A great information technology (IT) cover letter can demonstrate your ability to develop innovative technical solutions and create value for your organization. Emphasize your advanced knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and industry trends to brand yourself as a thought leader within your space. This guide provides cover letter examples and expert tips to help you land your next interview.

Information Technology Cover Letter Templates and Examples

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How To Write an Information Technology Cover Letter

To write a great IT cover letter that stands out from the competition, the first step is to begin analyzing the job description. Identify key skill sets and qualifications the company is looking for in a candidate and tactically integrate these terms into your document. Focus on highlighting technical projects that demonstrate your ability to generate results for potential employers. Below, we’ll walk you through each section of your information technology cover letter:

1. Contact information and salutation

List your name, phone number, email, and LinkedIn URL in the header of your IT cover letter. Be sure to address the hiring manager by name — Mr. or Ms. [Last Name]. If you can’t find the hiring manager’s name, use a variation of “Dear Hiring Manager.” This shows you’ve taken the time to research the company before applying and conveys your genuine interest in the role.

2. Introduction

Lead with a strong opening paragraph at the top of your IT cover letter to introduce yourself and convey your interest in the job. Mention your years of experience within the technology industry and highlight one or two notable achievements to grab the hiring manager’s attention. Emphasize relevant skill sets, programming languages, and technologies that match the position you’re applying for.

For example, notice how this candidate highlights their experience in UX design. They demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of user-centered design principles for application development, which helps to illustrate their unique subject matter expertise. As you begin crafting your information technology cover letter, focus on building an introduction that contains nuanced insights to hook the reader.


I’m interested in applying for the UX designer position with Cadence Inc. that I found on your company website. As you can see from my attached resume, I have a proven track record of enhancing UX for innovative software applications. My holistic understanding of user-centered design principles would be an asset to your team.

3. Body paragraphs

In the body paragraphs of your IT cover letter, continue to feature your strongest achievements and technical expertise. Start by mentioning something specific about the company’s reputation, culture, or mission statement and why this draws you to apply for the position. Use this as an opportunity to describe your technology projects and accomplishments in more detail.

In the example below, the candidate makes a concerted effort to illustrate how their background aligns with the organization’s culture. They also establish a sense of scope for their technology experience by citing the number of app downloads. By painting a clear and compelling image of your career, you’ll greatly enhance the impact of your information technology cover letter.


Cadence Inc.’s reputation for DEI strongly aligns with my professional values. During my time with Black Cat Apps, I oversaw all aspects of UX design for accessible technologies to promote empathy and understanding. I can achieve similar results for your organization based on my career achievements:

  • Oversaw UX design for the development of three mobile apps with over 10 million downloads to date, resulting in coverage of applications from Mashable and Techcrunch
  • Collaborated with designers, developers, research managers, and producers to develop creative solutions accessible to users with diverse needs
  • Conducted front-end programming using HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript to develop and build web-based prototypes

4. Information technology skills and qualifications

While it’s important to highlight technical skills on your information technology cover letter, it’s generally best to avoid featuring a comprehensive list. Instead, carefully integrate key terms from the job description into your paragraphs. This demonstrates how you’ve utilized programming languages and technologies in professional settings. Below, you’ll find a list of keywords to consider adding to your IT cover letter:

Key Skills and Qualifications
Agile methodology AWS
Cisco Cloud technology
Cross-functional collaboration Cybersecurity
End-user training Hardware deployment
JavaScript Network administration
Python Root cause analysis
Scrum Software design
Software development lifecycle (SDLC) System implementation
System migration Technical project management
Technical support User interface (UX) design
Vendor management VMware

5. Closing section

Close out your information technology cover letter with a call to action (CTA) inviting the hiring manager to schedule an interview. Reinforce how your unique background as a technology professional can create value for the company you’re targeting. Be sure to thank the reader for their time and consideration, as showing respect also demonstrates your professionalism.


I’d like to set up an interview to discuss how my expertise in user-centered design can create value for your organization and users. Feel free to contact me via phone or email for any questions you may have about my background. I appreciate your time and consideration.


Meera Patel

Information Technology Cover Letter Tips

1. Align your cover letter with the job description

To stand out in today’s competitive job market, you need to carefully tailor your cover letter towards each job you apply for. Identify programming languages and technologies that match the company’s needs. For example, if a company is seeking a candidate with an extensive background in cybersecurity, you might emphasize your knowledge of data governance and risk management.

2. Quantify your technical achievements

Incorporating hard numbers, data, and metrics is a great way to make a lasting impression on the hiring manager. This strategy shows potential employers you can generate results and create value for their organization. For instance, if you played an integral role in the development of a successful app, you might mention the number of downloads. If you led a complex cloud migration, include the number of users or devices impacted.

3. Highlight your leadership capabilities

In addition to your technical acumen, hiring managers want to see you can collaborate effectively in dynamic team environments. Feature examples of you interfacing with cross-functional teams and non-technical users. Demonstrate your ability to coach, develop, and mentor junior developers. This sends a clear message that you’re the right fit for the company’s culture.

Information Technology Text-Only Cover Letter Templates and Examples

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  • Example #2
  • Example #3

Amar Singh
Software Developer | [email protected] | (123) 456-7890 | New York, NY 12345 | LinkedIn

January 1, 2024

Matthew Johnson
Senior Hiring Manager
Arc Tech
(987) 654-3210
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I’m reaching out regarding the senior software developer position at Arc Tech. With over seven years of experience within the technology industry, I have a proven track record of developing innovative technical solutions from conception to launch. My expertise in project management would be an asset to your organization in this position.

Arc Tech’s reputation for creativity and innovation is what draws me to apply for this opportunity. As a software developer, I have a passion for identifying creative solutions to complex technical challenges. I can create value for your clients and team based on previous successes:

  • Developed and launched a major upgrade to the web-based employee interface, with an uninterrupted flow of business-critical operations, leading to a 15% increase in efficiency
  • Coordinated with a team of 15 developers to write proprietary software and maintain systems for 60 enterprise clients using C++ and Linux platforms
  • Collaborated with project managers and IT teams to identify critical components, define new product features, and improve functionality to ensure user satisfaction

I hope to speak with you further regarding how my software development expertise could benefit your organization. You may contact me via phone or email at your convenience. I appreciate your time and consideration.


Amar Singh

Information Technology Cover Letter FAQs

Why should I include an information technology cover letter?-

While not every job will ask for a cover letter, including one can help bolster your odds of landing the interview. The cover letter is an opportunity for you to provide unique insights into who you are as a professional that you wouldn’t normally feature on a resume, such as your passion for the technology industry.

Are cover letters becoming obsolete?-

Many believe that cover letters have become obsolete. While cover letters aren’t always required, writing one demonstrates your enthusiasm and genuine interest in the role you’re applying for. This can sometimes make all the difference in generating interviews during the job search.

How do I make my cover letter stand out?-

The best way to make your cover letter stand out is to tailor it to each individual application. Mentioning specific details about the company shows hiring managers that you’ve done your research beforehand and are genuinely interested in the opportunity.

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