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Cashier Cover Letter and Resume Example (Text Form)

Facts About This Resume:

  • Candidate has five consecutive years of cashiering experience.
  • Candidate has held two long-term cashier positions.
  • Candidate has relevant skills.

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Ella Anderson 123.456.7890
[email protected]
123 Your Street, Lexington, SC 12345

Primary Objective

Dependable cashier with five consecutive years of experience, including long-term roles in grocery and restaurant positions. Friendly, outgoing individual who works well with other team members to deliver top-notch customer service in a fast-paced environment. Three-time Employee of the Month award recipient this year.

Professional Experience

Thompson's Family Grocery Store, Lexington, SC
Lead Cashier, March 2017 — Present
  • Accept cash, debit, credit, check and EBT payments
  • Count and assemble post-shift deposits for all cashiers at closing time
  • Assist front desk team with scheduling breaks and determining when to end shifts early
  • Address customer concerns and effectively handle complaints
  • Deliver exceptional customer service while scanning groceries or helping shoppers find items in the store
Chuck's Chicken, Lexington, SC
Front Line Cashier, January 2014 — March 2017
  • Accepted cash, debit and credit payments
  • Assembled orders in bags or on trays for customers
  • Maintained front line and lobby supplies, including ketchup, napkins and cutlery
  • Helped management address customer complaints
  • Cleaned lobby, washed dishes and took out trash


River Bluff Pointe Community College, Lexington, SC
Associate of Arts In General Studies, September 2014 — June 2016

Key Skills

  • Friendly
  • Outgoing
  • Organized
  • Dependable
  • Team player
  • Drawer countdown and deposit assembly
  • Able to lift up to 75 pounds without assistance
  • Time management


  • ServSafe Food Handler

Dear [Hiring Manager],

Good afternoon. My name is Ella Anderson, and I am applying for the evening cashier position at Kaci's Clothing Store. Kinsley Jacobs, your morning cashier, notified me about this position because she feels I can meet the job requirements due to my outgoing personality and passion for fashion.

I regularly read style magazines and attend local fashion shows, so I'm well-versed in current trends. When I'm not manning the register, I can boost store sales by helping customers select outfits and accessories that enhance their unique personalities. I'm also comfortable offering shoppers an application for the store credit card or signing them up for Kaci's loyalty program. When I worked for Chuck's Chicken, I personally enrolled more than 500 new customers in the restaurant's rewards program.

As a current cashier for Thompson's Family Grocery Store, I quickly scan and bag customer's food, beverages and household essentials while chatting with shoppers. I understand the importance of staying busy while on the clock, and my manager often states that I have the cleanest station in the store. I have also been recognized as Employee of the Month three times this year.

I would like to meet with you to discuss my skills and experience at your earliest convenience. You can call me at (123) 456-7890 or email me at [email protected] Thank you for your consideration.

Ella Anderson
[email protected]

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4 Tips for Writing a Cashier Resume from an Expert

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1. Focus on experience rather than formal education.

Some cashiers have college degrees or certifications, but you generally don’t need one for a cashier job. It’s okay to still mention a college degree on your resume or in your cover letter, but don’t emphasize your education unless it’s in a relevant field. For example, you may highlight a degree in restaurant management if you’re applying for a fast food cashier position, or you may mention that you’re currently pursuing a biology degree if you want a job at the zoo’s snack shack.

If you have no education other than a GED or high school diploma, you may want to remove the education section from your resume. You can use the extra space to list an extra cashier job or highlight more of your essential skills.

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2. Emphasize your relevant personality traits.

Cashiers are sometimes the only point of contact customers have when they visit a restaurant or retail store, so your personality is a reflection of the business. Hiring managers realize this, so make sure you mention essential personality traits, such as your outgoing attitude, patience or friendliness, in your resume. You may also want to state that you thrive in fast-paced environments or describe yourself as a people person.

In addition to having a friendly attitude, cashiers should also be organized, efficient and productive. Some managers walk around repeating phrases like, “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean” because they want hardworking cashiers who stay busy when customers are scarce.

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3. Highlight your stability.

Cashier positions often have a high turnover rate. There are several reasons for this, including the lack of experience required for the position and the stressful environments where some cashiers work. It takes time and money to train new cashiers, so hiring managers want to see that you are reliable. They want to know that you won’t quit a few weeks later or call in sick every other day.

Showcase your stability by mentioning attendance awards you’ve received or emphasizing that you’ve held the same positions for years at a time. You can also mention that you hope to grow with the company if you’re seeking a cashier job in hopes of later becoming a shift manager.

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4. Share similar job duties.

Cashiers generally run a register and greet customers, but they may also help in other areas when needed. You may need to lift heavy cartons of food or move racks of clothing, or you might need to count down drawers and assemble deposits. You may also need to organize the stockroom, sweep the parking lot or log customer complaints. If you have experience with any of these things, mention them in your resume or cover letter.

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