Sales Manager Cover Letter Examples and Templates for 2023

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for sales managers is expected to increase by 4%, or by 15,400 jobs, from 2019 to 2029. Employment opportunities for individual sales managers will depend on whether their respective industries experience growth or contraction. Whether your chosen field is competitive or not, you need a strong cover letter to compete in leadership roles.

To learn how to improve your sales manager cover letter, download one of the four available cover letter examples applicable for job seekers who are entry-level or more experienced. Keep reading below for tips on how to strengthen your cover letter and get noticed by hiring managers.

Downloadable Cover Letter Examples


Example #1 Entry-level


Example #2 Mid-career


Example #3 Senior-level

Sales Manager Cover Letter Examples (Text Format)

Years of Experience
  • Entry-level Entry-level
  • Mid-career Mid-career
  • Senior-level Senior-level

Summer Xiong
Sales Manager | | (111) 222-3333 | 123 My Road, Las Vegas, NV 32109

March 8, 2021

Jocelyn Porter
Senior Hiring Manager
Century 21 Americana
(555) 666-7777
[email protected]

Dear Ms. Porter,

Leading my branch team to exceed 100% of our sales targets in 2020 was my proudest career achievement to date. I hope to bring the same energetic and inspiring leadership ability to the role of Sales Manager at Century 21 Americana.

As a committed manager with three years’ experience in a leadership role and a passion for building thriving sales teams, the positive and productive ethos at Century 21 Americana appeals to me. I believe that the following achievements demonstrate how I can contribute meaningfully to your company:

  • Recruiting and training three talented new graduates in 2020 who collectively increased the branch’s yearly revenue by 23%
  • Receiving a workplace commendation for devising and leading role-play training sessions that resulted in increased confidence and ability to close sales
  • Reconfiguring workflow procedures to increase my team’s efficiency by 45% over a 6-month period

I would like to meet to explore how my extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and outstanding track record for leadership and mentorship can help Century 21 Americana achieve its goals in 2021. Please feel free to get in touch to arrange an interview at your convenience.

Summer Xiong

P.S. I would love to explain why I was voted Manager of the Year at my company in 2019.    

Jason Kalil
Sales Manager | [email protected] | (123) 456-7890 | 123 South Street, Tampa, FL 12345

January 01, 2021

Todd Wilkinson
HR Manager
Oceanside Retail
(987) 654-3210
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Wilkinson,

My supervisor challenged me to increase our overall revenue by 15% over a period of 100 days. I rose to this challenge, and through training and other tools, I pushed my team of 25 to increase by 20% in 100 days. My sales team has now reached new sales records in each quarter for the past two years.

In my time at Creek Retail, I have been involved in building and training national sales teams from the ground up. I have worked as a sales manager for the past nine years, and I believe that I have the knowledge and experience to help Oceanside Retail become a national success.

Some of the highlights of my career include:

  • Developing strategies to introduce 10 new products to the market
  • Training over 100 new sales staff
  • Running marketing campaigns with budgets that exceeded $1 million.

I’d like to set up an interview so we can discuss how my years of experience could be a benefit to the future development of Oceanside Retail.

Kind regards,
Jason Kalil

P.S. I would love to tell you how I personally generated sales of $250,000 in the last quarter.

Ellis Schmidt
Sales Manager | [email protected] | (089) 685-7643 | 432 Address Avenue, Savannah, GA 34567

March 11, 2021

Nancy Curtis
Senior Hiring Manager
Capital One
(876) 543-2109
[email protected]

Dear Ms. Curtis,

Receiving 100% positive feedback for the support I provided to my company’s automobile dealership partners was my crowning accomplishment of 2020. Feedback responses mentioned my prompt service and ability to resolve complex issues efficiently. I hope to demonstrate the same collaborative work ethic and attention to detail as a sales manager at Capital One.

As a manager with 10+ years’ experience selling auto finance and building strong professional networks, I find the opportunity to join one of the leading industry names exciting. I believe that my recent achievements clearly demonstrate that I have the extensive sales experience and leadership qualities to deliver results. These include:

  • Seeking and establishing enduring relationships with new partners, resulting in a client list growth of 43% last year
  • Delivering assertive and inspiring sales pitches to convert 85% of leads within a single meeting
  • Onboarding and training six new sales team members in 2020, all of whom exceeded their personal sales targets in their first month of employment

I am keen to explore how my purposeful mentorship and talent for discovering business opportunities can benefit the sales team at Capital One. I look forward to receiving your interview invitation.

Ellis Schmidt

P.S. I would like to explain how I led my team to exceed 75% of our collective targets last year.

Sales Manager Cover Letter Checklist

Effective cover letters for sales managers should include five main elements:

1. Heading. Using a stylized template can help emphasize your basic information. You should include:

  • Your name, job title, and contact info
  • The date of application
  • The recipient’s details

2. Salutation. You should address the hiring manager by name, such as Mr. or Ms. [last name]. If you’re unable to find their name, it’s acceptable to greet them with “Dear Hiring Manager,” instead.

3. Introduction. Use this element to introduce yourself and your interest in the role distinctively.

4. Body paragraphs. The body paragraphs should describe your relevant professional experience, skills, education, and accomplishments. Writing these in a bulleted list can help break up blocks of texts and emphasize important points to the hiring manager.

5. Closing section. This is essentially the call to action section of your cover letter where you request an interview with the hiring manager. To further highlight your qualifications, add a P.S. with a notable achievement to draw the hiring manager’s attention.


Your cover letter’s introduction section is your opportunity to make an initial impression on the hiring manager. You should introduce yourself, express your interest, and make sure you stand out by including a notable achievement. This achievement should be quantifiable and indicate how you meet the skills and experience required for the job. Instead of writing generic facts about your experience, be specific about how you meet the job’s qualifications.


I led a team of 15 salespeople to increase company sales by a quota-exceeding 15% over three years. I hope to contribute to your organization in a similarly successful and driven manner.


As a sales manager with 10 years of experience, I meet the qualifications for the role of sales manager.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs of your cover letter should first indicate your interest in the position available, as well as your appreciation and respect for the hiring organization. Be sure to specify why you want this position and why it’s a good fit for you.

The following paragraph should describe your relevant accomplishments, which could include advanced educational degrees, certifications, promotions, or any successful projects that you led. Each achievement should be paired with a positive outcome so that hiring managers have a quantifiable idea of how you can contribute in this role.


With 10 years of sales manager experience, I’m intrigued by Mediastol’s continued pursuit of competitive growth and sales. The company’s commitment to sustainable buyer networks and innovative products perfectly complements my competitive drive.


I’m interested in helping Mediastol Corporation in achieving continued growth and success. Some of my past achievements include:

  • Increased territory sales from $2 million to $3 million within four years, exceeding sales quotas by an average of 14%
  • Awarded for superior performance in recognition of contributions to territory expansion, new business developments, and record sales
  • Demonstrated expert understanding of sales and customer satisfaction through the management of a 15-person sales team, consequently gaining sales results over competitors


The job description indicates that the sales manager must have at least three years of experience. As a sales manager with five years of experience, I would be a great fit for Mediastol Corporation.


Some of my current responsibilities include:

  • Managing and training the sales team
  • Present, negotiate, and close sales
  • Grow market share and increase territory sales

Closing Section

To make a final strong impression on the hiring manager, end your cover letter with a call to action (CTA) that prompts them to schedule an interview. Avoid simply thanking the manager for their time and consideration.

You can also further emphasize your skills and abilities by including a postscript underneath your closing that describes an additional relevant achievement. This format draws the eye and highlights your qualifications.


I’d like to meet with you to discuss how I can contribute to Morningstar Corporation and its reputation for excellent sales performance and customer satisfaction. Please contact me with a date and time that best suits your schedule.



Mark Thomas


P.S. I’d love to tell you about how I won the Top Sales Recognition Award!


I’d like to discuss my qualifications for this role and learn more about it. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Mark Thomas