [Degree Name]
  • [School Name], [City, State Abbreviation] | [Graduation Year]


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology
  • Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA | 2021



  • [Certification Name], [Awarding Organization], [Completion Year]


  • Certified Social Work Case Manager (C-SWCM), NASW | 2022
  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ), NAHQ | 2020

Employers often lack the time and resources to review every job application in detail, so they turn to applicant tracking systems (ATS) to quickly find the most suitable candidates. An ATS narrows down applicants by identifying resumes that contain role-specific keywords. To increase your chances of being selected for an interview, include words like the following throughout your human service worker resume:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Active listening Child protection
Counseling Critical thinking
Cultural awareness Empathy
Organization Planning
Problem-solving Relationship management
Report preparation Risk management
Safeguarding Social advocacy
Teaching and mentorship Teamwork
Time management Written and verbal communication

How To Pick the Best Human Service Worker Resume Template

As you look for a resume template, don’t worry too much about how stylish or visually appealing it is. You’re creating this document for a busy hiring manager who may only take a few moments to scan it. Your resume should be easy to read and well-organized with clean formatting. Look for templates that have minimal colors and graphics, opting for a design that emphasizes your professional accomplishments and skills.

Human Service Worker Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level

Adam Lewenberg
(765) 456-7654 | [email protected] | San Diego, CA 83485 | LinkedIn


Health Navigation Specialist with 8+ years of experience helping vulnerable clients access equal healthcare and work opportunities. Collaborator who works with various outside agencies to coordinate and manage complex care plans. Draw on broad, deep knowledge of health system organizations and resources.

Key Skills

  • Active Listening Methods
  • Multi-Agency Coordination
  • Reporting & Documentation
  • Risk Management & Mitigation
  • Team Collaboration
  • Time Management

Professional Experience

Health Navigation Specialist, 211 San Diego, San Diego, CA | September 2019 to Present

  • Gather and analyze each client’s personal and medical history to determine risk factors and next steps
  • Follow up with patients regularly, and assist their ongoing engagement with other support agencies
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of eligibility criteria and delivery pathways to find appropriate healthcare solutions


  • Worked with providers to determine optimal treatment plans, reducing client wait times by ~34%
  • Received 99.5% positive client feedback
  • Earned a workplace commendation for sound judgment in 2021

Welfare to Work Case Manager, Public Consulting Group, San Diego, CA | March 2015 to September 2019

  • Met with clients to help set attainable goals, and stayed in contact to ensure accountability
  • Used active listening skills to gain insight on each client’s social, financial, and educational barriers to work, and offered practical solutions
  • Mentored clients on building social and organizational skills needed to join the workforce


  • Secured employment for 87% of rostered clients
  • Completed mandatory county paperwork with 100% accuracy


Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology, UC San Diego | 2015

Frequently Asked Questions: Human Service Worker Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for human service worker resumes?-

The best way to create bullet points for your professional experience section is to use action verbs, but it's common to find yourself running short on these dynamic words. To avoid using the same terms like “managed” and “led” repeatedly, we’ve created a list of action verbs you can use on your human services resume:

Action Verbs
Advocated Assessed
Assisted Coached
Collaborated Coordinated
Counseled Determined
Developed Documented
Facilitated Interpreted
Monitored Motivated
Organized Oversaw
Planned Reported
Streamlined Supported
How do you align your resume with a human service worker job description?-

Job opportunities in human services, also known as community and social service occupations, are expected to grow 8% by 2032. This is driven by increasing demands for services such as drug and rehabilitation counseling, child abuse prevention, and foster family preparation.

Although the future looks promising for those pursuing a career in human services, you still have to compete with other candidates. You must carefully craft your resume to align with the job description of each position you apply for. This strategy ensures that you speak directly to the hiring manager’s needs.

For instance, if an organization seeks a human service worker specializing in addiction counseling and recovery support, emphasize the skills and experiences you have that match. Highlight your knowledge of treatment modalities and relapse prevention to establish yourself as a qualified candidate.

What is the best human service worker resume format?-

The combination format is best for a human service worker resume. Using this style allows you to highlight your unique skills at the top of your resume, followed by a work history section. Combining features from both chronological and functional formats makes for a perfect balance of abilities and accomplishments. No matter your experience level, this format will serve you well.

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Include a cover letter with your resume

When you’re ready to apply for a job, send along a cover letter to increase your chances of getting an interview. Customization is the key to writing a compelling cover letter. Check out our cover letter guide to learn how you can tailor your document to the organization you’re applying for. For examples in related fields, see our social work and case manager cover letter guides.

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