Internship Cover Letter Examples and Templates for 2023

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Internships are typically tied to an academic program, allowing students to apply course concepts in a professional environment. Because internships are so critical to future job prospects, the competition can be fierce. One way to stand out from other applicants is to write a compelling cover letter that draws attention to your skills and work experience.

To learn how to write an excellent internship cover letter, download one of the templates below and customize it according to your personal and professional goals. In addition to four cover letter templates, you’ll find a guide with tips on writing a cover letter that gets you noticed.

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Internship Cover Letter Examples (Text Format)

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Mackenzie Martin
Business Administration Student  | [email protected] | (123) 456-7890 | 123 Address St., St. Louis, MO 63101

January 1, 2021

Andrea Tarentino
Recruiting Manager
Creative Communications, Inc.
(314) 987-6543
[email protected]

Dear Ms. Tarentino,

At Prairie Landing Business College, I have successfully maintained a 4.0 GPA for seven consecutive semesters. I’ve also worked as an administrative assistant in the Bursar’s Office for two and a half years, processing tuition payments and assisting with financial aid dispersion.

I’m passionate about the business world, which is why I’m completing my bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in digital marketing. The skills I’ve mastered while pursuing my degree will help me thrive as a marketing intern at Creative Communications, Inc., and my educational mentor agrees.

Here are some of my achievements:

  • Participated in more than 30 events for DECA’s Competitive Events Program and received several recognition awards
  • Won first place in the STL Regional Library’s annual junior business leaders competition
  • Maintained perfect attendance for six out of seven semesters at Prairie Landing Business College

I look forward to chatting more about these accomplishments and how they can benefit your company. Please let me know a date and time that work well for you to discuss the opportunity futher.

Sincerely Yours,

Mackenzie Martin

P.S. I’d love to share why the team at St. Louis Business Associates voted me “Most Likely to Become a Millionaire by 30” in 2020.

Gertrude Mcdaniel
Marketing Supervisor | [email protected] | (434) 395-9244 | 54 Career Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ

January 11, 2021

Sidney Brockley
Senior Hiring Manager
BigAds Agency
(323) 386-3948
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Brockley,

After a successful career in traditional marketing, I’m looking to transfer my skills to the digital sphere and make the most of my recently acquired master’s degree in digital marketing. I want to add value to your organization while gaining valuable experience within this fast-growing sector.

I’ve spent the last six years working as a supervisor in the marketing department of the global brand, Molson Coors. My team played an instrumental role in implementing the recent changes that have modernized the company and led to 5% growth within a year.

I would be delighted to bring the wealth of my experience and the knowledge I’ve gained about digital marketing to BigAds as an intern. Some of my previous achievements include:

  • Trained team members, which had a direct impact on the department’s staff retention record of 96%
  • Identified areas of overspending and played an active role in significant EBITDA improvements

After reading the company values and mission statement, I’m certain that my skills and attitude are perfectly aligned with the culture at BigAds. Please let me know when the best time is for an interview.


Gertrude McDaniel, B.A., M.A.

P.S. I’m particularly excited to tell you more about how I improved my current company’s marketing ROI by 2% in 2019 and 4% in 2020.

Maria Esperanza
Data Scientist | [email protected] | (123) 878-0990 | 99 Hope Street, Los Alamos, NM 50557

January 11, 2021

Jenny Medina
Senior Hiring Manager
Viome, Inc.
(373) 232-7224
[email protected]

Dear Ms. Medina,

Advanced working experience in applied statistics, SQL, and Python, make me an ideal candidate for the internship position at Viome. My knowledge, combined with exceptional communication skills, allowed me to implement big data analysis techniques and learning algorithms that optimized classifiers across the company in my current role.

Mathematics and wellness have always been my main passions, evidenced by my bachelor’s degree in applied statistics, master’s degree in nutrition, and my pursuit of a Ph.D. in data science.

Working in a high-tech start-up environment has become a burning ambition. I’d like to demonstrate how my skills will transfer perfectly from a business-driven data science role into a dynamic smaller company with a humanitarian mission. My previous accomplishments include:

  • Utilized data mining techniques and machine learning to forecast product sales with a 96% accuracy rate
  • Performed ad-hoc analyses using social media to help the sales and marketing department streamline the acquisitions process

I’d be delighted to set up an interview so we can discuss my suitability for your company’s internship position in more detail. Please let me know a time to suit you.

All the best,

Maria Esperanza, M.S., Ph.D., CAP

P.S. I’ve recently started working towards the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Senior Data Scientist (SDS) award and would love to tell you how it’ll help me add even more value to your organization.

Internship Cover Letter Checklist

All internship cover letters should include these important elements:

1. Heading. The first section of the letter should contain an address block with your name and address, the date, and the hiring manager’s contact information. Use an attractive template to make the header look as professional as possible.

2. Salutation. Next, write a formal greeting, such as “Dear Ms. Jones.” If you don’t know the name of the person reading your internship cover letter, use “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Internship Coordinator.”

3. Introduction. Write an attention-getting opening that persuades the hiring manager to read your entire cover letter. Include a statement that explains why you’re interested in the job and the company.

4. Body paragraphs. Include two paragraphs that provide information about your education, skills and work experience. To break up the text and make it easier to read, use bullets or create a numbered list.

5. Closing section. In the closing, give the hiring manager a call to action by asking the them to contact you to schedule an interview. End the letter with a professional finish, such as “Sincerely yours” or “Best regards.”


The introduction is one of the most important elements of a cover letter because it’s your first opportunity to impress hiring managers and make them want to know more about you. To capture their attention, use this section to introduce some of your accomplishments. Choose accomplishments that can be measured in some way to help the hiring manager understand why you’re a good fit for the internship. For example, someone who works in a campus bookstore might include details on how many customers they serve per shift or how many textbooks they’ve sold.


As a telecounselor for the University of New Mexico Office of Admissions, I contact an average of 20 students per shift — 18% of those students schedule campus tours. I look forward to using my interpersonal skills as an intern at Sage Capital.


I am excited to complete an internship and would like to do it at Sage Capital.

Body Paragraphs

The body of your cover letter should highlight your excitement for the role and the achievements that qualify you. Start the first body paragraph with an explanation of why you want the internship and what makes you interested in the hiring organization. Avoid generic statements in favor of a detailed description that helps the hiring manager understand why you want the job.

Next, review your accomplishments and work several of them into your cover letter. If you haven’t graduated yet, this section should focus on educational achievements and accomplishments from any jobs you’ve held previously. Recent graduates should mention their degrees and incorporate measurable achievements from past internships or part-time jobs. Be sure to bullet some of your achievements to break up the text and draw the eye of the hiring manager.


I’m passionate about the banking industry and would love a chance to work at a Fortune 100 banking company like Smithington Bank. During my last three terms, I’ve completed courses that would help me excel as an intern at Smithington Bank, including Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Taxation I, Taxation II, and Auditing.


My achievements to date show my dedication and reliability, whether in my studies or my employment at the campus bookstore.

  • Dean’s List every semester, with a cumulative GPA of 3.82
  • Rating of “Exceeds Expectation” at my latest employee performance review
  • Processed 12% more invoices per quarter than the average clerk


I am currently attending The University of Pittsburgh and studying business. It would be interesting to do an internship at Smithington Bank. 


For my current job as a bookstore clerk, I am responsible for processing invoices from vendors, stocking inventory, and using a cash register to ring up sales.


Finish your internship cover letter with a closing that asks the hiring manager to schedule an interview. This request makes it clear that you’re interested in the job and want an opportunity to discuss your qualifications. Avoid generic statements like “Thank you for your time” and “I hope to hear from you.”

Keep the hiring manager reading right to the last line of the page by adding a P.S. below your signature. Use this space to highlight another one of your accomplishments.


It would be a privilege to meet with you to provide more details about my skills and explain how they would benefit your organization. Please contact me at (123) 456-7890 to set up an interview that works with your schedule. I look forward to learning more about ABC Foods and discussing how I can use the knowledge gained in my accounting and auditing courses to help your team set up a new accounting system.


Best regards,


Joseph Gellhorn


P.S. I’d love to tell you about how one of my suggestions increased department efficiency by 48%.


Thank you for reading my cover letter. I hope to hear from you about the internship with ABC Foods.




Joseph Gellhorn