Job openings for construction workers, also known as construction laborers and helpers, are set to increase by 5% before 2028. While this growth is slightly faster than the average across all industries, you’ll need to create a strong application to head off the competition. All good applications start with a well-written, engaging cover letter.

Looking at examples can help when you’re trying to write the perfect construction worker cover letter. Below, you can read exemplary cover letters for various experience levels and get industry-specific advice to improve your writing.

Construction Worker Cover Letter Checklist

All great construction worker cover letters cover the following points:

1. Heading. Using an attractive template gives a professional look and helps your application stand out. The heading should mention:

  • Your name, job title, and contact details
  • The date of writing
  • The hiring manager’s name, job title, and contact information

2. Salutation. If you know the hiring manager’s name, you should address them by it- Dear Mr. or Ms. [Last Name]. An acceptable alternative is “Dear Hiring Manager” if you can’t find this information.

3. Introduction. Your introduction should capture the hiring manager’s interest, introduce yourself, and state your intention to apply for the role.

4. Body paragraphs. The main body of your cover letter should detail your qualifications, professional experience, and relevant achievements. Setting out your accomplishments in bullet points is eye-catching and helps the hiring manager quickly get a feel for the scope of your abilities.

5. Closing section. Finish your cover letter with a strong CTA, requesting the hiring manager to get in contact to arrange an interview. Adding a P.S. at the end with a bonus accomplishment is an effective way to draw attention to your key selling points.

Construction Worker Cover Letter Examples and Templates

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The introduction section is your opportunity to get the hiring manager’s full attention and state your intentions. An effective technique for building interest and engagement is to pick the most compelling achievement from your resume and use it as an attention-grabbing opener. Try to pick an achievement where you can demonstrate a measurable result with hard statistics instead of vague statements about your experience or responsibilities.


Last year, I generated and implemented a power tool maintenance schedule that reduced avoidable breakdowns by 43%. My excellent mechanical knowledge and organized planning ability allowed me to achieve this impressive result. I hope to display the same strategic thinking as a construction worker at RF Jordan & Sons Construction.


As an experienced construction worker with 5 years of service under my belt, I think I’m the perfect candidate for RF Jordan & Sons Construction.

Body Paragraphs

Start the body paragraphs of your cover letter by explaining why the company you’re applying to appeals to you and why you feel the role is a good fit for you. Be sure to explain exactly why you want the job.

You should also detail the qualifications, achievements, and professional experience that most clearly demonstrates your suitability. Pick the most impressive points from your resume, ideally accomplishments that you can back up with a quantifiable outcome. This makes it straightforward for the hiring manager to see what you have to offer and how successful you are likely to be.


With over 5 years of experience working on fast-paced residential building sites and a detail-oriented work ethic, RF Jordan & Sons Construction’s reputation as an industry leader appeals to me. I would relish the opportunity to use my outstanding technical knowledge to help your company achieve its goal of building 500+ new homes before 2023.

My recent accomplishments include:

  • Being selected to lead teams of up to five colleagues to erect scaffolding and other building structures, exceeding 65% of time-sensitive deadlines
  • Training six new hires on hazard detection and prevention strategies, reducing workplace injuries by 76% over three years
  • Receiving praise 4x during annual performance reviews for excellent communication skills


I know that you are looking for an experienced construction worker to join your team. I have 5 years of experience and think that I would be a great addition to your team.

I currently hold the following responsibilities:

  • Erecting scaffolding and other structures
  • Clearing debris and reporting hazards to the site manager
  • Transporting materials to the correct site zones using forklifts and other machinery


Finish your cover letter by asking the hiring manager to contact you to set up an interview. You can think of this section as a call to action (CTA). This technique is more assertive and effective than just thanking them for considering your resume.

Adding a P.S. at the end of your letter with a final important accomplishment that you’d like to explore in the interview is a powerful method for securing the hiring manager’s interest and making them want to find out more. It also draws attention to your most significant professional achievements.


Please feel free to contact me to arrange a convenient interview. I look forward to discussing how my exceptional efficiency and health and safety knowledge can benefit your organization.


Camile Thomas

P.S. I would like to explain why I was voted Employee of the Month in March 2020.


Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. I want to explain more about my experience and look forward to learning more about RF Jordan & Sons Construction.


Camile Thomas

Construction Worker Cover Letter Examples (Text Format)

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-career
  • Senior-level

Jerry Caswell
Construction Worker | [email protected] | (284) 593-2846 | 82 Acre Road, Cedar Rapids, IA 52338

June 2nd, 2021

Sarah Shaw
Senior Hiring Manager
Ahrens Construction
(284) 746-8165
[email protected]

Dear Ms. Shaw,

As a construction worker with eight years of industry experience, including power tools and team leadership experience, I have built a reputation as a knowledgeable and highly skilled worker. My dedicated work ethic and unique set of skills are qualities I hope to bring to the team at Ahrens Construction.

Ahrens construction is known for its exceptional working standards, highly experienced team, and dedication to reconstructing derelict buildings in the Cedar Rapids area. This ethos is what initially piqued my interest in the company.

As well as my extensive experience, some of my workplace achievements also hold me in good standing for this role. These achievements include:

  • Assisted the project manager in leading a team of 30+ construction workers on a $1 million retail project
  • Maintained a 100% safety record for eight years
  • Trained five new construction workers

With my construction expertise and leadership experience, I think I would be an excellent addition to the Ahrens Construction team. For that reason, I would like to set up an interview to discuss my skill set further. I am available for an interview at your convenience.

Kind regards,

Jerry Caswell

P.S. I’d also love the opportunity to tell you about how I have been voted employee of the month 12 times in eight years!

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