A good cover letter can play a key role in landing your next clerical job. But many job seekers spend far less time on their cover letters than on their resumes. The result is that cover letters often come off as a faint echo of a resume – they can make the hiring manager less, not more inclined to call you for an interview.

You can avoid this pitfall, however. Just take time to explore what draws you to your field and the jobs you’re targeting. When you brainstorm and express these reasons, you can give your cover letter the relevance and confidence that makes hiring managers eager to contact you.

The following guide can help you strike a confident tone on your clerical cover letter. Read on for three cover letter examples and three key strategies that make them effective.

Clerical Cover Letter Examples and Templates

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Clerical Cover Letter Tips

Below are three essential tips to follow in working on your cover letter for clerical positions:

1. Use freewriting to find a confident tone

Cover letters work best when their writing projects confidence. But many people find it hard to write anything confidently, much less a formal request such as a cover letter. This “writer’s block” happens when you can hardly jot down a sentence without immediately second-guessing yourself and deleting the sentence to try it a better way.

You can use a brainstorming technique called focused freewriting to overcome this problem. It’s “focused” in that you must only write about a particular topic, but also “free” since you can write whatever comes to mind without regard for order or organization. Try a focused freewriting session for your next cover letter. Spend ten minutes writing down anything that comes to mind about why you’re drawn to the job in question. What intrigues or sparks your curiosity about it? And what draws you to your field in general?

This method helps you overcome the self-consciousness that makes many jobseekers use bland, generic phrasing on their cover letters. By writing more freely at first, you can better explore and capture your original thoughts about your job search. You’ll probably generate a lot of stray thoughts and ideas that you don’t end up using in your cover letter. But you’ll also probably generate at least a few clear, confident sentences that genuinely express your career interests. Get those clear sentences on your cover letter, and you’ll dramatically improve its persuasive effect on hiring managers.

2. Show your “soft skills” in action

For clerical workers, so-called “soft skills” like diligence and organization are key. But how can you emphasize those skills in your letter in a clear and compelling way? One good strategy is to set off each one as a bullet point, then couple it with an active statement that shows how you applied the skill to make a positive impact.


I’m a self-directed clerical assistant with 5+ years’ experience honing these core strengths and attributes:

  • Adaptability – Quickly learn new business systems, scheduling programs, and automation software
  • Organization – Maintain detailed, accurate records of customer correspondence and account updates
  • Initiative – Offer ideas to continually improve operations and deliver high-quality work with minimal oversight
  • Tech savvy – Apply advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and SharePoint

3. Start with a specific career highlight

Countless cover letters begin with a general statement like “Please accept my enclosed application to your [Title] job opening.” But statements like this are stuffy and unnecessary — if the hiring manager is looking at your cover letter, they already know they’ve received your application.

Give your letter a fresher intro by cutting to the chase with a specific, factual statement of one of your work highlights. When the highlight aligns with a hiring manager’s needs, it’ll catch their attention in the same way the job posting caught yours.


Dear Ms. Johnson:

In my current role as Office Assistant for XYZ Supply Corp., I’ve streamlined email communications with clients, helping raise our customer retention by 22%. I’d love to uphold that same level of service at Creavey Manufacturing.

Clerical Text-Only Cover Letters

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  • Example #2
  • Example #3

Kevin Morrison
123 Windermere Rd., Seattle, WA 12345 | (123) 456-7890 | [email protected]

Monday, August 15, 2022

Ms. Lori Taylor
Hiring Manager
MFC Bank
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]

Dear Ms. Taylor:

As a senior office assistant for KCG Financial, I was praised in my annual review for finding a more precise and efficient way to schedule meetings and business trips. I’d love to apply that same sense of innovation and continuous improvement at your bank.

I’m a clerical assistant with 5+ years of experience in the banking industry. During this time, I’ve reinforced the following core strengths:

  • Combine steady focus on due diligence with a willingness to try creative, practical new office administration methods
  • Expertly balance multiple tasks and priorities in a demanding, fast-paced corporate environment
  • Consistently meet deadlines while upholding high standards of compliance and accuracy
  • Equally effective working independently or on a team

Your job posting intrigued me, particularly the call for someone “committed to helping us support our clients with valuable investment products and banking services.” I’d greatly appreciate the chance to discuss how I can fit that role perfectly at your bank.

Please call or email me to arrange an interview. I will follow up with you soon to confirm you received my resume and see if you have any initial questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kevin Morrison

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