Certified Nursing Assistant Cover Letter Examples and Templates for 2023

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that Certified Nursing Assistants can expect job growth of 8% in the next ten years. Although the future looks optimistic for those in the health care field, there will likely be competition for the best openings. You can position yourself for success by having a polished resume and of course, a well-written cover letter.

Writing a cover letter doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you know how to put one together. To get started, you can download one of our cover letter examples, which are ideal for entry-level CNAs or those with more experience. You can also take a look at our tips below, as well as examples of good and bad certified nursing assistant cover letters.

Downloadable Cover Letter Examples


Example #1 Entry-level


Example #2 Mid-career


Example #3 Senior-level

Certified Nursing Assistant Cover Letter Examples (Text Format)

Years of Experience
  • Entry-level Entry-level
  • Mid-career Mid-career
  • Senior-level Senior-level

Jessica Sanders
Certified Nursing Assistant | [email protected] | (123) 456-7890 | 45 Address Street, Portland, OR 98765

March 1, 2021

Kelly Franklin
Hiring Manager
Copley Health
(987) 654-3210
[email protected]

Dear Ms. Franklin,

As a Certified Nursing Assistant at Wesley Senior Care, I received the CNA of the Year award in 2019 due to my outstanding patient care and passion for my work. In my two years of experience on the job, I helped patients complete daily activities while providing them with emotional support to improve their morale.

I am drawn to the prospect of working for a highly regarded long-term care facility like Copley Health. I feel that I am a good match for your patient-driven approach to senior care. Some of my previous achievements include:

  • My ability to notice subtle physical and emotional changes in patients that might signify clinical deterioration
  • Assisting 14 elderly residents per shift with daily activities, as well as field trips and entertainment activities
  • Building trusted relationships with patients by showing empathy and compassion

I would love to set up a time to talk further about how my skills and qualifications could benefit Copley Health. I am available to meet at your convenience.

Jessica Sanders

P.S. I’d also like to tell you how I came up with an improved schedule for changing bed sheets that cut laundry time by 25%.

Mary Bergevin 
Nursing Assistant | [email protected] | (123) 456 -7890 | 123 Main Street, Miami, FL 12345

January 01, 2021

Jessica White
Senior Hiring Manager
Harris Memorial Hospital
(987) 654-3210
[email protected]

Dear Ms. White,

Decreasing the nursing staff turnover rate by 27% at Miami Central Hospital was one of the proudest moments of my career. I believe that I can bring the same level of enthusiasm and professional experience to Harris Memorial Hospital.

I have over 9 years of experience as a certified nursing assistant working in some of the busiest hospitals in the Miami area. I believe that I would be an asset to your nursing team at Harris Memorial Hospital and that I would assist in reaching your patient care goals.

Some of the highlights of my career include:

  • Assisted in caring for a daily caseload of 37 patients in the cancer ward
  • Spent three years working in the emergency unit and dealt with a range of different patients on a daily basis
  • Assisted in setting up a new e-records system to manage the care of patients more efficiently in the hospital

I would love the chance to speak to you about how I believe that my years of experience could translate into improved patient care at Harris Memorial Hospital. Please feel free to contact me with a date that best suits your schedule.

Kind regards,
Mary Bergevin

P.S. I have held a 98% patient satisfaction rating for 5 years.

Rebecca Ellis
Certified Nursing Assistant | [email protected] | (123) 456-7890 | 123 Main Street, Seattle, WA 12345

January 01, 2021

Jessica Taylor
Senior Hiring Manager
Seattle West Hospital
(987) 654-3210
[email protected]

Dear Ms. Taylor,

Achieving a 97% patient satisfaction rating for this year was one of the proudest moments of my career. I achieved this goal through hard work and providing consistently excellent care to every patient I worked with.

I see that Seattle West Hospital is expanding its trauma unit and looking for additional nursing staff. I have over 11 years of experience as a certified nursing assistant in one of the busiest hospitals on the West Coast. I believe that my knowledge of patient care in emergency situations will make me an asset to your nursing team.

Some of the highlights of my career include:

  • Training other CNA’s in the use of the new e-records medical system
  • Documenting the details of 40-50 new patients each day
  • Assisting in the care of up to 25 patients each day

I would love to meet with you to discuss how my years of experience will make me a valuable addition to Seattle West Hospital. Please feel free to call me with a date that suits your schedule.

Kind regards,
Rebecca Ellis

P.S. I was awarded employee of the year in 2020.

Certified Nursing Assistant Cover Letter Checklist

When writing your cover letter for a certified nursing assistant position, remember to include these five elements:

1. Heading. This should include your name, job title, and contact information. Using a stylized template is a good way to make it more eye-catching.

2. Salutation. Starting the letter with the hiring manager’s name — Mr. or Ms. [Last Name] — is always a good idea. If you’re not sure who you’re addressing, using “Dear Hiring Manager,” is also acceptable.

3. Introduction. The purpose of the introduction is to introduce yourself and clearly state your interest in the job while leading your reader into the body of the letter.

4. Body paragraphs. The main body of your cover letter should be broken up into two paragraphs that cover your most relevant professional experience, education, and skills. Readability is key, and a bulleted list can be a good way to communicate a few key points while making the letter more digestible.

5. Closing section. Your letter’s conclusion is the place to ask the hiring manager to follow up with an interview. It can be helpful to think of this as a call-to-action. You can also consider including a special P.S. afterward, where you mention one last achievement you’re proud of.


The introduction is your first opportunity to make an impression on the hiring manager, and it’s where you state your interest in the position. A good strategy is to pick one of your top accomplishments to include. It should be relevant to the job and quantifiable. Stick to specifics, rather than listing often-repeated facts, such as years of experience or education.


In my time as a certified nursing assistant, I have gained on-the-job experience working with diverse memory care and assisted living communities with up to 60 residents. My ability to combine effective time management with a high standard of individualized care makes me an ideal candidate for your position.


I have six years of experience working as a certified nursing assistant, making me a good candidate for your job opening.

Body Paragraphs

In your body paragraphs, the priority should be showing your enthusiasm for the position, as well as your interest in the organization. Again, remember to stick to specifics.

Then you can begin to detail a few of your most relevant accomplishments. Avoid simply repeating your resume, but feel free to include any significant promotions, degrees, awards, or specific projects you led. Be sure to pair each of these accomplishments with a positive outcome that benefitted your employer. If an accomplishment has an unclear benefit or outcome that isn’t easily quantifiable, it’s better to leave it off.


I have always considered Lakeshore Hospital to be a local leader in quality healthcare, and I aspire to bring my six years of experience to your caregiving team. I believe my consistent work ethic and attention to individual patient needs fits well with your high standard of care. Some of my most significant achievements are:

  • Learning to effectively manage my time when my patient load was increased from eight to 10, resulting in greater scheduling flexibility without sacrificing care standards.
  • Reducing patient wait times from an average of seven minutes to five minutes, allowing patient needs to be addressed more quickly.
  • Staying alert and attentive at all hours, reducing fall-related injuries among residents by 20%.


I have completed my CNA training and have four years of experience as a CNA. I believe that this experience makes me qualified for your job opening. I have many responsibilities at my current job, including assisting patients with daily needs, managing my time efficiently, and keeping all of my patients safe at all times.


Including a strong call to action is a must when closing your cover letter rather than simply saying thank you for your time. This should clearly and directly lead the hiring manager to take the next step of scheduling an interview.

Adding a P.S. that highlights one last accomplishment is an excellent way to draw the hiring manager’s eye and help you stand out from other applicants.


I’m looking forward to speaking with you in greater detail about the position and having the opportunity to show how I can add to Lakeshore Hospital’s outstanding reputation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email at your earliest convenience.



Jane Doe, CNA


P.S. I’d like to tell you how I won Most Valuable Team Member three weeks running!


Thank you for your time, and I’m looking forward to talking soon.



Jane Doe