According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for real estate brokers and sales agents is expected to grow by only 2% or 11,300 new jobs from 2019 to 2029. Although this is slower than the average for most occupations, the demand for real estate agents should correlate to the growth of the real estate market. Therefore, particular regions of the country may experience different outcomes. It’s important to write a persuasive cover letter to find the best job opportunities and stand out from other competing agents.

If your real estate agent cover letter needs polishing, download one of our four available cover letter examples to use as a template. For specialized tips for all levels of experience, read the following guide.

Real Estate Agent Cover Letter Checklist

Effective cover letters for real estate agents should include five main elements:

1. Heading. Use a stylized header template to highlight your basic information. Your heading should include:

  • Your name, job title, and contact info
  • The date of application
  • The hiring manager’s details

2. Salutation. Address the hiring manager by name, such as Mr. or Ms. [last name]. Use the greeting “Dear Hiring Manager,” if the hiring manager’s name is unavailable.

3. Introduction. Write a unique opening paragraph where you introduce yourself and express and specify your interest in the job.

4. Body paragraphs. Include your relevant accomplishments, which may include professional experience, skills, education, and successful projects. Write these points in bullet form to break up the text and make your cover letter more visually appealing.

5. Closing section. You should conclude your cover letter by making a call to action for the next step in the application process. In other words, directly request an interview with the hiring manager. You may consider using a postscript to highlight one last stand-out qualification.

Real Estate Agent Cover Letter Examples and Templates

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The introduction is your opportunity to make a quality initial impression on the hiring manager. It should indicate your interest in the real estate agent position and uniquely present you, so you get the hiring manager’s attention from the start. To do this, pick the most impressive accomplishment from your resume and write it into your introduction. When describing this accomplishment, be specific and use measurable terms to give the hiring manager a better understanding of the scope of your qualifications.


As a real estate agent with over eight years of experience, I’ve closed an average of 20 sales each year. I hope to bring my drive and initiative to the team at Landon Realty.


As a real estate agent with over eight years of experience, I meet the indicated requirements for the job.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs of your cover letter are where you elaborate on your interest in the job and relevant qualifications. Use the first paragraph to explain your interest in the role and how you’re able to contribute to the organization.

The second paragraph should illustrate your skills and experience to the hiring manager. Include your relevant accomplishments, such as education, certifications, career highlights, or projects you’ve led or contributed to. List each accomplishment in bullet point form to break up text and make your cover letter easy to read. Pair each accomplishment with a positive outcome. Detail these points with quantifiable terms so the hiring manager gets a clear picture of your abilities.


As a real estate agent with more than eight years of experience in commercial and residential property sales, I hope to contribute my diverse skills to Landon Realty’s reputation for excellent service.

My past successes include:

  • Provided analysis and advice to clients on real estate market strategies, earning a 100% client satisfaction rating
  • Researched and analyzed real estate market data and trends to determine competitive property prices
  • Strategized home staging and appeal techniques, consistently achieving a 20% higher sales price over the appraised property value
  • Achieved 100% document and process accuracy through a knowledge of legal and financial practices


The job description indicates a requirement of four years of experience. I have eight years of experience and meet the requirements of the job with Landon Realty.

My past responsibilities include:

  • Provided analysis and advice to clients on real estate market strategies
  • Researched and analyzed real estate market data and trends
  • Strategized home staging and appeal techniques
  • Knowledge of legal and financial practices


To end your cover letter with a lasting impression, directly request an interview with the hiring manager. This shows you’re eager to pursue the job and may help your chances of getting an interview. Simply thanking the hiring manager for their time may result in them quickly dismissing your application.

To emphasize your qualifications one last time, include a final accomplishment in a postscript beneath your closing signature. This format is visually appealing and can help catch the hiring manager’s attention.


I’d love to meet to discuss how my qualifications would be a valuable addition to the Landon Realty team. Please feel free to contact me with a date and time for an interview.


Jessica Braden

P.S. I’d love to tell you how I won the Seattle Sales Award in 2018!


Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.


Jessica Braden

Real Estate Agent Cover Letter Examples (Text Format)

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level

Tanner Daniels
Real Estate Agent | [email protected] | (887) 766-5544 | 531 Main Boulevard, Wichita, KS 08642

April 13, 2021

Richard Barber
Senior Hiring Manager
Team Home Hero
(009) 988-7766
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Barber,

Last year, 95% of aspiring homeowners I met with ended up making a property purchase from my company. I believe that my strong selling ability and talent for gaining insights into clients’ needs helped me achieve these impressive figures. I hope to bring similar success to the real estate agent role at Team Home Hero.

With over six years of experience as a realtor and a results-focused work ethic, I am drawn to Team Home Hero’s fast-paced and ambitious working environment. I know that you are looking for a seasoned agent with a proven sales track record, and my recent achievements show that I have the acumen to succeed in your organization. These include:

  • Closely overseeing the sale closing process to improve efficiency by 43% in 2020
  • Tirelessly networking to secure new business, leading to a revenue increase of 21% in the last fiscal quarter
  • Mentoring three interns to improve their selling techniques, two of whom went on to become permanent employees

Please feel free to contact me to arrange a convenient interview. I look forward to discussing my skills and experience further.


Tanner Daniels

P.S. I would love to explain why I was chosen to act up to cover management leave in February 2021.

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