Artist Cover Letter Examples and Templates for 2023

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While job growth for those in the arts field varies by occupation, special effects artists and animators are expected to increase by 4% over the next decade. If you want to keep pace with other up-and-coming professionals in this field, it’s important to find unique ways to distinguish yourself. A professional cover letter is a good first step.

There are plenty of ways to improve your cover letter. You can take a look at examples of good and bad cover letters below and browse tips on how to write a better cover letter for artists. There are also downloadable cover letter examples that are perfect for jobs at all professional levels.

Downloadable Cover Letter Examples


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Artist Cover Letter Examples (Text Format)

Years of Experience
  • Entry-level Entry-level
  • Mid-career Mid-career
  • Senior-level Senior-level

Tyesha Stack
Story Artist | [email protected] | (123) 456-7891 | 123 My Street, Los Angeles, CA 08642

May 25, 2021

Clorinda Witt
Senior Hiring Manager
Skydance Animation
(753) 157-7531
[email protected]

Dear Ms. Witt,

Last year, I collaborated with two colleagues to create the color concepts for one of the top five animated films of the year. My supervisors praised my team’s use of paintings and marker sketches to produce a cohesive scheme. I am excited to demonstrate these skills as a story artist at Skydance Animation.

As an innovative creator with more than two years of experience in the animation industry, Skydance Animation’s commitment to creating incredible visuals by leveraging cutting-edge technology appeals to me. My recent accomplishments show that I have the technical and creative abilities to excel on your team. They include:

  • Being selected out of 25 story artists to create a range of facial expressions for the main character of a feature film
  • Mentoring three student interns to improve their understanding of storyboarding and composition
  • Receiving praise five times during performance reviews for my exceptional work ethic and productivity

I would love to meet to discuss how I can help your organization continue its reputation as an industry leader. Please get in touch to arrange a time and date.


Tyesha Stack

P.S. I would like to tell you why my work was featured in the December 2020 edition of ANIMATIONWorld Magazine.

Terence Poole
Print Production Artist | [email protected] | (385) 294-5035 | 432 First Street, Colorado Springs, CO 39503

May 18, 2021

Edgar Goodman
Senior Hiring Manager
Minuteman Press
(485) 244-5738
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Goodman,

I recently implemented a new client liaison protocol that reduced revision requests by 45% over six months. The system improved communication efficiency and ensured swift adaptation to evolving briefs. I hope to apply similar strategic skills as a print production artist at Minuteman Press.

As an innovative artist with over 7 years of on-call experience, I am excited by the chance to join the creative team at Minuteman Press. I believe that your company’s reputation for leveraging cutting-edge illustration technologies aligns perfectly with my skill set. My recent achievements include:

  • Training six interns to improve their use of the InDesign program, three of whom joined the company post-graduation as professional illustrators
  • Consistently working efficiently on tight timescales, delivering 76% of projects early while ensuring a 99% satisfaction rate over two years
  • Receiving glowing praise during my annual performance review for my strong understanding of branding and color selection

I look forward to attending an interview to discuss how my extensive experience producing branded literature and superb lettering skills can help your company continue its reputation for fast and high-quality service. Please contact me to set up an interview time.


Terence Poole

P.S. I would love to tell you my work was featured in the May 2020 edition of the Artists & Illustrators magazine.

Micah Smith
Artist | [email protected] | (123) 456-7890 | 123 Beach Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101

May 23, 2021

Katie Turner
Senior Art Director
(987) 654-3210
[email protected]

Dear Ms. Turner,

For the past decade, I have been working to improve my craft. I am constantly challenging myself to incorporate new styles and mediums into my art. As a result, I feel that I am more than qualified to fulfill the duties and responsibilities as an artist at ArtCo.

Most recently, in my role as the senior artist at Art Home, I have been a key contributor in developing art programs for the community and ensuring a high-quality work environment for all employees. Some of my proudest accomplishments include:

  • Creating an after-school art class for low-income children that achieved a 95% satisfaction rate, according to surveys
  • Introducing sustainable art materials to help the business become more environmentally friendly
  • Developing an art supply donation program to reduce waste by 30%

As you can see, I am a dedicated artist who would thrive at ArtCo. My passion for art, interest in serving the community, and experience with a variety of projects make me an outstanding candidate for this position. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Micah Smith

P.S. I’d love to tell you about the mural I painted for a local school!

Artist Cover Letter Checklist

There are five core elements to a great artist cover letter:

1. Heading. A personalized template can help your header get noticed. Be sure to include your name, title, contact info, the date you wrote the letter, and the addressee’s details.

2. Salutation. When possible, greet the hiring manager by name, using Mr. or Mrs. and then their last name. Using “Dear Hiring Manager,” is acceptable if you can’t find their personal information.

3. Introduction. Introduce yourself and find an attention-grabbing way to communicate your interest in the job.

4. Body paragraphs. In two paragraphs, outline your relevant professional experience, education, and skills. This is a great place for a bulleted list, which can help the hiring manager quickly scan the information.

5. Closing section. The best way to write a conclusion is to treat it as a call to action (CTA). Your goal should be to encourage the hiring manager to offer you an interview. You can also add in a P.S., which can be an eye-catching way to draw attention to one of your achievements.


To make your introduction stand out, choose one of your top professional accomplishments in your resume and incorporate it to get the hiring manager’s attention. Quantifiable achievements work best, as they are a clear way to demonstrate your qualifications for the job. You want to avoid generic facts that appear commonly on cover letters, such as your level of education or years of experience.


One of my most memorable achievements working as the Art Director for Better Homes and Gardens Magazine was consistently completing projects 10% faster than projected. I hope to continue to improve my skill and efficiency in the Arts Director role at Country Living.


I am confident that my 10 years of experience working as an Art Director will be valuable to your company.

Body Paragraphs

At the beginning of your body paragraphs, be sure to express interest in the position, as well as admiration for the organization itself. As always, stick to specifics.

Then, you can begin listing your relevant accomplishments. This can include degrees and certifications, important projects you lead, promotions, and awards. Highlight each of these accomplishments with a positive outcome, which will help demonstrate the benefit you could bring to the role you are applying for. If your accomplishments don’t have a quantifiable outcome, it may be better to leave them out.


After working 10 years as an art director in the magazine industry, I aspire to work with an illustrious publication like Country Living. Your magazine’s continued commitment to high-quality photography and illustration is a good match for my sharp design sense.

I’m confident my experience will be an asset to the art team at Country Living. My previous industry successes include:

  • Working with the hiring department to double the size of our design team in the span of six months.
  • Launching an internship program that introduced a total of 14 young minds to the field.
  • Cutting project timelines by a total of 10%.


I saw that you are looking for an art director who is enthusiastic and skilled. I have 10 years of experience working as an art director and think your team could benefit from my help.

I’m currently responsible for organizing the graphics and photography in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, as well as starting programs, such as internships.


It’s always good to end strong, and a solid CTA can offer a concrete next step for a hiring manager. Rather than simply thanking the hiring manager for their time, try to encourage them to follow up with an interview.

For bonus points, add a P.S. at the end that mentions one particular achievement you’d like to highlight. This will add interest to your cover letter and ensure that your best qualities stand out.


I am looking forward to talking further about my potential role at Country Living in an interview. Please get in touch via phone or email as soon as your schedule allows.

Best regards,

Raymond Wells

P.S. Have you checked the awards page on my website?


Thank you for your time. I am hopeful that you think I am a good fit for the position and that I can tell you more about my experience in the future.

Ray Wells