Paralegal Cover Letter Examples and Templates for 2023

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employers to create more than 35,000 new jobs for paralegals and legal assistants between 2019 and 2029, making an attention-getting cover letter more important than ever.

Below you’ll find downloadable cover letter templates for entry-level and experienced applicants, valuable tips for writing a better cover letter for your paralegal career, and examples of good and bad cover letters to follow when you’re writing your own. Customize one of these templates to persuade hiring managers that your application is worth a closer look.

Downloadable Cover Letter Examples


Example #1 Entry-level


Example #2 Mid-career


Example #3 Senior-level

Paralegal Cover Letter Examples (Text Format)

Years of Experience
  • Entry-level Entry-level
  • Mid-career Mid-career
  • Senior-level Senior-level

Thomas Jenkins
Paralegal | [email protected] | (793) 444-5555 | 1234 B St., Sacramento, CA 87654

June 1, 2021

George Franklin
Hiring Manager
Fitzgerald & Simpson Law Firm
(974) 654-0202
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Franklin:

As a paralegal for Alvarez Law Firm, I have improved the firm’s filing database system by introducing a checklist for opening litigation files, reducing the amount of time it takes to catalog new cases by 15%. I’ve also assisted senior paralegals with organizing exhibits for five high-profile criminal cases. I would welcome the opportunity to incorporate my organizational skills and eye for detail into enhancing the continued success of Fitzgerald & Simpson Law Firm.

With a promotion from a legal assistant, followed by two years of paralegal experience, I am drawn to Fitzgerald & Simpson’s reputation as a successful criminal law firm. I am confident that my acumen for preparing and filing complex court documents and my ability to conduct client interviews will be an asset to Fitzgerald & Simpson. Some areas in which I excel as a paralegal include:

  • Knowledge of state statutes and court rules
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others
  • Capacity to manage a high-volume caseload

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how my capabilities and experience can help further Fitzgerald & Simpson’s goals.

Best regards,

Thomas Jenkins

P.S. I would also like to share how my bachelor’s degree in criminal law and paralegal certification are part of my future goals in the legal profession.

James Olson
Paralegal Manager | [email protected] | (332) 443-6655 | 832 N. Russell Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46727

June 1, 2021

Patricia Jones
Hiring Manager
Keystone Law Partners
(837) 774-3300
[email protected]

Dear Ms. Jones:

As a senior real estate paralegal with Folgers Legal Team, I have coordinated large commercial real estate transactions as well as residential contracts for five attorneys. I also meticulously maintain case databases, conduct title searches, and prepare financial documentation. I would bring the same acumen for detail and efficient performance to aid in the continued success of Keystone Law Partners.

During my six years with Folgers Legal Team, I advanced from a legal assistant to senior paralegal charged with training new hires. I am confident that my supervisory and legal experience would be an asset to Keystone Law Partners. The following represent some of my career strengths:

  • Ability to analyze complex issues
  • Expertise with efficiently organizing tasks in the most expedient order
  • Capacity to effectively communicate and empathetically listen

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss in greater detail how my managerial and legal knowledge would benefit Keystone Law Partners’ paralegals, and by extension, your attorneys’ continued success.


James Olson

P.S. I would like to also share how my bachelor’s degree in human resources combined with a Paralegal certification has helped shape my career goals.

Jeanette O’Toole
Paralegal Manager | [email protected] | (765) 432-1111 | 456 Archway Circle, St. Louis, MO 08743

June 1, 2021

Michelle Smith
HR Manager
Smith & Klein Law Firm
(765) 553-2266
[email protected]

Dear Ms. Smith:

As a senior litigation paralegal with Clemons Legal Team, I am responsible for assisting five attorneys with witness depositions and factual research for criminal cases. Additionally, I create and review reports and maintain case databases. It is with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail that I would dispatch my responsibilities as a paralegal manager with Smith & Klein Law Firm.

I began my career with Clemons Legal Team 10 years ago as a legal assistant. After two promotions, my duties have extended to include training new hires. I welcome the opportunity to utilize my legal and managerial background to support Smith & Klein’s junior paralegals. Some key areas that demonstrate my professional abilities include:

  • Thorough knowledge of litigation principles
  • Effective analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills
  • Superior interpersonal and communication skills

I look forward to providing you with more in-depth details about how my professional experience can further enhance Smith & Klein’s successful practice. Please feel free to contact me to arrange a time to meet that’s convenient for you.

Best regards,

Jeanette O’Toole

P.S. I would also like to share with you how my bachelor’s degree in business administration and subsequent Paralegal certification have strengthened my managerial and legal abilities.

Paralegal Cover Letter Checklist

All paralegal cover letters should contain the same five elements:

1. Heading. Make it easy for hiring managers to contact you by including your full name, telephone number, and email address in the heading of your cover letter. Use a pre-formatted template to make the heading look as attractive as possible.

2. Salutation. When possible, address the hiring manager by name. “Dear Ms. Jones” and “Dear Mr. Michaels” are appropriate greetings. If the job posting doesn’t list the hiring manager’s name, use “Dear Hiring Manager.”

3. Introduction. Write an attention-getting introduction that explains why you’re interested in the job. Use this section to introduce yourself and give the hiring manager a reason to learn more about your qualifications.

4. Body paragraphs. Write two body paragraphs on your education, skills, and experience. Use bulleted lists whenever possible to break up large chunks of text and make it easy to see that you’re qualified for the job.

5. Closing section. The closing paragraph of your paralegal cover letter should include a direct request for the hiring manager to contact you for an interview. To make a great impression, add a postscript (P.S.) below your signature. The post-script should draw attention to one of your professional achievements.


The introduction is your first chance to show the hiring manager how much you want the job and demonstrate that you have what it takes to succeed. To get the hiring manager interested in learning more about you, pick a professional achievement from your resume and mention it in the introduction. Choose something that’s easily measured and explain how it relates to your qualifications as a paralegal.


As a paralegal at Jackson and Hartman LLP, I saved the firm more than $52,000 per year by developing a series of custom document templates that reduced paper usage by 48%. I am ready to use the same problem-solving skills and commitment to innovation as a senior paralegal at Bradley, Durham, and Powers.


I have been a paralegal for 10 years and would love the opportunity to work with such a distinguished team of lawyers.

Body Paragraphs

Be specific about what drew you to the job and what makes you want to work for the organization. Use the first body paragraph to explain why you admire the organization and the work it does.

Then go through your resume and pick out several professional achievements that can be woven into your cover letter. Link each achievement to a positive outcome that demonstrates your ability to add value to the organization. Be sure to use achievements that can be easily quantified, as they’re more persuasive than generic statements about your abilities.


I have followed Jackson and Hartman LLP since I started working as a paralegal, and I have been impressed with the settlements you have negotiated for clients injured due to medical and dental malpractice. Based on my past successes, I’m confident my paralegal skills would be an asset to the firm. These successes include the following:

  • Received the highest client satisfaction rating (98.8% in 2020) of any paralegal or legal assistant in the firm for three years in a row
  • Slashed printing costs by 48% by implementing new printing policies
  • Increased the value of the average settlement offer by 12% by conducting thorough research and compiling detailed reports


I meet the requirements for the paralegal job because I have five years of experience working in a law firm. It would be a pleasure to work for Jackson and Hartman LLP.

In my current role as a legal assistant, I do the following:

  • Complete the client intake process
  • Prepare memos and correspondence
  • Schedule client meetings


End your cover letter with a request for the hiring manager to contact you for an interview. Be direct instead of hinting that you want the hiring manager to call you.

To make an even stronger impression, include a P.S. statement immediately after your signature. It’s the last thing the hiring manager will read, so be sure to mention one of your most significant professional achievements for best results.


Please contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how my skills and experience would benefit Jackson and Hartman LLP in the role of senior paralegal.

Best regards,

Cynthia Bailey

P.S. I’d love to discuss how one of my ideas prevented my current firm from having to pay more than $100,000 in fines due to noncompliance with a federal recordkeeping rule.


Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I hope for a chance to tell you more about my skills and explain why I’d be a good fit for your firm.

Sincerely yours,

Cynthia Bailey