Uber Driver Resume Examples in 2023

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According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, job opportunities for taxi drivers, ride-hailing drivers, and chauffeurs are expected to increase by as much as 20% before 2028. As the average growth for all occupations is 5%, prospects for taxi drivers look favorable. A boom in ride-hailing applications, such as Uber, will provide plenty of flexible working opportunities for both new and experienced drivers.

Although the demand for Uber drivers is rising, you should still take the time to get your resume up to par. Jobs at dependable, well-known companies are always in demand, so you can still expect competition for positions. Below, you can find entry-level and experienced Uber driver resumes and some hints to help you polish your application.

Downloadable Resume Examples

No Experience

Example #1 No Experience

2-3 years

Example #2 2-3 Years

5-10 Years

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10+ Years

Example #4 10+ Years

Uber Driver Resume Examples

Years of Experience
  • No experience 0
  • 2-3 Years 2-3
  • 5-10 Years 5-10
  • 10+ Years 10+

Scott Dunn
(978) 645-312
[email protected]
423 My Avenue, Deadwood, SD 77665


Energetic recent high school graduate with experience navigating the Deadwood area using satnavs and maps. Outgoing and personable demeanor with a strong ability to create a positive brand image through exceptional customer service. Excellent knowledge of local routes and traffic patterns and able to work calmly under tight time pressure.

Key Skills

  • Local route knowledge
  • Working independently and collaboratively
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Road safety
  • Communication skills
  • Map reading


High School Diploma

Electives completed:

  • Driver Education
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Human Geography

Professional Experience

Delivery Driver, DoorDash, Deadwood, SD
July 2020 – Present

  • Manage own time and workload by selecting jobs from the company’s smartphone app, ensuring that 100% of deliveries arrive on time
  • Observe road safety laws to make deliveries by bicycle, including at night
  • Greet customers warmly and communicate any problems to management, resulting in a 98% 5-star satisfaction rating
  • Plan routes efficiently using the Google Maps smartphone app and knowledge of local geography

Volunteer, Children’s Miracle Network, Deadwood, SD
January 2020 – July 2020

  • Engaged with the public to clearly explain the organization’s mission and generate donations, raising over $5k for vital medical treatment
  • Safely transported merchandise and equipment by car to charity events throughout Deadwood
  • Processed cash and card transactions following the company’s cash-handling procedures
  • Worked collaboratively with a team of 5 volunteers to ensure all tasks were completed to tight timescales


  • South Dakota Commercial Driver’s License, April 2021

Jeremy Becker
(234) 678-0123
[email protected]
556 Address Street, Rapid City, SD 42086


Enthusiastic taxi driver with a strong track record for excellent customer service. Outstanding time management skills with a talent for establishing the most efficient routes based on the time of day and traffic conditions. Excellent knowledge of local places of interest and ability to answer customers’ questions about landmarks and facilities.

Key Skills

  • Satnav systems
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Following detailed instructions
  • Strong local knowledge
  • Route planning
  • Safe driving practices
  • Customer service
  • Conversational in Spanish


High School Diploma
STEVENS HIGH SCHOOL, Rapid City, SD, June 2018

Professional Experience

Taxi Driver, Rapid Taxi Drivers, Rapid City, SD
April 2019 – Present

  • Plan efficient journeys using satnav and physical maps, including multi-drop routes
  • Establish a friendly and professional rapport with customers, achieving a 99.5% satisfaction rating in 2020
  • Remain in close communication with control handlers and pass on essential information on delays and traffic conditions
  • Obey all traffic laws and regulations and observe safe driving procedures, including when driving at night and in wet or snowy conditions

Delivery Associate, Deliveroo, Rapid City, SD
June 2018 – April 2019

  • Delivered customers’ orders quickly and safely, meeting 100% of personal productivity targets throughout employment
  • Followed written and verbal instructions to locate hard-to-find addresses throughout Rapid City and the surrounding area
  • Used detailed local geographical knowledge to avoid high-traffic areas whenever possible
  • Presented a professional and reliable company image to customers and partner restaurants


  • South Dakota Commercial Driver’s License, April 2019

Brooke Griffin
(420) 864-2086
[email protected]
531 Main Road, Bismarck, ND 13579


Professional and dependable taxi driver with over 5 years of experience providing high-quality transportation services for a ride-hailing company. Excellent geographical knowledge of Bismarck and the surrounding areas with an in-depth understanding of local traffic avoidance. Friendly and informative interpersonal style with the ability to communicate key information on local landmarks and amenities.

Professional Experience

Taxi Driver, Potswork Drive, Bismarck, ND
March 2016 – Present

  • Leverage paper maps and satellite navigation systems to find the quickest routes and avoid traffic, slashing the average journey time by 23% in 2020
  • Present a positive company image and provide high-quality customer assistance, securing an average of $2k of repeat custom per month
  • Maintain a consistent satisfaction rating of at least 4.7 stars over three years
  • Provide sensitive support to customers with disabilities and limited mobility

Delivery Driver, Spee-Dee Delivery Service, Bismarck, ND
July 2014 – March 2016

  • Observed local traffic regulations, speed limits, and safe driving practices, including driving in snowy and wet weather conditions
  • Performed routine vehicle maintenance and safety checks and kept the interior clean and tidy
  • Managed time effectively to make 98% of deliveries before the set deadline
  • Communicated clearly with the control center to update them on delays or incidents that may affect deliveries or other fleet drivers


High School Diploma
CENTURY HIGH SCHOOL, Bismarck, ND, June 2013

Key Skills

  • Customer service
  • Route planning
  • Satnav systems
  • Road safety
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Communication skills


  • North Dakota Commercial Driver’s License, July 2013

Amy Kim
(876) 543-2109
[email protected]
753 My Road, San Francisco, CA 75319


Seasoned taxi driver with over 11 years of experience safely transporting passengers around San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Excellent knowledge of local driving laws and speed limits and skilled at finding the most efficient routes. Calm and friendly interpersonal style with a strong track record for providing outstanding customer service.

Professional Experience

Taxi Driver, Lyft, San Francisco, CA
September 2014 – Present

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of efficient routes and key landmarks in the San Francisco area
  • Use satellite navigation system to avoid traffic and roadworks, reducing arrival delays by 87% over four years
  • Perform regular vehicle safety and maintenance tasks and maintain a clean, inviting passenger environment
  • Greet and serve passengers warmly and professionally, achieving a 99.5% customer satisfaction rating last year

Private Driver, Wingz, San Francisco, CA
August 2009 – September 2014

  • Built a quick rapport with new customers and grew a large regular clientele, securing a 76% repeat custom rate over four years
  • Provided accurate information on local landmarks and amenities based on expert knowledge of the local area
  • Managed time carefully to ensure prompt pickups and arrivals, adhering to 95% of predicted journey times
  • Maintained close contact with the control office and clearly communicated issues and delays


High School Diploma
LOWELL HIGH SCHOOL, San Francisco, CA, June 2009

Key Skills

  • Customer service
  • Satellite navigation systems
  • Outstanding knowledge of local routes and geography
  • Clear verbal communication
  • Safe and efficient driver
  • Vehicle maintenance


  • Public Passenger Vehicle Driver Permit, July 2009

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Uber Driver Resumes

A common problem that hiring managers typically face is receiving more resumes than they could ever hope to read through in detail. To help them find the most suitable individuals as quickly as possible, many turn to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan applications for the skills and keywords necessary for the role. Understanding the keywords that show you have the aptitude to be a great Uber driver and including them in your resume can help you get ahead among a sea of generic applications. Most importantly, it can flag your resume to the hiring manager and help secure you an interview.

Key Skills & Proficiencies
Communication Customer services
Following verbal directions Local area knowledge
Map reading Road safety
Route selection Satellite navigation systems
Vehicle maintenance
Action Verbs
Communicate Deliver
Drive Ensure
Greet Inspect
Maintain Navigate
Plan Route
Transport Verify

Tips for Writing a Better Uber Driver Resume

Highlight your driving and navigation ability

Companies, such as Uber, want drivers with excellent road safety awareness and an ability to use satellite navigation systems to find the most efficient routes for their customers. Having detailed local knowledge of motoring laws and traffic hotspots can also work strongly in your favor.

If you’ve worked as a taxi or ride-hailing driver before, you should have no problems demonstrating these attributes on your resume. However, if this is your first time applying for an Uber driver job, any delivery or other driving experience can help show that you have the aptitude for the role. Any impressive performance metrics you have to back up your skills will make your application more compelling.

Example #1


Leveraged detailed knowledge of local routes and traffic patterns to plan the most efficient routes, reducing customer waiting times by 32% in 2020.


Used local knowledge to get customers from A to B quickly.

Example #2


Delivered hot meals to vulnerable community members around San Francisco by car, meeting 98% of predicted arrival times.


Delivered food to local seniors.

Don't forget to mention your soft skills

While strong driving and navigation abilities are undoubtedly invaluable to companies like Uber, don’t forget to highlight your relevant soft skills. Excellent customer service is important for these roles. It can be critical in securing repeat customers, and hiring managers want to see that you have the communication skills and professionalism to present the brand well. Check the job description to find out which soft skills the company values, and make sure to include them in your resume.

Example #1


Greeted customers warmly and used detailed local knowledge to answer their queries, resulting in 98% five-star ratings over three years.


Provided excellent customer service and got good ratings.

Example #2


Communicated clearly with control center colleagues to notify them of traffic and other incidents, reducing over-scheduling by 23%.


Told colleagues about bad traffic.

How to Align Your Resume with the Job Description

Hiring managers have specific requirements for the type of individuals they want to hire, and looking carefully at the job ad gives you valuable insight into what they’re looking for. Instead of submitting the same catch-all resume for each vacancy, tailoring your resume for each application shows that you understand the company’s priorities.

It’s generally straightforward to figure out which skills and qualifications are most important to employers by analyzing the job description. While many candidates won’t possess every attribute (and hiring managers don’t expect you to), they probably have a few deal-breakers. You can tell what the company considers nonnegotiable by checking what they list first and whether they mention anything more than once. Next, make sure your resume mirrors the job description as closely as possible to help you cinch an all-important interview.

Example Uber Driver Job Description

We’re looking for customer-oriented drivers to join our workforce in and around California. When you drive for Uber, you have total control over your working hours and weekly pay. Work as little or as much as you want — the more you drive, the higher your pay. 


  • Represent Uber professionally and provide warm, attentive customer service
  • Maintain your vehicle‘s interior and exterior to a high standard and ensure it is in a safe, roadworthy condition
  • Use satellite navigation systems and local knowledge to plan the quickest route
  • Follow clients’ directions and facilitate route requests
  • Follow all local and national driving laws
  • Demonstrate the highest standards of driving safety


  • Clean drivers’ license and comprehensive car insurance
  • Own a presentable four-seater car or larger
  • At least 1 year’s U.S. driving experience
  • Strong communicator
  • Ability to work independently 

The job description shows that the employer wants someone with the following skills:

  • Customer service skills
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Safe driving standards
  • Following directions
  • Knowledge of local routes
  • Efficient route planning
  • Following motoring laws
  • Satnav systems
  • Communication skills
  • Independent working

Once you’ve figured out what the hiring manager is looking for, you can adapt your resume to show that you’ve got what they’re looking for. Below is a strong example of a resume tailored to the job ad. 

Uber Driver Work Experience Example

Ride-Hailing Driver, Lyft, San Francisco, CA

September 2019 – Present

  • Plan efficient driving routes using satnav and in-depth knowledge of local traffic hotspots, reducing the average journey time by 23% last year
  • Maintain vehicle to a spotless standard and perform regular safety checks, scoring 99.5% for passenger environment in 2020
  • Represent the company professionally and provide outstanding customer service, achieving an average satisfaction score of 4.9 
  • Communicate clearly with customers to decide the most appropriate route, following verbal instructions when necessary