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Administrative Assistant Resume and Cover Letter Example (Text Format)

Facts About This Resume:

  • Candidate has 7 consecutive years of experience as an administrative assistant
  • Candidate has a relevant degree and certification
  • Candidate has held two long-term positions in the field with different job duties

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Donald James (123)-456-7890
[email protected]
123 Your Street, Columbus, OH 12345

Primary Objective

Certified administrative assistant with seven consecutive years of office experience, including positions in the medical field and marketing industry. Organized, outgoing professional who helps companies optimize their efficiency. Extensive experience with the Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe.

Professional Experience

Rock Star Sales Squad, Columbus, OH
Marketing Administrative Assistant, April 2016 – Present
  • Arrange business meetings, employee interviews and travel accommodations
  • Maintain digital and paper files for the sales and marketing teams
  • Greet guests upon arrival and provide tours of the premises
  • Perform clerical duties, including printing, scanning, faxing and emailing documents
  • Help edit and execute marketing campaigns

Dr. Blake Tennyson, MD, Springfield, OH
Medical Administrative Assistant, June 2014 – April 2016
  • Greeted patients and completed pre-appointment intake interviews
  • Prepared documents for health insurance providers, auto insurance companies and disability agencies
  • Confirmed health insurance benefits, filed claims and submitted appeals for coverage
  • Answered and forwarded calls via a multiline phone system
  • Organized patient files, including paper charts and digital documents


Administrative Assistant Associate of Applied Science, September 2012 - June 2014

Key Skills

  • Organized
  • Meeting and interview scheduling
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Adobe
  • Multiline phone system
  • Digital and paper file maintenance
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Clerical duties


  • Administrative Assistant Certification from the National Career Certification Board
  • Certified Microsoft Office Specialist

Dear [Hiring Manager],

My name is [Your Name,] and I am applying for the executive administrative assistant position at Smith Industries. I learned about the position from Jenna Johnson, who is currently employed as the divisional marketing manager for your company. She suggested I apply because I have been an administrative assistant for seven years and have the skills required to thrive at Smith Industries. These skills are detailed in my attached resume.

During my time as an administrative assistant, I have become organized, efficient and detail oriented. I can quickly draft emails or complete expense reports, and as a result of my outgoing personality, I'm comfortable communicating with clients and supervisors. I take pride in projecting a professional experience and understand that when I greet visitors or answer phone calls, I represent the entire company.

As a marketing administrative assistant for Rockstar Sales Squad, I assist the sales and marketing team with essential tasks, including file management, faxing and scanning. I also help create marketing campaigns and facilitate effective communication between clients and coworkers. With my assistance, our marketing team has launched more than 100 effective campaigns this year, including several with well-known brands such as Super Soda, Bananariffic Blasterz and Nature's Blessings.

I would like to discuss my employment background, personality traits and skills in more detail at your earliest convenience. I believe I mesh well with the corporate culture of Smith Industries and could maintain a long-term position as your company's executive administrative assistant. Thank you for your consideration.

Donald James
[email protected]
(123) 456-7890

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5 Tips for Writing a Administrative Assistant Resume from an Expert

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1. Include general duties as well as specialized skills.

Administrative assistants are the backbone of a company, and it’s not just because they perform tasks others don’t want to do. They also complete seemingly simple tasks, such as faxing and scanning, that fellow coworkers are unable to do. Make sure to highlight these basic tasks, including file management and telephone operation, on your resume.

You may also want to mention that you can create Word documents, manage Excel spreadsheets or convert files to PDF format.

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2. Focus on your education when possible.

Administrative assistant jobs were once considered entry level positions, but now many employers prefer educational experience in the field. List any relevant educational experience, including certification or degrees, in your field. If you haven’t completed a degree, you can mention that you are currently pursuing one.

List a few training courses if you don’t have a degree. For example, you can share that you attended a Microsoft Office course in 2018 or went to a weekend getaway for administrative assistants earlier this year. Mention anything that shows you value your position and are committed to learning as much as you can about improving your performance.

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3. Mention important personality traits.

Administrative assistants often spend a large chunk of their workday communicating with others, so it’s important to mention your effective communication skills on your resume. On an average day, an administrative assistant may field phone calls, discuss essential information with supervisors, chat with clients and provide company information to job applicants. And that just covers verbal communication — you may also spend hours answering emails from coworkers or drafting letters to clients.

Aside from being a people person or having great communication skills, think about what other personality traits help you thrive as an administrative assistant. Are you detail-oriented? Do you type 85 words per minute? Are you the problem solver who helps your boss prevent workplace panic? Find a way to include these traits in your cover letter or resume so potential employers understand your value.

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4. List specific programs or methods.

Many employers expect administrative assistants to have experience with Microsoft Office, so don’t just say you’re good with computers or know how to create documents. If you help with bookkeeping at your current job, say you have QuickBooks experience. List programs you used in the medical field, such as a scheduling program or insurance portal, if you’re applying for a health care position. Mention that you have experience with Adobe Photoshop if you’re seeking a position in a creative industry or with a marketing team.