Resume Builder offers numerous cutting-edge solutions for your career needs at just $2.95 during the 14-day trial period. Our application infuses artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology and writing methodologies from certified resume writers to help you build and customize your resume and cover letter.

Below, you’ll find a full description of our pricing:

Plan Pricing
Free Plan: Unlimited access to all features, download your completed resume as a text (TXT)-only file Free
14-day Full Access: Unlimited access to all features, download your completed resume as a Word or PDF file $2.95 for 14-days, then $23.95 billed every four weeks
Monthly Pro Plan: Unlimited access to all features, download your completed resume as a Word or PDF file $5.95 ($71.40 annual billing)

What Features Does Resume Builder Have?

Resume Builder offers various state-of-the-art features to support you during the resume writing process. Our application provides AI-powered writing support, 60+ template designs, and unlimited customization for all your career needs. We also offer high-quality resume examples across all industries, each written by a certified resume writer.

Advanced resume writing support tools

The Resume Builder app provides expert guidance to support you in every phase of the resume writing process. You can use our AI-powered support tools to craft your content or incorporate suggested phrases from professional resume writers.


Suggested bullet point phrases

Building a resume from scratch can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. We’ve compiled a database of suggested phrases by certified resume writers to help you craft eye-catching bullet points and compelling content.


Artificial intelligence-powered resume wizard

Our AI-powered online resume wizard allows you to instantly generate Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)-friendly content that matches your job title, industry, and career needs. We recommend using AI tools to give yourself a starting point. This provides a structure to capture unique aspects of your career experience and accomplishments.


Unlimited customization

With a premium subscription, the Resume Builder app offers unlimited ways to customize your resume according to your individual career goals. This includes 60+ resume design templates you can explore and alter to align with your professional brand.


We also provide options for custom resume sections to showcase the nuances of your career experience.


Cover letter writing tools

In addition to resume writing support, Resume Builder provides resources, unique templates, and AI-powered tools to help you craft an eye-catching cover letter based on your industry and target job. Using the cover letter generator, you can create a new cover letter for every job. This allows you to carefully align both components of your professional portfolio to maximize your odds of landing the interview.


Frequently Asked Questions About Resume Builder

Why should I use Resume Builder?-

In today’s job market, you need to capitalize on every opportunity to gain an advantage over the competition. Our Resume Builder app offers cutting-edge tools that can benefit job seekers across all experience levels. Whether you need to build a resume from scratch or seek guidance to refine existing content, our application has the resources to support you.

Can I use Resume Builder for free?-

We provide resume writing resources, examples, and free support on the Resume Builder app that allows you to download your content as a TXT-only file. Sign up for the 14-day Full Access or Monthly Pro Plan to download our templates as a Word or PDF file.

What makes Resume Builder unique?-

In addition to hundreds of resume examples, our certified resume writers have created phrases and sample bullet points you can adapt to your field. By leveraging the expertise of our professional resume writers and the power of AI, we’ve developed a unique resume-building solution to help you achieve your career goals.

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