According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, job opportunities for personal trainers, also called fitness trainers and instructors, are expected to increase by 15% by 2029. This projected growth is significantly faster than the average for all industries, driven largely by increased incentives from the government and employers for people to look after their health.

Although the job market for personal trainers should grow stronger, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your application. You should still expect significant competition for positions, and a well-written cover letter can help you stand out. Below, you can download exemplar personal trainer letters for all experience levels and find tips for crafting the perfect cover letter.

Personal Trainer Cover Letter Checklist

A compelling personal trainer letter should feature the following five elements:

1. Heading. An attractive, uncluttered template can help draw the hiring manager’s attention and make your application look more polished. Your heading should include:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address, phone number, and street address
  • The hiring manager’s contact information

2. Salutation. Beginning your letter with “Dear Hiring Manager” is acceptable if you can’t find the name of the person responsible for recruitment. However, addressing the hiring manager by name — Mr. or Ms. [Last Name] — gives a better impression.

3. Introduction. A paragraph that showcases an attention-grabbing professional achievement and introduces yourself can help catch the hiring manager’s eye.

4. Body paragraphs. The main body of your letter should explain why you’re a good fit for the role by presenting your most relevant achievements, education, and abilities. A bulleted list can make your letter more readable and makes it easy for the hiring manager to absorb the essential points.

5. Closing section. Finish your letter with a compelling call to action — in this case, you want the hiring manager to get in touch to arrange an interview. You should also finish with a P.S containing another important career achievement to ensure your application sticks in the manager’s mind.

Personal Trainer Cover Letter Examples and Templates

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Your cover letter’s introduction is crucial for gaining the hiring manager’s full attention. You can make the opening more persuasive by starting with the most significant professional achievement from your resume. You should also express your interest in working for the company you’re writing to. The ideal achievement to start with is one that you can quantify with hard data.


Increasing my client base by 65% was my proudest career achievement of 2020. I believe that my professional demeanor and detailed knowledge of weight loss training techniques helped me build trust with new gym members. I hope to drive the same growth as a personal trainer at UFit.


I am a knowledgeable personal trainer with three years of experience, making me the perfect candidate for a role at UFit.

Body Paragraphs

The first of your body paragraphs should explain precisely why you’re interested in the position and company you’re applying with. This allows you to show admiration for the organization and demonstrate that you understand its values and goals.

Next, you should describe some professional accomplishments that show your suitability for the vacancy. For example, you could include positive outcomes for your clients, ways you’ve increased revenue for your gym, or any recent educational achievements. The most suitable accomplishments are ones you can back up with statistical proof. Don’t simply provide a list of your current job responsibilities.


As a passionate fitness professional with 5+ years’ experience working as a weight loss specialist, UFit’s dedication to empowering every member is inspiring to me. I believe my detailed knowledge of exercise and nutrition for weight loss can help your clients meet their goals in 2021.

My recent achievements demonstrate that I have the skills and experience to excel in a fast-paced environment like UFit. These include:

  • Growing the gym’s customer base by 32% in 2020 while retaining 98% of existing clients
  • Designing and leading a prenatal fitness course that generated over $10k of additional revenue in just 3 months
  • Coaching three new hires in safe lifting practices, which resulted in an 85% reduction in injuries and accidents


I have five years of experience as a personal trainer and specialize in weight loss. These skills make me a good fit for UFit, and I would be delighted to work for you.

In my current role, I am responsible for:

  • Running orientation sessions with new clients
  • Leading weight loss exercise groups
  • Signing up new members and taking payments


Finish your letter with a compelling call to action, where you ask the hiring manager to invite you for an interview. It’s best to avoid vague statements of thanks.

Adding a P.S at the end of your letter with a final achievement can make your letter more memorable and motivate the hiring manager to schedule an interview to find out more. It also lets you squeeze in one more reason why you’re the ideal candidate for the job.


I’d love to schedule an interview to explore how I can help UFit’s members achieve their potential in 2021. Please feel free to get in touch with a convenient appointment time.


Alissa Lawrence

P.S. I’d love to tell you why my gym named me Trainer of the Month in March 2020.


Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, and I look forward to meeting with you in the future.


Alissa Lawrence

Personal Trainer Cover Letter Examples (Text Format)

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level

Charlotte Forbes
Personal Trainer | [email protected] | (024) 680-2468 | 135 My Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN 00112

April 12, 2021

Craig Tait
Senior Hiring Manager
(222) 333-4444
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Tait,

Last year, I organized and ran a promotional event that led to a membership increase of 13%. My manager praised my strong communication style and talent for building rapport with potential clients. I hope to bring the same growth and profitability as a personal trainer at 9Round.

As a dedicated fitness professional committed to promoting healthy lifestyles, 9Rounds’ track record for prioritizing the physical and mental well-being of its clients appeals to me. I believe that my six years of experience and talent for creating effective, personalized training plans make me the ideal fit for your organization’s aims.

My recent accomplishments show that I can help your members achieve their wellness goals while increasing the gym’s reputation and income. These include:

  • Successfully converting 95% of free trial sessions into long-term memberships
  • Devising and running three new fitness classes in 2020 that increased client retention by 32%
  • Training four new hires to improve their understanding of safe exercise techniques for people with mobility problems

I would like to meet to discuss how my strong selling ability and extensive skills can benefit the 9Round community in 2021. Please feel free to get in touch to schedule a convenient appointment.


Charlotte Forbes

P.S. I would love to tell you why I was voted Trainer of the Year at my gym in 2020.

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