Dental Hygienist Resume Examples and Templates for 2023

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Dental hygiene is a career choice that offers generous compensation and job security. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting faster-than-average job growth for those who work in this profession, with an anticipated 13,300 new jobs to be added between 2019 and 2029, representing approximately 6 percent growth. Though most people think that the work environment is limited to dentists’ offices, opportunities exist in many other clinical settings, as well as in public health, in research, and in the corporate world.

Though the job market for dental hygienists is growing, it is also competitive. Whether you’re new to the field or have decades of experience under your belt, you need your resume to show what a valuable, positive addition you’ll be to any organization. To give you the best possible chance of getting the job you want, we’ve crafted four different downloadable resume examples and helpful resume-writing tips to help you write a stand-out resume.

Downloadable Resume Examples


Example #1 Entry-level


Example #2 Mid-career


Example #3 Senior-level

Dental Hygienist Resume Examples

Years of Experience
  • Entry-level Entry-level
  • Mid-career Mid-career
  • Senior-level Senior-level

Jennifer Wizniewski
(894) 832-3847
[email protected]
1114 Westminster Drive, Youngstown, OH  44515


Personable, detail-oriented licensed dental hygienist with steady hand and gentle touch. High level of confidence in oral health skills including cleanings, flossing, and screenings combined with ability to multitask, put patients at ease, and take proactive steps to avoid tooth loss and gum disease. Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively.

Key Skills

  • Prophylaxis treatment including teeth cleaning, flossing, gum massage, education, and scaling
  • Perform and interpret diagnostic and panoramic X-rays, digital imaging
  • Prevention of infection in compliance with Ohio State Dental Board and American Dental Association recommendations
  • Thorough review of health history
  • Whitening procedures, including Zoom and fabrication of whitening trays
  • Dentrix software for appointment scheduling
  • Patient oral health education


Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene
Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH – September 2013 to May 2017

Professional Experience

Dental Hygienist, Bright Smiles Dental Clinic, Youngstown, OH
May 2017 to Present

  • Performed hygienic, therapeutic, and preventive procedures on clinic patients, including cleaning teeth and gums using dental tools and equipment
  • Provide educational services for patients on oral health and preventative techniques
  • Assisted dentist during examinations, communicating findings from initial examination including potential symptoms of periodontal disease
  • Conducted minor oral health treatments including taking X-rays, applying protective sealants, dental charting, stain removal, and taking impressions

Waitress, Emerald Diner
September 2015 to February 2017

  • Greeted patients upon arrival and explain menu specials
  • Recorded food and beverage orders, noting special orders
  • Checked identifications to ensure patrons meet minimum age requirements for alcoholic beverages
  • Accurately entered orders into computer system for kitchen preparation of meals
  • Delivered meals to patrons in a timely fashion and ensured their satisfaction
  • Prepared and stocked server stations with silverware and condiments
  • Assisted and collaborated with co-workers when needed
  • Delivered accurate customer checks and collected payment, making change where necessary
  • Cleared and cleaned table in preparation for next customers

Madeline Wentworth
(289) 384-2944
[email protected]
342 Walnut Street, Bismarck, ND 58503


Dependable licensed dental hygiene professional with 6+ years of experience working in innovative, modern dental practice. Expertise in working with diverse populations, including adolescents, medically compromised, and geriatrics. Experience in soft tissue management, whitening procedures, periodontal charting, sonic and ultrasonic instrumentation as well as certification in Basic Life Support and Nitrous Oxide Monitoring. Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with Dentist and office staff, as well as to provide mentoring and training to new staff members. Competence in dental laboratory skills as well as familiarity with electronic health recording systems.

Professional Experience

Dental Hygienist, Bismarck Dental Services, Bismarck ND
May 2014 — Present

  • Review patients’ health and oral health history prior to beginning dental hygiene procedures
  • Manage patient anxiety through pleasant demeanor, education, and empathy
  • Examine patients’ teeth, removing plaque and calculus, performing debridement and root planing as needed
  • Operate digital X-ray machine to provide intraoral radiographs
  • Introduced innovative cleaning approach to reduce patient discomfort and anxiety
  • Counsel patients on the importance of proper oral hygiene maintenance

Digital Orthodontic Lab Tech, ACME Orthodontics, Lincoln, ND
January 2011 — April 2013

  • Prepare digital models for 3D printing
  • Scan existing plaster models into digital files
  • Prepare models and aligners for moving teeth
  • Clean and prep printed models for appliance fabrication
  • Operate lab equipment
  • Follow lab operations policies and procedures


Dental Hygiene Program
North Dakota State College of Science, Wahpeton, ND September 2011-May 2013

Key Skills

  • Provide diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic, and minimally invasive restorative services
  • Support patients in developing and maintaining good oral health
  • Educate patients in relationship between diet and oral health
  • Guide patients in selection of oral care devices
  • Document patient care and treatment plans
  • Communication and collaboration


  • Basic Life Support
  • Nitrous Oxide Monitoring

Sally DiAntonio
(428) 834-2929
[email protected]
212 Hatch Court, Santa Fe, NM 87504


Experienced, licensed kid-friendly pediatric dental hygienist with experience providing oral health care for up to 10 patients per day and assisting Dentist as needed. Strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail, high level of manual dexterity and compassion, knowledgeable, and adept at oral health education appropriate to patient age, maturity, and ability. Knowledge of digital x-ray equipment and all hand and power tools needed for teeth cleaning. Proficient with dental charting software.

Professional Experience

Pediatric Dental Hygienist, Smiles for Miles, Santa Fe, NM
May 2013 — Present

  • Work under the supervision of the Pediatric Dentist, collaborating on high-quality patient care
  • Greet patients and their guardian in a way that is welcoming and soothing
  • Prepare treatment room for patients, adhering to prescribed procedures and protocols
  • Clean teeth of patients ranging in age from 2 to 18, removing plaque and hard deposits, flossing and applying fluoride treatments or sealants as needed
  • Record and assess patient dental health and status including number of teeth, changes in dental health, areas of concern
  • Assist with special needs patient population
  • Educate patients and their guardians on proper care of teeth and gums

Dental Hygienist, Dr. Klein, DDS, Santa Fe, NM
January 2009 — May 2013

  • Encouraged dental health through the administration of excellent dental prophylaxis
  • Cleaned deposits and stains from patients’ teeth and beneath gum margins
  • Conducted oral cancer screening
  • Administered dental radiographic studies
  • Charted conditions of oral decay and disease
  • Maintained instruments for dental hygiene treatment
  • Selected materials and equipment for dental hygiene treatment based on each patient’s oral health needs


Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene
The University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque NM AUGUST 2005 — MAY 2009

Master of Science in Dental Hygiene
The University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque NM August 2012 — June 2014

Key Skills

  • Use of dental technology
  • Knowledge of dental hygiene
  • Infection control
  • Chairside manner
  • Convey sense of safety and calm
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Multitasking
  • Anticipating Doctor’s needs

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Dental Hygienist Resumes

Composing a winning resume is a far different task than it once was. Where hiring managers once received a manageable number of resumes and sat down to read each one carefully, today’s online application process means that they are inundated with applications. Many rely on state-of-the-art Applicant Tracking systems to help them filter out those who don’t match their needs, and even those who don’t use these systems scan for appropriate and relevant content such as desirable technical skills and keywords that match their company’s culture and goals. To improve your chances of getting called in for an interview, make sure that you include the key skills and action verbs that are most attractive to organizations hiring dental hygienists. Those terms include:

Key Skills & Proficiencies
Anxiety management Charting
Communication Detail oriented
Intraoral digital imaging and X-rays Oral hygiene instruction and recommendations
Organization Pain control
Periodontal therapy Plaque and calculus removal
Problem solving Rapport
Self-direction Time management
Action Verbs
Assess Assist
Calm Clean
Collaborate Communicate
Educate Engage
Examine Interact
Mentor Remove
Restore Screen

Tips for Writing a Better Dental Hygienist Resume

Highlight your ability to relate to and engage with patients

Dental hygienists have universal technical skills that are required for a basic level of competency, but what really sets a dental professional apart and makes them an invaluable employee is their ability to establish rapport with patients and to manage any fear and anxiety that they may experience. By highlighting your people skills, you give potential employers a sense of your priorities, and why you would be an asset for their organization.

Example #1


Adept at calming dental phobic patients, putting them at ease, and calming their anxiety.


Good with people.

Example #2


Extensive experience working with pediatric, geriatric, and special needs patient population.


Work well with diverse patients.

Showcase additional certifications that you’ve earned

When employers are recruiting for a dental hygienist, the candidate that is most likely to get a second look is the one who has expertise in areas beyond the basic oral hygiene skills taught in an A.A.S program. If you have pursued continuing education or earned certifications in areas such as Nitrous Oxide Monitoring, Orthodontic Assistant, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or Radiography, including them on your resume will turn you into a standout applicant.

Example #1


Earned certification in Nitrous Oxide Monitoring in order to more effectively assist lead Dentist.


Licensed and certified.

Example #2


Administered local and topical anesthesia in more than 200 dental patients.


Certificate of Local Anesthesia

How to Align Your Resume with the Job Description

When it’s time for a new job, you don’t just respond to every single opening for a dental hygienist. You search for the job that is most aligned with your particular needs, preferences, values and skill set, bypassing those that are not a good fit. The same is true for employers, who review each resume that they receive, filtering out those that don’t meet their specifications and prioritizing those that match them most closely.

To take advantage of this dynamic and make your resume shine, take the time to match the information you include in your profile and previous experience to what the employer has specified as important to them. From the particular skills that they cite to the soft skill words and verbs that they employ in their job description, mirroring what they say is one of the most effective ways of communicating that you are exactly the individual that they are looking for.

Those details may include years of experience, certifications, expertise in particular dental procedures or experience with a particular patient population. Whatever they are, once you’ve identified them simply open up your resume and add them in to what you already have, or substitute their words for the ones that you’ve used. It may seem like a small thing, but it will make a big difference.

Example Dental Hygienist Job Description

Our state-of-the-art dental practice is seeking a team player who can provide exceptional care to our patient population. Dr. Potter’s dental practice emphasizes an upbeat and energetic atmosphere that focuses on educating patients about dental hygiene and the link between nutrition and oral health. Our services go beyond prophylaxis, providing patients with the ability to improve their appearance and boost their self-confidence through whitenings, Invisalign, and other cosmetic services. Must be willing to assist the front desk as well as the Doctor. Must be licensed, have prior experience and a patient-first mentality. Experience with geriatric patients is a plus.


  • Create a welcoming environment for our patients
  • Provide patient treatments including cleanings, digital radiographs, Invisalign scanning, whitening
  • Support a positive work environment for colleagues
  • Enter patient records into electronic records system


  • 3+ years of prior experience as a dental hygienist
  • Licensed
  • Experience with geriatric population a plus
  • Knowledge of cosmetic dentistry
  • Ability to work independently
  • Eager to learn new skills and technologies

The job description indicates that the perfect candidate would have the following characteristics, expertise and experience:

  • Experience with multiple patient populations, including with geriatrics
  • Knowledge of cosmetic dental procedures, as well as basic dental hygiene skills
  • Expertise in nutrition and patient education
  • Positive attitude
  • Team player
  • Technology orientation

This employer’s job description provides a wealth of information about the type of dental hygienist and employee they are looking for, including the skills that they need and the attitude and approach that they expect. By echoing the procedures, patient population and personality attributes that they have included in their recruitment ad, you can create a positive impression before you ever meet them. Here is an example:

Dental Hygienist Work Experience Example

Dental Hygienist

Wendell Dental, September 2016 — Present

  • Provided patient screening and dental procedures for patients ranging from pediatric and adolescent through geriatric population. Services included scaling and root planing, removal of calculus, stan and plaque from teeth, Invisalign scanning, teeth whitening and restorative techniques
  • Assisted doctor in advanced dental procedures
  • Applied fluorides and other cavity preventing agents to arrest dental decay
  • Provided and interpreted panoramic X-rays and digital radiographs using Nomad x-ray system
  • Entered information into dental software system
  • Educated patients in healthy nutrition and good hygiene practices
  • Assisted administrative staff with greeting clients, filing, appointment scheduling, and other front office tasks