Building an impactful computer science cover letter can maximize your chances of success during a job search. To show prospective employers the value you can bring to their organization, balance technical achievements and leadership skills. Keep a careful eye on the job requirements and infuse these qualifications into your paragraphs. This guide provides cover letter examples and expert advice to help capture the most compelling aspects of your computer science career.

Computer Science Cover Letter Templates and Examples

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  • Mid-Career
  • Senior-Level
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How To Write a Computer Science Cover Letter

The first step in writing a great computer science cover letter is to carefully analyze the job description and identify how your background intersects with the company’s needs. Reflect on the types of applications you’ve developed or the various technical projects you’ve managed throughout your career. Prioritize aspects of your computer science background that align with the organization’s long-term goals. By tailoring your cover letter towards individual job descriptions, you’ll maximize your odds of landing the interview.

1. Contact information and salutation

List all essential contact information in the header of your computer science cover letter, including your name, phone number, email, and LinkedIn URL. Be sure to address the hiring manager by name — Mr. or Ms. [Last Name]. If you can’t find the hiring manager’s name, use a variation of “Dear Hiring Manager.” This adds a personal quality to your application and demonstrates your genuine enthusiasm for the opportunity.

2. Introduction

Open your computer science cover letter with a powerful introduction to grab the hiring manager’s attention and entice them to read further. Establish your years of experience within the technology industry and emphasize computer science skills the organization is looking for. Feature one of your most notable achievements to demonstrate your talent as a developer, programmer, and technical leader.


I would like to apply for the IT security director position with Tontaek that I found on LinkedIn. During my time as a cybersecurity manager at Oak Health Systems, I developed and implemented a new security audit program. My efforts improved MTTD and MTTR by over 10%. I can achieve similar results for your organization in a director-level role.

3. Body paragraphs

In the body of your computer science cover letter, start by mentioning something specific about the company’s reputation, products, or mission and conveying your interest in the position. Then, include technical accomplishments that align with the job description. Focus on quantifiable achievements that establish your ability to drive innovation and create value for organizations. For example, if you developed new application features, emphasize how your contributions positively impacted user satisfaction, functionality, or adoption.


Goji Lab’s reputation as an award-winning developer of mobile applications draws me to apply for this opportunity. Over my four years of experience in computer science, I’ve had the opportunity to deliver digital solutions to both startups and corporate clients. My passion for application development could benefit your organization based on my previous achievements:

  • Created informational and gaming applications in Python for corporate and start-up clients, which increased name recognition among target audiences
  • Developed mobile gaming apps, performed quality assurance testing, configured in-app purchases, and refined user functionality, which contributed to a 19% increase in revenue
  • Coordinated with a team of UX designers to enhance UI, UX copy, and application design, resulting in a 10% increase in user satisfaction

4. Computer science skills and qualifications

Although it’s best to avoid cluttering your computer science cover letter with a list of skills, it’s important to emphasize your technical proficiencies within your paragraphs. This demonstrates how you’ve utilized your advanced programming knowledge to achieve results for previous employers. Below, you’ll find a list of keywords you may encounter while applying for computer science jobs:

Key Skills and Qualifications
Artificial intelligence C#
Cloud technology Computer engineering
Computer science Cross-functional leadership
Data analysis Data analytics
Database management Data integrity
Data science JavaScript
Programming Project management
Python Software Development Lifecycles (SDLC)
SQL System administration
System architecture Technical leadership
Technical project management Vendor management

5. Closing section

In the closing paragraph of your computer science cover letter, include a call to action inviting the hiring manager to interview you. Emphasize how your technology expertise and leadership background would be an asset to the organization. Be sure to thank the reader for their time and consideration in the last sentence.


I would like to schedule an interview to provide more insights into how my knowledge of AI cybersecurity could support Tonatek’s long-term goals. You may contact me via phone or email at your convenience. I appreciate your time and consideration.


Aliya Jackson

Computer Science Cover Letter Tips

1. Quantify your computer science achievements

As you build your cover letter, reflect on how your contributions have positively impacted the companies you’ve worked for. Have you automated manual processes to improve delivery times? Did you introduce a new feature that improved user satisfaction or enhanced functionality? By quantifying your achievements, you send a clear message to the hiring manager that you have a proven track record of achieving results and creating value.

Technology continues to evolve rapidly, and it’s important to show hiring managers you’ve kept yourself up to date on emerging concepts, trends, and innovations. In the example below, the candidate draws attention to their knowledge of advancements in AI cybersecurity, which may differentiate them from other applicants during the job search:

Tonatek’s development of AI encryption technology is what I consider the future of cybersecurity. With over 14 years of experience within this space, I see the value in using machine learning and AI to bolster security capabilities. My background aligns perfectly with your goals based on my career achievements:

3. Highlight your technical acumen and leadership skills

Featuring technical skills that match the organization’s needs should always be the top priority, but it’s also important to demonstrate your ability to collaborate effectively in team-based environments. Provide examples of you mentoring junior developers or interfacing with non-technical personnel to execute complex projects. This shows potential employers you have the technical acumen to succeed and that you’re the right cultural fit for their team.

Computer Scientist Text-Only Cover Letter Templates and Examples

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  • Example #2
  • Example #3

Jeremy Swartz
Senior Computer Scientist | [email protected] | (503) 555-1895 | Portland, OR 97267 | LinkedIn

January 1, 2024

Hugo Smith
HR Manager
Tekona Bank
(503) 555-9924
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Smith,

I’m reaching out in regard to the senior computer scientist position with Tekona Bank. During my time with Moneco Credit Union, I improved a speech recognition program that helped reduce mobile banking time by 15%. Also, I leveraged my advanced knowledge of Python and JavaScript to enhance app functionality and improve the customer experience. I could achieve similar results for your company.

Tekona Bank is known for its end-user security programs, making each transaction a secure one. For more than eight years, I led a 15-member development team to conduct extensive risk assessments, performance testing, and Agile development. Some of my recent accomplishments include:

  • Defined, developed, and implemented new features for a mobile banking application, improved the functionality of speech recognition program, and increased user satisfaction by 20%
  • Upgraded security protocols for improved remote access and introduced 2FA features to mitigate fraud and prevent unauthorized transactions
  • Managed and built a team of 15 developers and cybersecurity analysts, provided coaching and mentorship, and established a high-performance culture centered on inclusion and collaboration

I look forward to discussing how my dynamic background as a technology professional and leader would be an asset to your team. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience to schedule an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jeremy Swartz

Computer Science Cover Letter FAQs

Why should I include a computer science cover letter?-

Most computer science positions won’t require a cover letter, but taking the time to craft one may help bolster your chances of landing the interview. In addition to reinforcing key points from your resume, the cover letter also provides an opportunity to express your genuine interest in joining the organization. This small personal touch can sometimes make all the difference in grabbing the attention of potential employers.

How should I submit my cover letter?-

This largely depends on the job application portal the company is using during the hiring process. In some cases, you can upload your cover letter as a PDF, which allows you to keep your template and formatting intact. In other situations, you may be sending your cover letter in the body of an email or in a text box through the company job portal.

How long should my cover letter be?-

Although you might be tempted to include every notable achievement or skill set you’ve garnered throughout your career, it’s generally best to keep your cover letter concise. Limit the document to no more than three or four paragraphs. An excessive amount of information runs the risk of overwhelming the reader and drawing attention away from your most relevant qualifications.

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